I mean, the snow is pretty, but who's ready for a little spring action?! It might be a touch early, but I'd love to see a sprout or two at this point of the year instead...Feeling like a fresh spring day should be around the corner? Let's all do this springtime spell and see if we can usher in some warmth!

Springtime Spell Tools:

A candle (green or gold)
A green crystal like Labradorite
A springy tea 
A mug, hot water, and tea strainer
Optional: a crystal essence 

If you’re able to do this spell outside or with a window open, do! If not, just make sure you’re somewhere bright and fresh. Counter Magick cleaning products do double duty cleaning AND cleansing a space; I used Gaze glass cleaner on my window for this one.

At the new/waxing moon, light your candle. If you’re using an essence, anoint your crystal with a few drops and take some yourself.
Gather your (dry) tea leaves in the palm of your hand, and place your crystal in the center of them, like an egg in a nest. Ground yourself.
Let your gaze settle outside the window. Picture everything going on under the soil and snow. Envision roots waking up, poking through the surface, stems stretching towards the sun. Let the crystal and herbs in your hand tether you to the roots.

Picture flowers blooming, bees buzzing around them, and feel a warm breeze across your face. Color is blooming all around you. An animal arrives on the scene, hopping, fluttering, rolling around in the sunlight. Bask here for a moment, honoring the animal and their joy.
Add your tea leaves to the strainer and let it steep in the hot water as you think springy thoughts. Are you strolling down a garden path? Sitting on your favorite park bench? The animal stays by your side.

Sip your tea, letting the warmth spread all the way to your fingertips and toes, melting the winter away. The sun glows on your face and the wind dances through your hair. Springtime is here, and you feel well-rested and nourished.

What do you feel motivated to do now? Which animal did you picture?
Offer your tea leaves and crystal to the earth; bury them in your backyard or gift them to a house plant. Set a picture of the animal as your phone background or carry a figurine or drawing with you.

Try to hang on to the feeling of waking up, stretching, and setting your plans in motion. Go to a community action meeting. Donate old clothes or books. Reconnect with an old friend. Eat leafy vegetables.

Paige Curtin is HausWitch's Retail Manager and Spell Specialist. You can find her at the shop, posting at @witchthevote, or any given thrift store.



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