March Crystalscopes

March Crystalscopes

It’s March!! How are you all feeling? The energy of the last month has been intense to say the least! March doesn’t necessarily promise less intensity, but it does seem as though we’ll have a chance to see through any chaos a bit more clearly! Mercury will begin moving direct again on the Full Moon in Virgo March 9th, asking you to flex your powers of analysis and organization in order to integrate the information dredged up during this Pisces season retrograde into a new vision of self. Spring is THE time for renewal, and the Spring Equinox on March 19th reminds us there is always a moment for us to step back into the sun and allow ourselves to bloom into something fresh, especially with a helping hand from optimistic and driven Aries energy. We’ll finish out the month with the Sun in Aries (where it feels arguably more at home than Pisces) and an Aries New Moon as well! Let fiery Aries be your guide out of the cold, deep, inner work of winter. It’s time to begin DOING. 


Supportive crystals for each sign this month are detailed below. Chosen intuitively, you can carry your crystal with you throughout the month, meditate with it, or put this crystal or an image of it on your altar, desk, nightstand, wherever! As always, your magic is YOUR magic! Use these crystal-scopes in whichever way they offer you support! I recommend reading your Sun AND Moon signs in order to get a closer look at what your emotional body may need! Sending you lots and lots of Lighthaus love!! xoxoxo



Most likely, you’re not-so-patiently waiting for your season to begin, Aries! March calls on you to step into your spotlight, which generally isn’t a problem for you! You’re being asked, however, to bring a new sense of WISDOM to your confidence. It’s easy to get all eyes on you by being the loudest one in the room, playing the constant clown, or simply adopting an “all-about-me” attitude. Golden Aura Quartz helps you REFINE your own spotlight, so you can get recognition for all the right reasons. Soak up its bright golden energy and let yourself feel like royalty!! You have SO much to offer, Aries! Don’t sell yourself short by taking shortcuts to false confidence when the real deal is available…it just requires a DASH of maturity. 


Ask yourself: What quality do I most admire in myself? How can I further project this quality in the world?

Magic words: My confidence springs from deep inner truth. 



We know you’re a straight shooter, Taurus, so we’re just going to get to the point: March wants you to embrace spontaneity. You tend to prefer the comfort and safety of familiarity and routine, but this month asks you to find new ways! Change doesn’t HAVE to be painful, Taurus. Your ruling planet, Venus, moves into your sign at the beginning of the month. Instead of sinking into your usual creature comforts, use this energy to embrace brand new ways of experiencing pleasure! Consider the concept of change as play, and see how this shifts things for you. Ammolite makes a perfect ally. This stone is made up of layer upon layer of fossilized Ammonite shells, giving it a stunning opalescent quality. As these stones are formed through a process of transformation, they can aid us through our own transformations as well. The process of becoming can be exhausting, no matter how pleasurable. Let the rainbows of Ammolite energize and heal you this month. 


Ask yourself: What changes can I make to bring more pleasure into my life? What NEW forms of pleasure am I calling in this month?

Magic words: I reject all routines keeping me stuck. 



March sends you sailing through the unknown, Gemini! Thankfully, you’re known for your adaptability and intelligence! With your ruling planet still moving retrograde until March 9th, things probably feel a little topsy-turvy right now. March doesn’t come bearing answers so much as it comes with a light at the end of the tunnel. You may be in a state of transition at the moment, but sit tight, you’ve got a little longer to go. Now is the time to roll with the punches, pay attention to what spirit is trying to communicate to you, and be ok with not knowing how this all ends. Selenite offers a calming energy to help you quiet mental chatter, while also having a quality of “lightness” to give your mood some buoyancy when the weight of not knowing begins to feel like a burden. You love a fresh point of view, so remember that this period of transition is just part of the bargain. 


Ask yourself: What is my vision for the near future? Now what does it feel like to release all attachment to a specific outcome?

Magic words: I leave behind the agenda of the ego for the freedom of flow. 



Pisces season had you diving into your innermost darkness, Cancer. This wasn’t for nothing! The exploring you’ve done will allow you to bring light to these shadows, allowing you to see their true forms. After all—we can’t transform what we won’t look at. Now that you’re aware of the ways you’ve been holding yourself back, it’s time to break free of your own chains! Fire Opal lends the perfect spark to light the torch of your spirit so you can lead yourself out of the pain and confusion. March wants you ready to step into your power and realize your own freedom. You’re prone to nostalgia trips, Cancer, for better or for worse. Fire Opal brings healing to difficult emotions of the past while attracting abundance and joy in the present so you can move forward unhindered by past, trapped versions of self. Last month was for exploration, but this is not time to be swallowed up by the depths. This month is for your triumphant return to the sun-drenched surface. 


Ask yourself: How does holding onto the past keep me prisoner in my own life?

Magic words: I move fiercely forward towards my most empowered self. 



Spring is nearly here and the word of the moment is “renewal”, sweet lion! You’ve spent the winter working out some grudges and practicing the art of letting go when it comes to conflict. This is difficult work that deserves to be applauded! Forgiveness doesn’t usually come overnight, though, and you may find yourself continuing to tie up a few loose ends this month so that you can experience your own rebirth this season. Howlite is the perfect ally to soothe frayed nerves, ease difficult conversations, and release tension, stress, and anger. This stone also encourages your highest form of emotional expression, so taking the high road doesn’t feel like such an uphill battle. 


Ask yourself: What lingering emotions are asking for release right now?

Magic words: I express myself with ease and grace, even when conflict arises. 



We have a full moon in your sign this month, Virgo! The same day (March 9th), your ruling planet Mercury begins to station direct again! This astrology might feel intense, but odds are you’ll feel some clouds of confusion lift when retrograde ends. March wants you to channel abundance, but not necessarily in the way you might think. Instead of focusing on MORE this month, focus on getting creative with your resources! You’re one smart cookie, and you’re being called to use that intelligence to find new and innovative ways to make the most of what you already have in life. Moss Agate has an earthy and grounding energy, like fertile soil for a new beginning! This stone will also help you to see the beauty in everything around you, creating abundance even without calling in more STUFF. Your problem-solving skills may be put to the test this month, but staying centered and learning how to adapt can make it feel more like play than work! 


Ask yourself: What is my most precious inner resource, and how can I use it with more intention?

Magic words: I quickly adapt to new challenges and make the most of my many gifts. 



March wants you to be BOLD, dear Libra! It can sometimes simplify things to take the path of least resistance, and you love to keep the peace. This month, however, is asking you to take a stand for what you want, be outspoken about what you believe in, and charge forward even if it ruffles a few feathers. It’s great to be diplomatic, but it’s no secret that people-pleasing can quickly become a plague on your spirit when left unchecked. Bloodstone (which is actually Green Jasper with Red Hematite inclusions) lends you strength and courage, while motivating you to act in the present. This powerful crystal friend can also help bring you into alignment and enhance your decision-making skills so you can be sure your bold moves are bringing you in the right direction! Onward, Libra!  


Ask yourself: What is one action I can take TODAY to step into my courage?

Magic words: I reject people pleasing to live in brave alignment. 



March carries you into some intense transformations, Scorpio. Luckily for you, you thrive in the depths of self-excavation, and a phoenix-like death and rebirth can feel more exciting than grueling for someone as comfortable in the underworld as you are. This evolution is not one to force, but rather one to let unfold. Resist temptation to accelerate the pace and attempts to direct the outcome. Smoky Quartz is the perfect crystal to offer a gentle, grounding energy while amping up your intuition and offering protection as you navigate the unknown. Smoky Quartz actually makes us think of the phrase “when the smoke clears”, and that’s exactly the kind of perspective this stone offers. The earthy energy will help you keep two feet firmly on the ground, even when you find yourself in a personal liminal space. 


Ask yourself: How does practicing patience during an evolution feel different than forcing disruption in order to speed up the process?

Magic words: I allow change to happen on its own timeline, releasing my own agendas. 


Sagittarius: HONEY CALCITE

We love your playful and adventurous spirit, Sagittarius. Underneath that devil-may-care attitude, however, is a great strength and wisdom. March asks you to channel this wisdom, your power of play, AND your boundless energy in order to make big moves in your work life. You can’t stand being tied down, and that can make you prone to shirking your responsibilities at times. But success requires sticking with something! You’re being called to work hard this month, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to give up on fun and adventure! Rather, you’re being asked to FOCUS and keep your eyes on the long-term rewards that require some less-than-thrilling groundwork. Honey Calcite brings some sweetness to the occasion, mirroring your usual optimism and zest for life! It also grounds you so you can lead with responsibility, though, and acts as a powerful motivator for when things get tedious! Keep your eyes on the prize, Sagittarius, and you’ll be surprised by the payoff. 


Ask yourself: How can I better embrace BOTH sides of the “work hard, play hard” ideal?

Magic words: Commitment to your SELF is a virtue, not a trap. 



March is encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, Capricorn. It’s easy to focus on overcoming fear when it comes to trying new ways of being, but we don’t always talk about the incredible strength and stamina it can take to not backslide. This season is all about growth for you, but this is a marathon, not a sprint. On the other side of this proverbial mountain is a more joyful existence, but you’ll have to traverse the wilderness first. Crazy Lace Agate is a loyal guardian during times of growth, lending earthy stability and encouragement while radiating an almost blissful energy. You’re at the start of an important journey this month. Now is the time to brace yourself for the long haul, and tap into your inner strength and discipline in order to embrace whatever comes next. Appreciating each moment along the way will prevent total burn-out before you reach your destination. 


Ask yourself: Where is my spirit calling me, and how long of a road am I willing to take to get there?

Magic words: I honor myself by honoring every step of my path. 



Your whimsical attitude and ability to adapt to anything are some of your greatest strengths, Aquarius. At times, though, you can lean towards the flaky side. In March, you’re being called to stand firm and defend what you love with all you’ve got. This isn’t about outright aggression. It’s about intuiting genuine threats to what you hold close to your heart, and protecting your values like a mama bear. Don’t be afraid to let others know there will be consequences for violating your boundaries, and definitely don’t be afraid to follow through on those consequences when necessary. Black Sapphire lends wisdom, focus, and calm to give you the strength and presence of mind to identify dangers. This stone also lends courage and ambition, giving you the energy to defend your spiritual and emotional territory from repeated attacks. 


Ask yourself: What part of my inner (or outer) world is calling for my protection this month?

Magic words: I am my own best defender.  



We start out March with the sun in your sign, Pisces! And you’re in luck because this month holds an overall celebratory tone for you little fishies! While last month had you focusing on being more humble, this month wants you to love yourself harder, celebrate your successes with more gusto, and generally focus on the brighter side of life for now! Apophyllite is your perfect companion during this time. This bright, white sparkler is a powerful soul-healer, dissolving blockages and transmuting negative thought patterns into positivity. Take this opportunity to lean into joy, and view the world through a child’s eyes at every chance. There’s magic waiting around each corner for you this month, Pisces! Let your light shine bright!!  

Ask yourself: What does joy feel like in my body?

Magic words: I see the beauty in myself, in others, and in the world around me with ease.  

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