Today I had a little time to kill and found myself in the internet black hole that is Reddit. I’ve been an avid lurker of several subreddits for years (oh hey r/typography), but today I realized I’d never taken a solid look at any of the pagan or metaphysical forums.

Turns out, there’s plenty of technologically adept pagans, witches, druids, atheists, and all sorts of spiritual and non-spiritual folks having loads of really interesting conversations and sharing their personal experiences. I’ve gathered a few links to get you started in the world of pagan subreddits, in case you’d like to join the chatter and learn something about different belief systems:


This looks like the base of operations for the contemporary pagan Reddit community. There’s an expansive subbreddit directory on r/pagan, and it acts as a supportive community for questions ranging from extremely political topics that seem to get fairly heated, to sharing your most recent shrine or altar. All in all, a really active subreddit worth poking around at the very least.


r/witchcraft is comprised of witches of all ages sharing their spells, practices, and most important: their opinions. Sometimes you don’t have a community of people to discuss history, news, or tradition with, so if you want to see how others in the wider community approach witchcraft this could be a great place to expand your horizons. And it’s not a bad place to ask for advice!


If you’re itching to chat about the most recent changes in the universe, have at least a basic understanding of what 'trine' means, and want to analyze astrology with the best of the internet, this subreddit is for you. However, if you’re looking to discuss your personal chart, r/askastrologers will be more likely to answer your questions.

But wait! There's so, so much more...

These are just a few that I found particularly interesting, but there’s a multitude to lurk about or join in. You could even pull back and start your journey at r/religion, or maybe see what r/Wicca is all about or see what makes r/pantheism and r/animism forums different.

PS: If you’re quite new to Reddit, it might be nice to brush up on your Reddit policies and reddiquette. Wouldn’t want to misstep with your new internet friends!