The Witching Hour is HausWitch’s attempt to help our community stay accountable for their activism. We call representatives, senators and other government officials from around the Salem, MA area about things we care about and donate to local causes.

The next Hour is June 9th at 7pm at the shop. Can’t make it to The Witching Hour? Too far away? Thinking about starting your own accountability group? Two words: Do it! Email cheryl@hauswitch.com if you need guidance. 30% of the proceeds of our Resist Candle (pictured) go to the ACLU!

North Shore Pride was amazing!

If anyone has any photos feel free to bring them to the next meeting on 6/9!

Update on the Puerto Rico Election

On the 11th, 97% of PR voters voted in favor of statehood. There should be a hearing, which should be called by congress. We need to put pressure on our Reps to support a hearing once one goes to Congress. People are distracted by Russia and Healthcare so it’s more important than ever to keep this top of mind. (Script below)

Safe Communities Act Update

Learn about the MA statewide Safe Communities Act here: http://miracoalition.org/images/Documents/Backgrounder-Safe-Communities-Act.pdf

Text RESIST to 50409 and follow prompts to send messages to your reps. “I demand an independent prosecutor to investigate Trump/Russia ties now. Impeach Donald Trump.”

1. Write down your emails for the Witching Hour Update Email
2. Take a moment to BREATHE
3. Call and thanks Seth Moulton

(Check out https://5calls.org/ for more scripts)
+1 202-225-8020 (Office of Seth Moulton, our Rep in the House)
+1 978-531-1669 (Secondary local number if mailbox is full)
Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [CITY, # STREET, ZIP].

I'm calling to urge Rep. Seth Moulton to support H.R. 2282, the Equality Act of 2017. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and other queer people still face significant violence and discrimination at the workplace, in the housing market, and in everyday interactions. Civil rights protections must be expanded to include gender identity and sexual orientation as protected characteristics.

I am also calling today in response to the Puerto Rican referendum. On June 11th, 97% of Puerto Rican voters cast ballots in favor of statehood. I urge Representative Moulton to respect these voices and support a hearing before Congress should one occur. After over a century of colonization and taxation without proper representation, I hope that the United States will stand with Puerto Rico in their time of need.

OPTIONAL: Add a personal story or experience about why this issue is important to you.
Thank you for your time and attention. [IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

4. Call and thank our senators

+1 202-224-2742 (Office of Edward J. Markey, one of our Senators)
+1 202-224-4543 (Office of Elizabeth Warren, one of our Senators)

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY, # STREET, ZIP].
I’m calling today because I’m furious about the Republican plan to write and pass the American Health Care Act in secret, with no Senate hearings or public debate. I want to thank Senator Edward J. Markey for their ongoing efforts to block an undemocratic vote on this potentially damaging bill and encourage them to keep fighting! Their constituents are counting on them to fight for their healthcare.
I’m also calling to urge [REP/SENT NAME] to reject the Trump administration's proposed budget cuts to the education department.
OPTIONAL: Share a personal story or reason why this matters to you. For example:
-- I (or someone close to you) am a product of the public school system, and I think more effort should be spent on improving it, not abandoning it.
-- I (or someone close to you) needed federal assistance to pay for higher education, and I support the programs that make it easier for students to do so and protect them from abuse by lending companies.
-- It is important to me that my children (or young people close to you) have access to arts (or science, foreign language, etc.) education in their schools, and do not want to see those programs dismantled.

FInally, I’m calling today because I’m highly concerned about the potential appointment of John K. Bush to the US Court of Appeals. Bush has extreme ideology and I am concerned about the quality of his decisions. I ask that Senator Edward J. Markey vote against his appointment.
Thank you for your time and attention. [IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

5. Call the Department of Justice/Attorney General

+ 202-353-1555

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a citizen from Salem.
I'm calling to express my disapproval of the Justice Department's delay in enacting consent decrees made with police departments across the country. Our criminal justice system is in need of major reform, and any rollback of these efforts could prove detrimental to the safety of many Americans.
Thank you for your time and attention.
[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

6. Choose two events and go to them before the next Witching Hour. Find a buddy, or a few and carpool.

Find all links to Facebook Events in our Google Doc: http://bit.ly/WitchingHourDoc
Before the Moon on 07/9/17:

Systemic Racism & The Legacy of Education

Salem Democratic City Committee June Meeting

Understanding the New Equal Pay Law: A Public Discussion

Automatic Voter Registration Lobby Day

Feminist Art Wednesday

Is Boston Prepared for Climate Change?

Reading Frederick Douglass 2017

Junta Regional del Noreste

Friendly Reminder:

Our Moon Meditation starts at 8pm. If you come to The Witching Hour to get political and then want to stay for the meditation please remember to buy your ticket ahead of time next time at stag.hauswitch.com/events. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay in the shop…without a ticket ;).

Questions? Email hello@hauswitch.com.



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