What's Up: Aries Season Transits 2024

What's Up: Aries Season Transits 2024

by Cole Exley

Feeling kind of off lately? It’s not just you, rest assured! The astrological activity right now is completely chaotic, full of supercharged shifts and retrograde confusion. We witches here at HausWitch have certainly been feeling scattered ourselves, alongside noticing plenty of technological errors and miscommunications. An increase of folks have also been coming into the shop looking for cleansing products and crystals to center and stabilize. It’s apparent that everybody is feeling a little lost amongst the discord, even if they aren’t aware of what exactly is causing it. Let’s get into the transits and planetary occurrences that are whipping up some turmoil for the collective.

1. Mars in Pisces

I believe a lot of the odd energy was first brought on by Mars entering Pisces on March 22nd. Mars is uncomfortable in Pisces - he is direct and instinctive in his actions, and this is hindered by the vagueness of Mutable Water. Pisces prefers to dream and fantasize, swimming in hypotheticals. It doesn’t want to face conflict head on. Of course, Mars’ whole deal is facing things head on, so the struggle here is evident. Some people may handle this transit better than others, such as those with a natal Pisces Mars and water risings. Those of us with fire or earth Mars placements have probably been feeling a little more subdued or frustrated. Luckily, he will return to his full power in Aries on April 30th, restoring our willpower and helping us release pent-up irritation. 

2. Eclipse Season

Shortly after Mars entered Pisces, we experienced a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra. For anyone unfamiliar, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon as it aligns directly between the Moon and the Sun. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shadow onto Earth. We must now endure a time period that astrologers call, “eclipse season,” during which we may feel drained or overwhelmed. Witches generally avoid any manifesting or action-oriented spellwork during these few weeks; this energy is better utilized for introspection and shadow work. Whether you practice magick or not, your self-awareness may be heightened to the point of discomfort. This awareness brings valuable information, however, if you choose to accept and utilize it. There is no shame in being honest with ourselves and adjusting to be the most authentic and healthy people we can be. It takes a lot more courage than most people are willing to spend. If you can greet your flaws instead of denying they are there, expect to see some growth as the season closes out with the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th.  

3. Mercury Retrograde in Aries

The planetary chaos doesn’t end there, though! Mercury went into retrograde in Aries on April 1st, instantly throwing a wrench in the works for all of us. We experience Mercury retrograde three to four times a year, usually for around three weeks. During this time, we see an increase in misunderstandings, brain fog, and technological errors - it’s about as fun as it sounds. Don’t let the Internet work you up into a panic over it, though! Mercury retrogrades are more frustrating than actually destructive. While some influencers may warn you of life-altering events and major conflicts, it usually just comes down to being more forgetful and lost in thought. Remember, we’re talking about Mercury here, not Pluto! ;) This transit is in Aries though, and that certainly makes this energy pack a punch. Be careful with your words over the next few weeks, as the retrograde may bring underlying aggression to the surface. This is a good time to utilize any stress relief techniques that you find useful, especially activities that allow you to physically release tension. Aries is Mars, ruled, after all, and nothing helps him feel stronger than stretching out his limbs and flexing his muscles.

4. Aries/Libra Polarity

Notice how both this retrograde and our eclipses highlight the Aries-Libra polarity. If you’re a beginner to astrology, a polarity refers to two signs opposite each other on the Zodiac Wheel, and will portray a naturally occurring theme of contrast that we see in the world around us. In this case, Aries represents the individual, the autonomous archetype, while Libra depicts the relationship; the “me,” versus the, “us.” Balancing independence and our need for connection is a huge theme for the collective right now, as the North Node is in Aries and the South Node is in Libra. The Nodes show a path of growth in astrology. The North is where we are headed, the energy we need to embrace. With this placement in Aries, we are fostering our will and vitality, addressing our own needs and drawing boundaries wherever necessary. Our attention is drawn to personal goals and desires outside of what others may want or project onto you. The South Node is where we’ve been or exist now, the energy we need to release and the gifts we’ve gained from our experiences. The Libra qualities of compromise and people-pleasing take a back seat for now as we address areas of our life where we’ve given too much, or sacrificed for others’ sakes. This may bring up feelings of bitterness or resentment as you process these themes and sort through related memories. Remember, old wounds don’t heal until we recognize that they exist. Even if this time period is painful, you’ll come out the other side more complete than before. Learning to defend yourself and protect your peace is invaluable. 

How to Deal

So what do we do until the stars align in a more compatible fashion? The number one suggestion I have for you is very simple - give yourself the time to think and rest. Keeping yourself constantly occupied is not going to be very helpful with all the frenzied energy from up above. Take an hour here or there to simply exist in your head space and see what comes up without judgment. Journaling, tarot, oracle, and meditation can all be helpful allies here, so long as you don’t push yourself too much. When you’re done, intentionally caring for yourself can go a long way. Instead of just moving on to the next thing, ask yourself what would be most nourishing for you at that time. Fix yourself a snack, put on your favorite show, take a nice nap - whatever will raise your energy instead of further depleting it. Patience and grace are the way to go when it comes to self-care, even when the planets are going easy on us. 



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