Wine Spells For A Very Sexy February

Wine Spells For A Very Sexy February

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by Siobhan Duncan 

Whatever you’re celebrating this month — whether that’s Valentine’s Day or merely the promise of spring — wine is the perfect witchy brew for a particularly provocative time of year. Drinking wine is meant to be a very sensuous experience, and when paired with tarot and gemstone energies it’s also a powerful tool for insight and transformation. Pick your significator below to begin your enological enchantments!
For Leaning into the Lovers’ Year: The Lovers + Riesling + Rose Quartz
Revel in your choices, hold opposing truths, and drink a whole lot of wine. Mark the year of the Lovers with a mini tasting: grab one off-dry or sweet Riesling and one dry Riesling. Pour 2oz into separate glasses and add 1 drop of Rose Quartz essence each to sweeten your year. Smell the wines and let your mind’s eye conjure a feeling or vision. If this sense is something you want to call in, aerate the wine swirling clockwise; if you’d rather release it, swirl counterclockwise. Note any changes & contrasts, then sip to your heart’s content.

For the Newly Official: The Fool + Lambrusco + Blue Kyanite
Just put a label on things and traipsing through new relationship bliss? Draw the Fool card and dive right in: Lambrusco’s bright, gentle bubbles are just the thing to toast new beginnings and the thrill of the unknown. Add 2 drops each of Blue Kyanite essence to a full coupe to promote flowing communication and intuitive connection. Be sure to lock eyes as you clink glasses and take that first sip together.

For the Broken-Hearted: 3 of Swords + Vinho Verde + Moldavite
This time of year isn’t all flowers and rainbows and there are infinite reasons that heart healing may be your focus. If you’re in a 3 of Swords sort of season, the sharpness of Vinho Verde will honor your hurt while brightening those stormy skies. Drop in 5 counts of Moldavite for energetic release and swift change. Envision the green of the gem and the wine as growth and renewal on the horizon.

For the Girls, Gays, and Theys: The Empress + Pinot Noir Rosé + Pyrite
Whether stepping out for a romantic date, a raucous get together between besties, or casting a circle with the coven, raise a glass of rosé in honor of the divine feminine. Earthy, sexy, and floral, Pinot Noir’s rosé form is like a valentine arrangement in a glass. Manifest your mutual desires with 6 drops of Pyrite essence in the bottle before filling your cups clockwise around the table to call in abundance.

For the Solo Practitioner: The Hermit + St. Laurent + Amethyst
If you’re flying solo and looking forward to a night of self-care, soulful St. Laurent will have you feeling deep and introspective. Place the Hermit card on your altar and slowly fill your cup with this inky, intense wine. Count in 7 drops of Amethyst essence, then dab a final drop onto your third eye to open up to the wisdom within. Indulge in something that feels selfish and meditate on the Joy of Missing Out.

For the Adventurers: The Devil + Gewürztraminer + Carnelian
Planning to get a little passionate? Add this aromatic Alsatian to your arsenal. Gewürz overflows with exotic flavors and gaudy sweetness, and with an amped ABV it’s both playful and an exercise in restraint. Anoint your fingertips with 3 drops of Carnelian essence to invite inspiration then take turns getting creative with how to imbibe. Maybe a straw directly in the bottle, or tasting it from your lover’s lips?

For the Free Agent: 7 of Cups + Cotes du Rhône + Black Tourmaline
The 7 of Cups’ illusive choices are the Tinder of the tarot: you’re never quite sure what you’ll find. Counter the chaos with consistently reliable Cotes du Rhône. These French blends can have up to 21 different grapes, creating smooth complexity and an earthy palate. Whisper what you want into your empty glass, then fill to the brim. Add 4 drops of Black Tourmaline essence to protect from players. 

For the Old Marrieds: The World + Champagne + Selenite
Whether it’s an important anniversary or just a regular Monday, no occasion is too mundane for Champagne to honor the cycles and seasons of your union. Chill two flutes and add Selenite essence to clear out stagnation and lift each other up — one drop for every year you’ve been together. Carefully pour in the bubbly and link your drinking arms for the first sip. Then share a memory, a secret, and a wish. Cheers! 

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