A Day In The Life of Melissa Nierman

A Day In The Life of Melissa Nierman

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Melissa Nierman is the owner of our sister company NowAge Travel, a past-life reader, and one of our Personal Rainbow Aura Photographers! Someone who wears so many metaphysical hats has to work extra hard to protect her energy- read on to see what a day in Melissa's life is like!


I make it a point to sit in meditation for anywhere from 5-30 minutes every day - it really helps me to stabilize my mental health and connects me back into my intuitive body. I use the same meditation structure every time: first tuning into whatever is present in my body/ mind watching with as little judgment as possible, and then sending compassion to myself, and then to someone I know who could use some extra loving-kindness, and THEN out to All Beings. I do this by repeating these phrases to myself while focusing on my heart center:
"May I/ You/ All Being Be Happy and Peaceful
May I/ You/ All Beings Be Safe and Protected
May I/ You/ All Beings Be Strong and Healthy in My Body
May I/ You/ All Beings Live in Ease, Joy, and Well-Being"
As someone who has spent most of their life hating themselves and not wanting to be alive, this loving-kindness practice reminds me to continue loving myself and others.
I always make time for Tarot in the morning, even just pulling ONE card (the Neo Tarot Deck for Self-Care is-one of my faves). I often ask: "What would be helpful for me to know for today?" and use whatever message comes up to guide my actions in the day ahead.
I have a Leo Sun in the 12th House so being seen in the world is an important lesson (and I'm also a little vain ha). So, I love using the Nourishing Facial Oil  and thinking about allowing my Inner Light to be seen. It definitely makes my outer light more glowy too! Right after I get dressed (hopefully I'm wearing pockets!) I always take a moment to choose a few crystals to bring with me to be my energetic allies for whatever I need to show up for. I often ask in my mind, "Who wants to come with me for the day?" and let my hand be guided. 


I often find myself grounding and re-grounding in my body/ energetic field throughout my day, especially on workdays and when I'm transitioning from one thing to the next. I really like to use this quick little mantra practice for creating a Diaphanous Shield via "mutant witch" Edgar Fabián Frías:
"Divine Within Me - Connect to yourself. Your Spirit . Your Chakras. Your sacredness
Earth Beneath Me - Imagine the Earth Supporting You. Holding You. Sending it's protection.
Sky Above Me - You have so many spirits and angels watching out for you. 
Love All Around - Imagine this bubble surrounding you. You are surrounded by love and protection." 
Sometimes I'll do this when I'm literally walking from one side of the room to the other or anytime I feel a little unsteady in myself. 


Like anyone that works around people (or just lives in this world), I can feel really drained at the end of the day and like I need to cleanse some of the extra energy I've picked up on. I've found that baths really do the trick, especially Salt Baths! I love using the Most Triumphant Sugar Spell Scrub to scrub my body and think about feeling "triumphant" which for me really means feeling at peace within myself and my life.



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.