Now Collecting Donations for Solidarity Northshore!

Now Collecting Donations for Solidarity Northshore!

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Solidarity North Shore are definitely our hometown heroes, so now that the Sunbeam Treasure Palace is back open we're excited to host a donation box for their bi-weekly Free Store and Wellness Wagon! It's now and forever located right at the front of the shop, and available for drop-offs during store hours. We'll bring everything to their Saturday donation drives for ya. 

About SNS and the store: "Solidarity North Shore is a horizontal, anti-capitalist group of local organizers dedicated to collectively working towards the liberation of frontline, vulnerable communities by combatting social injustices and oppressive structures. [The store] will have food, PPE, clothes, hygiene products and more available for free for all who stop by. All are welcome regardless of income; no identification required." 

In addition to the free store, Solidarity North Shore is launching their Wellness Wagon:
"Many houseless folks are unable to make it down to our Free Store, so we've decided to come to them! Every other Saturday from approximately 9:30-11 we will be distributing essentials to the houseless population in Salem. We cover the main areas of downtown Salem, stopping at Old Town Hall, the train station, Speedway on Derby St, and Essex St with supplies and bags so homeless people can build their own wellness packs.
They can take what they need from a selection of lighters, medications, snacks, hygiene products, and more! We also provide the folks we speak to with our contact info, so they can reach out to us with any specific needs they may have. Building relationships with the houseless people in Salem and helping to provide for them in a meaningful way has been a highlight of our recent work and it is something we will strive to continue doing!"

You can find more details about the dates and location of the store as well as the route of their Welcome Wagon on their Instagram and Facebook, and by signing up for their email newsletter

Below is a list of items they're specifically asking for, but this list will change and expand based on feedback from shoppers! Monetary donations are always helpful as well, via Venmo or PayPal @solidaritynorthshore and at their GoFundMe

Seasonal clothing: 
Children's Clothing
New Socks
New Underwear
Rain boots
Sole Inserts

Outdoor essentials:
Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Mats
Reusable Bags
Reusable Water Bottles
Multi-Use tools
Rain ponchos

Household supplies:

Body Wipes
Dry Shampoo
Baby Powder

First Aid:
Toilet Paper
Menstrual Products
Allergy Medication
Vapo Rub

Snack Foods
Powdered Drink Mixes
Non-Perishable Foods 
Dog/Cat Food



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