At this full moon in Virgo we see ourselves as the mother getting prepared for her new baby. This is not about being a biological mother, rather, it is about recognizing ourselves as the mother and the baby. We are learning to become our own mother and to provide ourselves with the soothing, the Love, and the grounded attention our Soul, Body, and Mind need.
When I tune into the energy of this cycle I keep hearing “sacred work” and “rest” and when I look further, I see hot springs and crystal cave spas, and otherworldly feelings of rest and rejuvenation. This makes sense as we’re going deeper into self-love than we ever have been before.

Spring is Coming

Nature is a few weeks away from renewing Herself and all Her creatures—us included.
Just as the flowers, earthworms, and robins will reappear, our energy will also be refreshed. We’ll be born again as the Fool archetype in Aries and will hopefully be in a wiser headspace than last year.
Just as Nature refills the cups of the creatures and the trees, she refills ours. We can see more Light already, more color and warmth is on the way and that energy of abundance will be at its most natural and magickal peak soon. We can expect to feel and channel that abundance in our lives. We can expect a harvest.
But that is the future. Right now, it’s still cold out and everyone’s telling us to just rest. We’re expecting new life to be coming in the next month and so how do we want to savor these last days or weeks of life as we know it? How can we best prepare for more blessings and so more responsibility? How can we fill the cup?
Whatever helps us slow down to honor and appreciate our bodies, our growth and the last of the still season is good medicine now.

Here a few suggestions for this cycle:

• Walk around your home, admiring the beautiful materials and objects that bring you comfort and happiness. Touch them and connect with how they came into your life. Allow gratitude to come forward and continue for as long as you like. This connects us to our physical lives and bodies while grounding us in gratitude. A full grandmother moon always appreciates your gratitude at the end of her cycle.

• This Earthy moon would love to help you plan or work on your garden. It’s still too cold for outdoor planting but some indoor herbs and veggies would get hands in the dirt and would be super pleasing for Virgo energy. Even researching and dreaming about what you might plant would be enough!

• A nesting mama loves nothing more than to go through old crap to create space. It’s super instinctual and crazy rewarding. This moon can inspire some spring-cleaning and can help you get a nice donation pile going. (The Lifebridge donation drop is around the corner from the store!)

These are some small acts that ripple energy into the larger circles of your evolution. Virgo helps us to make smart decisions for ourselves without emotion or attachment that can cloud our vision of the best. Channeling this helps us to discern where in our lives we want and need to invest our energy and attention. This full moon will support us in getting really clear on what actually *is* and what is not for us. The Mother has no energy for bullshit and no problem saying NO. She has a clear vision of the harvest ahead and saves her energy accordingly.


Nesting and Resting

We are all invited to fiercely and lovingly discern for our own selves, space for our time and energy. After all, that is all we have. Those things are our whole life. By saying “yes” to things and people that light us up, we take control of our lives little by little.
Especially with Venus in retrograde, it feels like a lot of momentum building up to a blooming around April’s full moon.

Until then, let a little nesting and a lot of resting be enough. When was the last time you held the feeling of total rest as contentment in your heart? When we forget to rest our energy in this way, we continue sending a frequency of lack out there into the world. A rest full and grateful body and Soul emits abundant life force energy and so receives it back ten-fold. And so it is!

Our guided meditation for this full moon in Virgo is inspired by the hot springs and crystal cave spas from my download. I hope it is a delicious and luxurious retreat for your aura!

Give it a listen:




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