Melissa Nierman is one of our Personal Rainbow aura photographers as well as owner of our sister company NowAge Travel! 

Book a Past Life, Present Lesson reading

A Little About Melissa

Sun: Leo/ Rising: Virgo/ Moon: Aries

Melissa is a trained clairvoyant with a deep interest in the journey of the soul. Her hope for her past life readings is that they help remind people of their inner light and their greater intentions on this planet. She's currently embodied in Salem, MA with a hot witch wife + two elder cats. 


"My reading with Melissa was absolutely beautiful. She is such a kind and gentle soul and made me feel immediate comfort at the beginning of our session. The reading gave me so much clarity in who I am as a person and I experienced a kind of catharsis (there were a lot of tears). It was moving, beautiful, and it put me in touch with some deeper parts of myself."

"LOVED this reading, and I am quite in disbelief with how it resonated with me and my current path in life. Melissa's energy is a delight even through a computer screen, it really puts you in a place of comfort, and I love how spontaneous, clear and accurate she is in making those past life images vivid and meaningful. I would highly suggest this wonderful self-discovery experience to anyone."

Book a Past Life, Present Lesson Reading  
(Virtual + In Person @ The Clubhaus)