This Sun & Moon are joined with the Goddess, Persephone...and I can't help but think this eclipse has brought up our issues around what our true home is. Where we find her so close to the sun and moon there is a feeling of restlessness, a desire to escape where we are and to find the reverse energy again to balance out our home life. She can feel she is never truly at home or that she always needs to change things up to feel a sense of harmony. She does embody a sort of harmony of embracing her shadow and light side, and so perhaps this gave us the strength to face our own collective shadow in our nation this week. Thank goodness.

I am feeling an importance to ground and affirm one of my favorite mindfulness meditation affirmations from Thich Nhat Hanh: "I have arrived. I am home." There is an abundance of fiery, high powered energy that could look like anxiety for some, anger for others, or some real enthusiasm and inspiration for others. Balance with some time by the water, or grounding your energy. Remembering you are balanced and whole. And you have great gifts of self-expression to offer in all this Leo energy. You are a Divine creator. I hope to help you harness some of the hidden symbolism of this eclipse!

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