The Full Flower Moon comes off the heels of some powerful retrogrades. Here in the Northeast we are waiting on warmth like a paycheck and we're ready to release and unleash some new, shiny skin.

Scorpio energy aligns with the rebirth cycle of spring, perfectly. Nature's story now is all excitement, abundance, supported action, newness, flow, and beauty.

There is also the manmade story of chaos, fear, dystopia, and lack out there.

Both are true and real to the beholder. Both can exist and both do.

It's our choice how to navigate these worlds from inside and to decide how much energy to spend in each. I think it's possible and magickal to find your way of validating both stories while only *feeding* with your words and energy, what truly serves. There is a balance that we find inside chaos. Here, we decide to move only with inspired action, with a brave and sparkling heart—not fear.

Scorpio full moon and a Taurus sun will help us alchemize passion and even anger into work that will ground dreams in real life. We're totally supported in receiving the world/life we want—our work is simply to stop telling the stories that keep them from coming. Let's spread awareness along with solutions and uplift. Let's imagine the future we dream about more than we watch the news.

As witches, we know how powerful our words and focus are. Our focus is like the clearest clear Quartz you can find. It amplifies whatever it is directed at. It is in a witch's best interest to point it towards what she *does* want.

Some wisdom nuggets to feel into during this cycle:

"What stories about myself, my life, and the world am I feeding with my words and energy?"

"What old stories am I letting go of?"

"What are some new and supportive stories I'm living into now?"

"Do I enhance the world with my magickal words or do I only use them to point out what is wrong?"

"Do I speak up for myself and others, even if it's hard?"

"Am I filling myself up enough to be of real service as a change-maker?"

The potential to drop old ways of being is very real right now. A Scorpio full moon will wash away anything not true, if we ask. She will remind you of the brilliant and powerful, authentic being you are and to act like it. She will encourage you to fill your cup and choose a new song to sing.

The meditation that came through for this moon is a fun journey—a ceremony to celebrate how far you've come and to send your new song, new vibe, out into the great wide open.

Get comfy and enjoy!



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