Salem Syllabus: A DIY History Class

Salem Syllabus: A DIY History Class

by Melissa Nierman

September is “Back to School” for many, but the cycle of learning doesn't have to stop for those of us no longer tied to formalized educational systems… 

One unexpected outcome of the past two plus years of a worldwide pandemic is the explosion of lectures and learning opportunities - once limited by space, time, and economic resources - now made available to ANYONE with Wi-Fi access. Thanks to the Magic of the Internet, we can ALL learn from folks who have dedicated their lives to the nitty gritty of research without many of the usual access hurdles.

This YouTube playlist is a product of this new reality! Curated around the theme of Salem History, you can think of it as your own personal (and Totally FREE) curriculum. You’ll find video content generously provided by local organizations, such as the Charter Street Cemetery, House of Seven Gables, Salem Historical Society, Salem Witch Museum, the Pickering House, the Salem Athenaeum, and more! 

Take what you want and leave what you don’t! And feel free to email Melissa at if you come across any new resources to add. And if you make it to Salem, I’d love to nerd out with you on a walking tour!




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