Let the Light In: A Window Spell for the Spring Equinox

Let the Light In: A Window Spell for the Spring Equinox

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by Kalyn Anderson/@sweetbitterritual

Here in New England, it’s felt like a LONG, DARK (quarantined) Winter, so we are more than ready for the light, warmth, and GREEN of Spring to start creeping its way in! On March 20th, we celebrate the Spring Equinox (in the Northern hemisphere), honoring the balance of day/night and ushering in the hope and joy of SPRING! One of our favorite ways to celebrate this cycle is by setting intentions (or for a timely metaphor, planting seeds) for joy, lightness, and refreshment as we move into the more “playful” seasons.

We're not saying that any of these things are always easy to come by, plant seeds for, or cultivate--because cultivating joy, lightness, refreshment...this requires action. Cultivating something means creating the right environment for its growth, watching its progress, adjusting your care for it as needed—all of this with consistency. It’s no easy task—but when we really think about it, we put a lot of effort into tasks that mean much less. Besides—witchcraft is here to give us an extra boost and make the whole process A LOT more magical!

As we enter Spring, treat joy like a practice. Treat joy like a muscle you can flex. Make the conscious effort to build lightness into your life this month. Make your days fertile soil for flow and freshness if you can. Make sure you’re taking the time to be aware of the pockets of light each day presents to you. Access it.

It’s dual-sided: find ways to spend more time doing things that bring you pleasure, AND find ways to bring more pleasure to the things you have to do each day (like cleaning)! Become conscious of the fact that you may not need more, and you may not need different. You might just need to do different things with what you already have.

That brings us to our ritual. This is a spell to enchant your windows to bring more light and joy into your life. You won’t need any fancy oils or candles for this one. You can work with what you already have OR go all-out on a total haus-portal makeover...whatever works for YOU! (If DIY isn't really your style, we put together the perfect Spell Kit to give you that Open Window feeling!)

First, as you would with any ritual, ground yourself and make sure you have the supplies you want to use nearby!
I like to start the whole process by lighting a black or white candle (whichever you prefer for clearing) and placing it somewhere near the center of the home. Look at that—you’ve already invited in more light!

Next, I like to open my windows and put a large pot of water on the stove. Bring to a boil and add in a few handfuls of dried or fresh herbs associated with joy, Springtime, or clearing. Some of my favorites are sea salt, chamomile, any kind of mint, garden sage, lavender, and rose. You can even add a gem essence like Selenite or Pyrite for extra oomph! As the mixture steeps, stir clockwise four times, saying or thinking:

“I welcome freshness, I welcome light, I protect my joy with all my might.”

Once your “tea” is letting off plenty of aromatic steam (which will give the air a good clearing), strain out the herbs and let the water cool. Once the water is cool enough to touch, use a clean cloth or scrub brush and wipe down the frames and sills of all your windows with this enchanted wash. When you’re done, dump the dirty water down the toilet or drain and imagine all the stagnant or nasty energy in your haus going with it!

When you’re done with this, give your window panes a good cleaning with your cleaner of choice. 

Now comes the fun/creative part! Get to adorning your window(s) with charms to bring color, light, and joy EVERY time you see them! If you want to focus on one window, pick one in a room where you spend a lot of time or one that is central in the haus, like your bedroom or front door. You want to make sure you’re reminded as often as possible of your intentions!

You can decorate your window with anything you like as long as it makes you FEEL joyful and light. We’re HUGE fans of these suncatchers that magically transform sunlight into rainbows...just stick ‘em up and you’ve got an instant daily mood boost.

Switching out (or dying) your curtains to a color that stimulates warm, joyful feelings like sunny gold or soft peach is another way to work some serious window magic!

Herbs aren’t JUST for making an herbal floor/window wash! You can line your windowsill with cut flowers or pots of herbs that match your intentions as well! Roses, sunflowers, and tulips are a few personal favorites for this kind of Spell peek, but choose flowers/colors that feel most joyful/magical to you for the most potent spell! You can also hang bundles of herbs from the top of your window for the same purpose (just make sure you aren’t planning on using them for anything else, direct sunlight isn’t the best way to preserve the colors or medicinal qualities of herbs/flowers).

Beyond that, there are infinite ways to add some charms to your windows: add some joyful or clarifying crystals like Carnelian, Golden Calcite, Tourmalinated Quartz, or Citrine along your window sill! You could draw some magical sigils on with window markers, or add streamers in pink, yellow, and green to the window! Like I said, get creative, but make at least ONE window in your haus a work of art. You’ll be creating a portal for joy and Springtime refreshment to access any time!

Happy Spring, lightbeams!!




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