Hello lovely, luscious witches!

You've been reading alllll about my new cozy AF Self-Love Shack Erica has been HausWitching and now it's time for me to tell you what this witch does in her new sensual velvet palace! If you HAVEN'T been reading those, I'm @thenudewitch, I love self-love, and I'm ready to tell you all of my favorite self-lovin' magic, OKURRRRR.

Ingredients Needed for Self-love Spellcasting

- Your favorite outfit
- A candle or candles (pink or red preferred, but not needed)
- A lighter or matches
- A mirror
- Lotion or body oil
- Chocolate (or your favorite snack)

Other possible items needed:
- Toothpick
- Safety Pin
- Paper towel
- Mirror Cleaner (My preferred brand is Lighthaus Crystal Ball, obvi)

Setting The Scene

Self-Love Shack Bed
I'm here to tell you that this bed is JUST as comfy as it looks.

The most important part of self-love/self-care and this spell is carving out TIME and SPACE for YOU! Okay? Okay.

I want you to find a space where you will be able to be alone and feel safe. A bedroom, a bathroom, however this looks and feels for you.

Here in this space it is all about YOU.

Come into this spell dressed for the part of melting your own heart. Meaning: if you feel your most delicious in a ball gown and a smokey eye, bb DO THAT! If fishnet stockings and your favorite piece of lingerie make you feel like a snack, DO THAT! If you feel your most sensual in absolutely nothing, be as nude as nude can be! Whatever makes you FEEL beautiful, sensual, powerful, fierce DO THAT because that is the vibe we are trying to embody.

Feel free to put on your favorite music, but if using your phone please make sure it is on ‘do not disturb’ and that there will be no commercial breaks. This is important.

See Yourself Clearly

LightHaus Glass Cleaner Crystal Ball

Might sound crazy, but cleaning your mirror can be an act of self-love. Shine your face up! Crystal Ball - $12

I invite you to stare at your gorgeousness in the mirror. (Full length if possible, but a compact mirror will work if that is what you have at your disposal.)

Memorize yourself in the mirror. Memorize this incredible being in front of you not only by seeing with your eyes, but memorize your body and all its beauty by running your hands over your skin, your hair, feeling your way around.

Now, go get comfortable—on the bed, in the bathtub, sitting on the floor.

Close your eyes.

See yourself in your mind’s eye, once again, standing in front of the mirror. You see this mirror image and you thank it. Tell this mirror image how grateful you are to have them there with you. How grateful you are to always be supported by them. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them how beautiful they look, how beautiful their spirit is. Tell them how grateful you are to be with them, to have them on your side.

Now, imagine a gold shimmery light enter through the crown of this mirror images head and it spreads down leaving them GLOWING. It slides down their forehead, their throat, their shoulders, their heart, their stomach, their pelvis, and down into the ground. You watch your mirror image SHINE.

Imagine you take the softest cloth in your hand and you wash the mirror, really take your time clearing. With every stroke your mirror image becomes more and more crystal clear and bright.

Look at this vibrant being staring back at you, clear and shimmery and bright. Thank them one last time and when you are ready open your eyes.

(If you feel like it, I invite you to actually clean your mirror.)

Strike a pose, you are a divine being worthy of being seen clearly.

Candle Magick

Sirens Candle

You are a SIREN BB. Sirens Candle - $20

Using the candle/ candles you have carve your name and the word LOVE into the top/side/bottom (where ever you can fit it.) You can use your thumb nail or a toothpick, a safety pin.

Thank the Fire element for being with you and for supporting you. Thank the fire elemental for showing you how passionate and bright you are able and allowed to shine.

Light your candles.

The Sensual Act of Touch

Radiance Face + Body Oil
We know you're already radiant, but let's add some extra OOMPH. Radiance Oil - $26

After all that, take off that fave outfit if you had one on (we all know I am DEF still nude!). With your lotion or body oil, massage your feet, legs, shoulders, neck and hands.

Try only to think about the feeling of the lotion sliding over your skin. Think about how good it feels to massage yourself purely for your pleasure.

You mantra while doing this is, “I am deserving, I am worthy, I am Divine, I am supported, I am loved.”

Take your time. Do not rush.

The Taste Test

Finally, it is time to eat the most delicious snack you can. Thank your snack before eating. Appreciate it. Eat with your hands, if possible, for extra sensuality. Enjoy some dark chocolate and strawberries. Don’t be afraid to moan at how good your favorite snack tastes. Enjoy every decadent bite.

Love you!

You have just completed a beautiful, lusty, sensual, decadent Self-love Ritual. The spell is cast. Go about your day remembering that you deserve to be seen clearly, that your wants and needs are important. Remember that you deserve time and space to romance yourself. Thank you for participating in loving yourself. I love you, too.

-Xx The Nude Witch


Melissa "Missy G" Genest is the Assistant Shop Manager at HausWitch Home + Healing and literal ray of sunshine. She's a professional figure model and badass sensual witch. You can connect with her on @thenudewitch Instagram and she is DEF available to be a muse for your next artistic endeavor.



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