Pride Month Empowerment Spell

Pride Month Empowerment Spell

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by Cole Exley

Queerness and witchcraft have been intertwined since witches have existed. Identifying as either is a revolutionary act that creates wavelengths of change, inspiring similarly-identifying folk to express their own personal power. Of course, any act of revolution spurs opposition, from oppressive structures upholding patriarchal standards to individuals acting out of fear. As a queer witch myself, I think it’s important to treat Pride Month as the period of remembrance and support it was intended to be. Feelings of isolation, grief, or shame can be healed by the power of community, and queer people deserve access to that comfort whether they presently have those connections or not. While I love a good parade and rainbow decorations, there’s certainly plenty of time in June for the fun stuff AND a ritual!

Pride Month was established 24 years ago in the year 2000, when President Clinton officially decreed that June would henceforth be celebrated as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month. President Obama later introduced a more inclusive name in 2009 - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month. The bill’s intent was to commemorate the activism led by queer folks in the country, particularly the Stonewall Riots of 1969. For anyone unfamiliar, it was common practice for the New York Police Department to raid bars that were known to welcome groups of LGBTQ people. It actually used to be illegal to serve alcohol to gays or lesbians according to local law in NYC. They targeted a bar that was popular amongst the queer community in Greenwich Village, the Stonewall Inn, on June 28th, 1969. Upon arrival, officers began aggressively accosting the patrons, attempting to physically drag them out of the vicinity. The customers of the Stonewall Inn began to protect each other and fight back, alongside a group of residents who had gathered outside. The conflict raged on for 6 days, and by the time the protest had been concluded, the issue of gay rights had finally begun to be acknowledged on a national scale.

As you are likely aware, the fight for queer liberation is far from over. We are continuing to fight for trans rights in the United States, which are actively under attack by politicians across the country. 76 countries still consider same-sex relations illegal. Thinking about these facts can be overwhelming and, frankly, depressing. How do we handle the inevitable swarm of feelings that come with facing these realities? My best advice is to learn about queer history, seek community, and pour into yourself so you can pour into others. Despite the prejudiced people in the world and every action intended to silence us, queer people have existed since the beginning of time, and we will continue to persist. Our history is worldwide, from the bisexual transgender clergy of ancient Mesopotamia’s goddess Inanna to those identifying as the third gender Kinnar in India. Through the strength of our kinship and the healing we can offer each other, queer folks can endure and thrive. The medicine for wounds created by structures and prejudice has always been in the affirmation and comfort we can give each other. 

This spell is intended to empower and celebrate yourself as a queer person, honor our queer ancestors, and channel resilience from the spiritual realm. The series of intentions you will set are based upon the original symbolism of each color of the Pride Flag. Just as the flag was designed mindfully and with meaning, so will your Pride Month manifestations. Your statements can be as detailed or as simple as you’d like - the most important thing is that they resonate and that you feel good putting them out there.  You should also feel free to modify the prompts if they don’t feel right to you. Ritual is something that should be completely personal to you, so if something doesn’t fit your needs, make it so! 

Items Needed:

  • Cleansing tool - incense, broom, clearing spray, salt, sea water, etc.
  • Candle - I’ll be using the Edgewalker candle, created by Magic Hour to honor the queer community and anyone else who feels like an outsider
  • Lighter or matches
  • Colored markers or pencils in pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and violet
  • Piece of paper
  • Clear quartz
  • Pyrite
  • Photos or a list of queer spirits/ancestors that you would like to honor
  • Liquor to use as an offering (If you aren’t comfortable using alcohol, any beverage will do just fine! Iced tea or a mocktail would be some options that really align with the spell’s intentions.) 
  • Small cup, mug, or dish 
  • Optional: crystals, herbs, and/or flowers for each of the colors above (eg. rose petals, paprika, carnelian, calendula, basil, amazonite, cornflower, lavender)

Performing Your Spell:

  1. Clear a space on a flat surface big enough to set up a small altar. I’d highly recommend energetically cleansing this space as well to clear out any stagnant vibes and create a clean slate for your spell. My favorite way to do this is by burning some incense, but you can also use salt or even a handheld broom. If you’re looking for a smoke-free clearing tool that won’t create a mess, give our Banish spray a try!
  2. Assemble your altar, leaving enough space for your sheet of paper. Pride flags or pins, photos of queer historical figures or loved ones, multicolored trinkets, and crystals of any kind would be some great choices for this spell. Make sure you include your candle that you’ll be using later!
  3. Play a song that makes you feel like your proudest, most authentic self and light your candle. Take a moment to ground yourself in the moment and connect energetically with the flame.
  4. Take your pink marker or pencil and write an intention for your experiences with intimacy and/or your sex life (e.g. “I’m embracing vulnerability with my partner in and out of the bedroom.”) If you’re not comfortable with this, no problem! Pink is a color of affection, and can easily apply to intimacy within friendships and family as well (e.g. “I’m making connections with people who make me feel safe and respected.”)
  5. Write an intention in red for the safety and survival of queer people who may need some extra protection (e.g. “The LGBTQ+ community in Palestine lives to see their land free and their families safe.”) 
  6. Write an intention in orange for the healing of yourself, the community, or a loved one (e.g. “Those in the community confused or ashamed of their identity find peace and clarity.”)
  7. Write an intention in yellow to manifest something positive and uplifting, such as a win for queer rights or new friendships with fellow LGBTQ folks. (e.g. “The laws threatening trans rights fail and new protective laws are introduced.”)
  8. Write an intention in green for the planet’s wellbeing - we can’t exist without Mother Earth! (e.g. “Carbon emissions are beginning to decrease dramatically.”)
  9. Write an intention in turquoise for artistic or magical creativity (e.g. “I’m creating a masterpiece to inspire other people in my community,” or, “I’m creating a tarot practice to help other queer folks find purpose.”)
  10. Write an intention in blue for a peaceful rest for our community members who have passed on. If there are specific figures or groups who have inspired or touched you on your journey as a queer person, give them a special shout out!
  11. Write an intention in violet to form a channel between yourself and the spirits you mentioned before, so that wisdom and resilience may be received (e.g. “I’m establishing a channel between myself and these spirits so that they pass along their shared strength and any messages they wish to be heard.”)
  12. Place your cup, mug, or dish at the bottom of your paper and fill it with liquor or an alternative beverage as an offering for our queer ancestors. Take a moment to acknowledge how hard they had to fight to exist and simply get a drink. 
  13. Place your pyrite in the center of your paper to bring in some megawatt manifestation vibrations.
  14. Place your clear quartz at the top of your paper to amplify the connection between your altar and the other side.
  15. Let your candle burn until you feel ready to close the spell. Say a final thank you to the spirits, blow out the flame, and prepare to receive some new insights and revelations.



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