Virgo Season Treasurescopes

Happy Virgo season, witches!! This Earth sign tends to have great attention to detail and a knack for seeing (and nurturing) the potential in everything/everyone. They’re basically your dream group project partner! 

This season is the perfect time to tune our attention to the “little details” of your life…because all those little details end up creating the Big Picture! Recognize where you may not be honoring your own potential, where you could be more efficient with your time/energy, and where you could or should be keeping higher standards in your life. This isn’t about shaming yourself! It’s about no longer selling yourself short. 

The treasures below were picked with the intention of helping ANY sign align with the energy of this season, but of course they also make great gifts for your favorite Virgo (don't forget our Virgo Astrology Essence)! You can also shop the whole Virgo Season treasure collection here! 

HausMagick: Transform Your Home with Witchcraft

Earth seasons (like Virgo season) are a great time to give your home some extra attention! Virgo is known for liking a clean and organized space…and a tidy space CAN do absolute wonders for our energy. But if you REALLY want to get down to those “little details” (aka, the actual *~vibe~* of your space), you’re going to have to work some HausMagick! 

Written by our very own head-Witch-in-charge, HausMagick outlines SO many simple and enchanting ways to transform the energy of your haus with witchcraft. There are tips on clearing, working with crystals, kitchen witchery, and our go-to “Pyrite It Down” manifestation spell. A perfect place to start for beginner witches or for more seasoned witches to get inspired! 


Kyanite Gem Essence

While Virgo may be an Earth sign, it’s ruled by airy Mercury…which is associated with communication, among other things. Encourage clear, honest, and compassionate communication with our Kyanite Gem Essence. This crystal is known for its ability to open up our communication channels, allowing us to express ourselves more fully AND receive messages from Spirit more clearly. At its most intense, Virgo energy can feel like too many thoughts coming in at once—a few drops of Kyanite essence in your waterbottle or anointed on your lips or throat can help you cut through the mental chatter and tune you into your truth. 


Summer Storm Secret Spell Candle

Virgo is the last of the “Summer” signs here in the Northern hemisphere, with the end of Virgo season coinciding with the end of Summer! Soak up the last of the Summer vacation vibes with our Summer Storm candle. The lush, green scent of this candle has Big Virgo Energy, filling your space with that earthy-yet-clean “just after the rain” scent. Notes of violet, patchouli, and grass cast a Secret Spell for wonder…bringing the perfect balance to pragmatic (and sometimes pessimistic) Virgo. 


CleanHaus Spell Kit

Most Virgos we know HATE a mess. Like we said, Virgo tends to see the highest potential in everything and REALLY wants to let it shine— and cleaning + organizing your space can definitely help your haus live up to its potential! Not ALL of us are naturally-inclined “cleaners”, though. That’s where CleanHaus comes in! 

This kit contains minis of *almost* our full range of Lighthaus cleaning products…which work great, smell amazing, AND are infused with gem essences to really get the energy in your haus sparkling, too. They make cleaning 1000x more magical (and dare we say it—fun)! The kit includes minis of our Abracadabra All-Purpose Cleaner, Crystal Ball Glass Cleaner, Sacred Ground Floor Cleaner, and Aura + Holy Smoke Room Sprays. Once you’ve tried these out, there’s no going back!! We’re Lighthaus lovers for life, and we know you will be too! (Hot tip: finish off your cleaning ritual by “sweeping” around your body with one of our Black Kyanite Witch’s Brooms and a misting of Holy Smoke to get YOUR energy feeling squeaky clean, too!) 

Sister Spinster "Graces" Elixir

Virgo season can sometimes bring up a strong desire for CONTROL—which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Having some control over a situation can help us feel safe and certain. But when the need to control what we simple CAN’T control kicks in, anxiety can take root. If Virgo Season has you feeling nervous, on-edge, or over-stimulated, a few drops of “Graces” elixir by Sister Spinster can do wonders! Formulated with soothing herbs like chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender (among others), this brandy-based elixir can help put your mind at-ease and create a sense of safety and calm in the body. 


"Earth" Botanical Body Lotion

Virgo energy LOVES a ritual…and the Botanical Body Lotions by 3rd Ritual are made for exactly that. Made with aromatherapeutic ingredients like ylang ylang, rosewood, and vetiver, just smooth some of their Earth lotion onto your hands, cup them gently over your nose, and take a few deep, slow, breaths. We love the Earth formula for a simple grounding ritual any time of day. Not only is the scent absolutely magical, but the simple act of turning our attention to our body and our senses can sometimes be just what we need to reroute an overactive mind. 


Scribble Painted Notebook

Speaking of an overactive mind…give yourself some place to *organize* all those thoughts in the spirit of Virgo season!! We’ve never met a Virgo who didn’t love a list…so why not have a cute place to write them? Our hand-painted Scribble Notebook has PLENTY of room, with 30 6”x9” pages!! Sometimes all you need to straighten out some scribbly thoughts is to write them out!! 



Moon and Stars Altar Dish

Lastly, we’ve got these cutie Moon + Stars altar dishes from Christina Kosinski!! These adorable and one-of-a-kind dishes mostly speak for themselves, but in the very-Virgo spirit of “a thing for every place and a place for every thing”, we knew we had to include them. Perfect for holding rings, crystals, offerings, or any other miscellany! Got some tiny clutter?? Put it in one of these dishes—now it’s a *look*.