So how do we characterize this energy? Leo, at best is the theater artist, the romantic, the powerhouse that finds a way to make everything into a good story that teaches us something. Finding Leo in the house of the visionary & the collective future, we see a chance for us all to create a new story for our collective reality. We are invited to put on the caricature of the culture and express a new way of being as an example for others to feel, to change, to be part of the story as well. We are being asked to get on the public stage of our life, to stick our neck out, and to find a way to romance others out of the dream of the culture if we don't like it. Remember during your meditation:

Leo is not a wallflower.

At the exact time of the Full moon in Leo in the Northeast, we experience a bit of a role reversal in the collective chart. While Leo naturally rules the fifth house of creativity, play and fun we find this moon in it's opposite house—the 11th house of community and the future. Meanwhile, we find the Sun in Aquarius reversed as well, finding the humanitarian playful engaging our collective 5th house instead of it's natural house of the community and the collective vision. It is like the sky is looking through a mirror reflection of itself tonight.

Rebel, Rebel

Meanwhile we find the Sun in Aquarius tonight in the 5th house, the realm where Leo likes to play the most. The sign of the revolutionary, the genius,and the rebel, Aquarius is also taking the stage in the house of play and creativity. We are being asked to exercise our genius and our rebellious tendencies creatively. We are being asked not simply to be creative, but to express our authentic selves in the creative process. As serious as everything appears in the external world, Aquarius here is saying that part of our genius in this cycle can be through finding humor and a way to express ourselves that is original to shift our external reality.

We may find moments simply to laugh at ourselves and our quirks and foibles. We may download a comedy or a short skit that mocks the current culture. Or, we may just throw our cares aside for a day, and see life again through the eyes of a child—where everything is wondrous, new and an exercise of imagination. After all the 5th house is also the house of children.

Change the Story

This chart speaks to me and reminds me of Shakespeare's time, when one of the greatest statements we could make in response to the political agenda was through theater, and playful mockery. This chart asks us where we have become too serious and asks us instead to imagine a way to see into the situations at hand and create a new drama that will open the minds of everyone instead of keeping it locked in the current story. This chart is really asking us to find our creative genius and offer it as a gift to the community and to our children. It's asking us—who do you want the joke to be on—them or you?

The full moon, being a partial eclipse as well is both intensifying this energy as well as preparing us for some unexpected surprises in the wider spheres. Eclipse weeks are not always as they appear to be. Also with Uranus in a Trine with the Moon we are in for some surprises as well. So, this week be open to some new developments which you may not have expected in the collective scene and the personal one.

Overall this chart is very fiery, with Venus and Mars joined together in Aries as well. I like this placement for bringing new harmony and balance to our interpersonal partnerships through daring to be ourselves. Expect your home life to shift a bit as you embody this harmony and courage. It is all for the good of all and needs to happen.

Channel Your Creativity

Tonight's meditation we will venture to the ocean to calm a bit of this fire and air in the chart, and soothe some of the tendencies in this chart to burn out or become anxious. Remember to channel this live wire energy into a creative project that feeds your spirit and mocks the collective norms that do not serve us anymore.

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