Kathleen Pizzello of The Moon and The Mat is a local astrologer who has given life-changing readings to multiple members of the HausWitch coven! 

Kathleen’s offerings come from a deep place of love, service, and authenticity. Her experience includes thousands of hours of yoga teacher training, 5 years of teaching middle school social studies, traveling the world, bodywork, energy healing, ritual magic, astrology and the path of the priestess. She is in deep dedication to the rhythms of the moon, the earth, and the rising of consciousness on the planet. She joyfully shares the practices, offering healing alignment, depth yet lightheartedness, and cultivation of a fearless heart. Her intention is to guide students to a place of freedom in their bodies, minds, and hearts. The invitation is to be who you are. It is with immense gratitude that she shares these most transformational practices. Kathleen lives in the high desert of California and returns often to her birthplace — the north shore of Massachusetts.

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"I'd only ever had half-sign astrology readings previously, which never quite resonated. Kathleen uncovered placements that immediately made SO MUCH SENSE and continue to inform how I move through my daily life!"

“Thank you so much for all of this and for your reading. It was so confirming and grounding and helpful. It feels like you told me so much at the very right and important time for me to hear it.”

“Kathleen has given me an expanded perspective of how the planets impact my houses, nodes and in particular my first and soon arriving Saturn Return.  It feels like I am prepared for this next chapter.  Even though I don't know precisely what the outcome will be, I have a heightened awareness of what to watch for in my world; my family structure, work life and overall outlook. I will continue to seek guidance from Kathleen, as she has a wonderful gift of interpreting astrology charts that inform me in extremely practical ways.”

"I highly recommend working with Kathleen.She is an incredibly compassionate, powerful, kind human. And most of all, she is a courageous Shadow-tracker !  I just love witnessing her fine tune her many talents…and know that she is about to unleash a storm that will change the way we think about our personal empowerment and spirituality. If you want to bring more light into your life and rise up and shine bright, she’s your guide!"

"I'm eternally grateful to Kathleen for sharing her gifts and practices with us, for her authenticity, and for her continued support."