Meet the Maker: Christina Kosinski

Meet the Maker: Christina Kosinski

Christina Kosinski (@ChristinaKosinski) is a longtime friend of the shop and one of our favorite collaborators. She makes these gorgeous splatter-patterned mugs, mini ceramic altar dishes, tiny vases, and also the cauldrons, bowls, and bells in our signature Spell Kits! Everything Christina creates is infused with love, so you can always feel good about including her crafts in your rituals.

Now you can learn more about the Pastel Priestess in Meet the Maker: Christina Kosinski (and find out where to get the best banh mi in ATL)!

"I was drawn to ceramics after joining in picnics and dinners with friends who would bring handmade pots to gatherings, using cups for wine and small bowls perfect for dips and sides. I loved that the pieces were practical, functional, and beautiful, never sacrificing one aspect in favor of the others.

I choose the pieces in my home very intentionally; the choices I make as a consumer affect the feeling in my space. A tiny vase or cup impacts my day, bringing a moment of joy - whether because it was made or gifted by a friend, or by another maker at a market. I hope to impart some of that joy and care I’ve received from these favorite pieces of mine over the years when creating work of my own.

The coast and beaches in New England are a huge part of my style, and I love combining those natural elements of sand and rocky coasts with colorful glazes. Mint, pink, aqua blue, hottest pink, in contrast with neutrals."

What's your name/pronouns?
Christina she/her

What’s your sun/moon/rising? 
Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising

When did you start your business? 
Omg. 2014! I did my first market ever in a random building in Boston lol. 

What's your favorite color?
Eeee I'd have to say pink and mint. Sorry I can't separate those two. 

Do you have a lucky number?

What's your favorite place to get takeout?
Lee's Bakery - best pho and banh mi's in Atl

What's the best show/movie you've seen recently?
I'd have to go with the British "Ghosts" but I love the Housewives, too. Salt Lake City is a top tier one imo.  

Who are your favorite famous/fictional witches?
I love re-watching Charmed for the outfits and goofy drama, but Strega Nona is my favorite book witch. Even if I didn't totally register that she was a witch when I was a kid, I thought she just had a magical pot that made endless pasta and what more could you dream of? I also loved reading The Witches Supermarket and thought it was great...I still wanna go to that grocery store. 

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