November Crystalscopes

November Crystalscopes

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By Kalyn Anderson

Well, witches, we’ve made it to November! Obviously, a lot is up in the air about this month and what it means for the future...politicians have a lot of power over the lives of many. But we also have the power to shape our responses, to build better community support, and to continue fighting for a more just and equitable world, whatever the outcome this month. In fact, whatever the outcome this month, it’s imperative that we fight harder than ever for these things. Ultimately, radical change isn’t going to come from the top-down (no matter which party you’re looking at)’s going to come from US, the people. 

Use these crystalscopes to guide and ground you through the month ahead, whatever it may bring. Sending you all the Lighthaus love in the world. Xoxoxoxo


We’re in the thick of your season, Scorpio, and you’re most likely feelin’ it! This will be a transformative month for’s time to focus on tying up loose ends and shedding the last bits of what “was”. For you, November is about looking beyond the way things appear and into the way they are...something you’re good at! Seek what you’re yearning for in its opposite and allow yourself to be surprised by what you find there. There is life within death, light within darkness, self within other, order within disorder. Working with this kind of alchemy will lend you the security you need to commit to the rebirth currently underway. Don’t forget that bringing something from “out of balance” to “in balance” requires an actual change...a shifting of weight. What are the counterbalances you need to start initiating in order to level out your scales? Pay attention to the potential chain reactions (positive or negative) that small actions can set off. 

Lemurian Quartz is clear Quartz with horizontal lines marking the inside of the crystal. They’re associated with the ancient/mythic civilization of Lemuria, and are said to contain codes of intuition and wisdom from the past. Allow Lemurian Quartz to connect you to the wisdom you’ve gathered through experience in this life and past lives and look upon it clearly. Let this wisdom carry you through this next self-initiation. 



You may not be feeling your usual recklessly optimistic self lately, Sagittarius. If recent events have you feeling beaten down, have faith that you may be bruised but you’re not beat yet. This cycle is about learning how to pick yourself up and dust off that hopefulness you’re so well-known for. This month is about finding the flashes of joy in a time that feels dark. This heartache is a rebirth, not a void--and you’re no stranger to stepping into the unknown! Trust yourself, your strength, your light, and your devotion this month. What you are working towards is not for nothing. 

Yellow Jasper has a sunny-yellow color that connects you to the bright and abundant energy of The Sun. It will help to refortify your inner strength after turbulent times and reconnect you to a sense of self and truth. If you’ve been having trouble knowing what to do next, what you believe to be true, or what’s really calling your passion...Yellow Jasper can help you find the answer (and the energy and positivity to go after it)! This crystal will have you back on the proverbial horse in no time, Sagittarius. 



Being jaded is easy, and this month is calling you out on it, Capricorn. Once you’ve seen enough of the world, it can feel like you’ve seen it all...especially when it seems as though so much of the world is corrupt, evil, and uncaring. But remember--there are ALWAYS things we don’t know, people we haven’t met, and good news we hadn’t heard yet. If you’ve been settling because you’ve accepted that this is simply “the way things are” in ANY area of your life...time’s up in November. Remember that you are NOT one to settle, and that there’s too much life to be lived to stay stuck where you may be secure but you’re by no means supported, joyful, or comfortable. 

Expand your horizons and clear out whatever unnecessary cynicism has been limiting your worldview with Aventurine! This earthy-green crystal will help you tap into a vibration of “good luck” and abundance. It can help you see all the way things might go marvelously RIGHT instead of only seeing all the ways things could go disastrously WRONG. There is more available to you than jadedness would like you to remember. Aventurine reminds you. 


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November will uncover wisdom around the way you love + are loved, Aquarius. Look to the loving relationships in your life for the lessons you’re being called to work with at this time. Pay attention specifically to the ways in which your love is a mirror...what qualities do you most admire/desire in others? Are these traits a mirror for your most authentic self? This month, there’s medicine for Self in Relationships and there’s medicine for your Relationships in Self. Pay keen attention to how both are playing together. There’s potential for deeper intimacy, self-love, and self-knowing if you can integrate the messages from your heart. 

Rosophia is a crystal with an extremely strong heart-vibration. It can help you to more easily give, receive, recognize, and embody love while also grounding you deeply into your own authenticity. It helps us to move with love in a way that is wise, grounding, and empowering when we fear losing ourselves to love. Rosophia reminds you that you are your own best mirror. Take the time this month to meet the eyes of your former selves to say “I love you” and mean it. 



November is asking you to prioritize rest, Pisces, however that is possible for you. You’re in the midst of a “processing” phase that requires you to slow down and integrate whatever events have just transpired before moving ahead. When you feel uncomfortable this month, take the time to investigate why and see where your own wisdom takes you instead of trying to rush out of the feeling. You’ll be awakening to a lot of your own truths this month, but that requires that you give yourself the proper care. There’s a lot of action happening on the inside, so allow the action on the outside to ease up where you can. Trust that you ARE making progress, and that this stillness is giving you the space to grow into your inner authority. 

Howlite promotes a restful energy and will drown out anxious mental chatter in soothing psychic white noise. It can help you access the wisdom of your intuition and dreams, helping you take action in all the right areas this month while encouraging softness and ease in the physical realm. Slip some Howlite in your pocket or on your nightstand to soothe your’ll be drifting off on a cloud of true inspiration in no time. 


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I have a feeling you’re not going to love to hear it, but November is asking you to wait it out, Aries. Your sign is a go-getter, and you’re known for taking initiative, but in some situations all we really CAN do is wait. The key here is that you can try to get comfortable in the waiting. Focus on finding ways to embrace peace and calm this month, even as you face things beyond your control. If things aren’t moving along your preferred timeline, find the sensory “glimmers” that help you feel safe/sound. What smells/sights/tastes/sounds signal to your nervous system that you can be at ease? Lean on these this month as things unfold on their own time. 

Pink Opal brings a soft and fluffy aura of peace to the table, which will come in handy as you hunker down and get comfy. When you feel frustration or impatience flaring, this crystal can help impart a softness that will take the edge off enough to set your mind to something else. Pink Opal will help you divert any attention you WOULD spend on stewing into making sure you take sweet care of yourself while you wait. 


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You’re getting a dose of your own tough love this month, Taurus. Your Higher Self has arrived on the scene and they’re MORE than ready to give your old bullshit the boot. It would be in your best interest to tune into the messages of your intuition and act in accordance, because if you don’t things are liable to get messy. Spirit has a way of turning a whisper into a yell when we’re refusing to take the hint. You’re well-aware that tough love is love all the same...try to remember that as you focus on sharpening your self-awareness, self-discipline, and commitment to evolution this month. If you can get on board and shape up your act in the ways your soul is calling for, the feeling of freedom you achieve will be WELL worth whatever efforts you ask yourself to make along the way. 

Dragon Jade will give you the fire, will, and power to blast through any obstacle. The reptilian vibe will also assist in shedding aforementioned old bullshit so that you can embody the most powerful, passionate, and wise version of yourself. This crystal has the energy of the tough-love life coach you need this month. Great power, great responsibility, yada yada...Dragon Jade helps you handle both with grace. 


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It’s time to burn the parts of your past that have haunted you too long, Gemini. The joy that seems to elude you is all tied up in some sneaky mental hangers-on. Sniff out your inner traitors/saboteurs and either get them on your side or find a way to kick them to the curb. The feeling of alignment you’ve been craving is within reach...but it’s time to stop seeking it out. Instead, work backwards. Seek out the psychic parasites within and evict them. The sun’s been shining all along, these spectres have just been clouding your vision. November asks you to start giving more attention to the wound and less attention to the next best band-aid. 

Hematoid Quartz has the super-clarifying energy you need to shine a spotlight on all those sneaky thought patterns that want to derail your joy. Nothing gets past this crystal, and because it has a warm + positive energy to it, it’s especially good at sniffing out mental mischief makers and showing them to the door with kindness. You don’t have to be your own worst enemy anymore, and Hematoid Quartz is here to show you how. 


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Another Obsidian for you this month, Cancer, but this time with a fiery twist! Sometimes bringing our life into balance requires some’s not all love+light, all the time. What are the systems in your own life that are just waiting to be called out? What have you been letting slide from yourself or others that is long overdue for a cancel? Set fire to your inner capitalist/patriarch/white supremacist/opressor and birth a new world from the ashes this month. Sometimes the injustice is so great that the only way is to burn it down and build from fresh ground. 

Mahogany Obsidian can help us to move past feelings of unworthiness...which is often part of what keeps us stuck in our own INNER cycles of oppression. (I want to be clear that I’m NOT talking about oppression brought upon us by others, here.) Whether or not society has told us we are “worthy”...of healthcare, of love, of shelter, of redemption...we ARE. Let this crystal help you remember that you SHOULDN’T be holding yourself to the standards of a society with such corrupt standards. Set new, loving standards of your own. 



I hate to break it to you, Leo, but things can’t always go our way. It would be amazing if they could, and if I could make it happen for anyone it would be you, sweet lion. But it’s the truth! It’s great to strive for having it “all”, but November is going to ask you to get real about what you’re willing to GIVE UP in order to get what you really desire. This is about cost-benefit...usually the greatest victories come at some sort of’s just a matter of making sure the cost is worth it. For instance...maybe you’re aching for that creative project you have up your sleeve to get off the ground. You might need to sacrifice some social time to devote more hours to the project. You might need to sacrifice some income by cutting back hours at your day job. The point is--you’re going to need to ask what you’re HONESTLY willing to sacrifice to get to your desired outcome. If it comes time to choose between two passions...pick the one that feels worth the struggle. 

Angelite has a watery energy that will help to soothe any wounds or grief around sacrifices needing to be made. The “angelic” vibration of this crystal also offers protection and guidance, perfect for helping you sort through your priorities and get in touch with your highest vision this month. The gentle energy of Angelite will help to remind you that this work is a work of the heart. Remember the larger purpose when the going gets tough. 


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November had one message for you loud and clear, Virgo: Stop trying to do it all on your own!! It’s not a measure of worth or superiority to never need or want anyone else’s help. Whether it’s because you don’t want to feel like a burden, because you’re a control freak, or somewhere in between--you’re missing out on juicy connections! We can only push ourSELVES so far, developmentally. At a certain point, we have to let other people onto the field if we want to continue growing, evolving, and uncovering unknown parts of ourselves! Sometimes an outer force is needed to bring new insights! There is a push-and-pull that happens in relation to others that will bring new life to your projects and dreams. Be open to collaboration this month, and find ways to be vulnerable that push your boundaries ever-so-slightly (in a healthy way). 

Iolite helps us to communicate with clarity and identify our own blind-spots when it comes to connecting with others. It can also help us process the wisdom gained through these interactions. Let the calming deep-blue vibration of this crystal encourage you to have sparkling and meaningful conversations with others this month and allow you to keep and open mind. It can also help ease aggression, so if you find yourself getting defensive as you test the waters of deeper connection, Iolite can calm things down. 


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November wants you to put your foot down, Libra. It’s time to truly take a stand. Take a good, hard look at where others might be trying to emotionally manipulate you or take advantage of your good nature. Pay attention to where you give an inch and certain individuals take a mile. This situation isn’t going to resolve itself on its’re going to have to put a stop to things. Confrontation is difficult, and your sign is known for being ESPECIALLY avoidant of such things, but that’s why you’re being asked to grow into your power right now. You are CAPABLE of drawing a line in the sand...and to be honest you just can’t afford not to anymore. Lay down the law, it’s time for zero-tolerance when it comes to the matter at hand. Communicate what needs to happen and make it clear: this does not continue. 

Golden Tourmaline is the hype-crystal you need to psych you up for getting some energy in LINE. It will help you tap into your inner Sun and vitality, powering you up with all the gumption required to tell it like it is. Not only that, there’s a definite edge of joy to this stone, so you can allow yourself to feel the RELIEF that comes after you’ve taken a stand for yourself. Send your subconscious a signal that you have your own back. 


That’s all for this month, angels! I’ll see you in December…we’ll see what the world looks like then! Keep working your magic and there’s hope to be found. xoxoxoxo
-by Kalyn Anderson of LightHaus fame!



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