July Crystalscopes

July Crystalscopes

We hope you’ve been spending the last month listening, educating yourself, and taking action to make real and overdue change in our world for Black people. Keep that energy strong as we head into the months ahead…”this isn’t a moment, it’s a movement.” This month’s ‘scopes have the addition of COLLECTIVE ACTION for each sign. 


Hello, crystal cuties!! After a June hiatus to make room for content directly related to the uprising, we’re back with your July Crystalscopes! We hope you’ve been spending the last month listening, educating yourself, and taking action to make real and overdue change in our world for Black people. Keep that energy strong as we head into the months ahead…”this isn’t a moment, it’s a movement.” This month’s ‘scopes have the addition of COLLECTIVE ACTION for each sign. Going forward, we’ll be including actions for collective healing for each sign. The healing and liberation of our Selves is intimately connected to the healing and liberation of all people.

If you want to help make a change and you’re not sure where to start, read on! Bonus points if you take collective action for your Sun, Moon, AND Rising sign. And we’ll love you forever if you do ALL 12 this month!! Bookmark this page and pick a few action steps each week. Work with your crystal recommendation however feels best! You can carry your crystal with you throughout the month, meditate with it, or put the crystal or an image of it on your altar, desk, nightstand, wherever! As always, your magic is YOUR magic! 

**If you’d like a more in depth and personalized version of your ‘scope, head over to the Psychic Portal to book a tarot reading + crystal “prescription” session with me! We’ll meet through the magic of Zoom and use Tarot and oracle cards to explore how you can reconnect to pleasure (and your personality outside of    a n x i e t y…remember that?) Then, you’ll receive a super-cute, downloadable “crystal prescription” card with custom crystal recommendations and magic words based on your reading! Sending you lots and lots of Lighthaus love!! xoxoxo


Get ready for an exciting change of pace, Aries! We just officially entered Summer in the northern hemisphere, meaning the energy of Fire is e v e r y w h e r e!! You’re in your element! Fire is all about radical change, fierce passion, and sacred rage. It’s about destruction, but it’s also about REGENERATION. That being said, we’ll also spend a good part of this month hanging out in Cancer season…which could feel like it’s plunging you out of your depth emotionally. Take heart! If you can manage to face the more intimate parts of yourself, this moment is ripe for a fresh start in whichever area you’ve been aching for change.

ORANGE CALCITE will give you the verve and vigor needed to bring new ideas and ways of being to fruition in the real world. The orange vibration stimulates creativity, helping us remain adaptable and optimistic in the face of change. Let Orange Calcite gently push out old ways of thinking to make room for more innovative and aligned steps forward.


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Embrace radical change. Read a revolutionary text by a Black writer/activist. You can find a whole collection of FREE PDFs here, but those who can should pay authors directly for their work (or buy from a Black-owned bookstore).


Confidence is key for you this month, Taurus! You may not have a reputation for loving the spotlight, but we all crave a little attention and validation from time to time, and you’re no exception! Thankfully, the recognition and affirmation you crave is on its way! Of course–it’s not that simple. You’re going to have to put in some work on your end as well! You can’t receive praise or recognition when you’re too afraid to step into the light! July is about shamelessly embodying your AUTHENTIC self and seeing the beautiful opportunities that blossom as a result. Make time for joy, for having fun, for doing the things that light up that inner Sun.

Golden Tiger Eye is connected to the energy of Fire, Sun, and Earth. Its effect is both grounding and revitalizing. Connect with this stone to embrace authenticity with confidence, to give fortitude through challenges, and to stimulate the inner Sun, encouraging you to shine your light brightly in the world for the good of yourself AND the collective. Put it out there and watch the validation roll in. Be proud of who you are.


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Donate to Black Trans Femmes in the Arts to support recognition and a platform for these important and underrepresented voices.



Much like the rest of the world, you’re experiencing some pretty huge and uncomfortable shifts at the moment, Gemini. You’re also feeling this energy on a PERSONAL level, making for a quadruple-whammy of total paradigm shifts, meltdowns, and some level 10 chaos and confusion. It’s not easy. In fact, it’s probably downright grueling. But this isn’t forever. At some point, in some ways, the dust will begin to settle. You will find new rituals, new comforts, new paths. This redirection, however anxiety-inducing, is setting you up for a life that is a BETTER FIT. But in the middle of the emotional wreckage, resist the urge to act for the sake of action. Take time instead to be still, to listen to your intuition, to acknowledge what is being called to heal. What is being called to be nourished? Where are our reactions to our situation based?

Soothing and introspective Charoite works to activate your inner wisdom, guiding you towards the right path. It helps purge us of unwanted psychic debris and unconscious fears while healing and protecting us for the road ahead. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it. Let Charoite hold you through it. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Chaos and confusion are at play in the collective as well, and it’s being used to sweep things under the rug that need to be brought to light. The U.S. center hit hardest by Covid-19 is the Navajo Nation, and the government/media aren’t saying/doing enough about it. Donate to the Official Navajo Nation COVID-19 Relief Fund



It’s your season and you should be riding high, Cancer, but it’s more likely that you’re feeling emotionally bogged down right now. The fact is, there are things begging to be released. Let go. Moved on from. You’re one of the most nostalgic signs, so this is no easy feat. But it’s worth it. This doesn’t mean forgetting all about what we’ve lost, or moving on as though nothing has happened. It’s about no longer letting what WAS control what WILL BE. The paralysis you’re feeling is a symptom of holding on too hard.

It’s safe to let go, and Seraphinite makes the perfect guardian angel while you do so. It can help to transmute and evaporate old and stagnant energy/emotions. It empowers us to engage in self-healing. To make the decision to regenerate and move towards wholeness in the present. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Speaking of release, pick a bail fund off this National Bail Fund Network directory to donate to this week to work towards the freedom of others. 



You’re so close, Leo! Whatever it is you’ve been working towards, you’re RIGHT on the cusp of a breakthrough. The tension is most likely palpable, and though the moment feels exciting, it also feels fairly fraught. Any move you make next has major importance. It could be the final push towards what you’ve been longing for, or it could blow up the progress you’ve made to this point. The most important thing when it comes to this decision making is to NOT LOSE YOUR FOCUS. Keep your eyes on the prize (and make sure the prize is something you ACTUALLY want, not something you THINK you should want). As long as you have perseverance, clear judgement, and follow through this month, you should finally see some huge payoff for your efforts and aspirations!

Bloodstone will provide the extra boost of grounding, motivation, and courage to take the final leap towards your next level. This dark green Chalcedony with specks of activating Red Jasper is deeply revitalizing and purifying. Let it put the fire back in your belly and keep your head firmly on your shoulders so you can roll up your sleeves and get to work making your dreams happen. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Fuel the fire. Be the push needed. Demand justice for Breonna Taylor. We can make it happen.



Your work life is due for an overhaul, Virgo. Whether that means revamping your work from home routine, reevaluating your career path, taking a hard look at your approach to work, or finding ways to work smarter instead of harder, you’re ready for a change, and a change approaches! If you’ve been facing obstacles in your work life, consider that these may be course-correcting you towards something better. Ask yourself what any tension or anxiety around work may be calling you to pay attention to. Then do what you do best: problem-solve, strategize, and make a plan to cultivate a fresh energy around your work. This is the time to plant the seed.

Red Calcite brings the energy and enthusiasm needed to break out of any rut, moving us forward with focus and determination. The red vibration is energizing and restoring, helping us use our creative energy to its fullest potential. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Send some nourishment and energy forward by donating to The Okra Project, which provides meals BY Black Trans folks FOR Black Trans folks in need. 



Tensions have been rising in your world, Libra, whether they’re internal or interpersonal. Whatever the situation, it’s about to come to a head. Be ready for the explosion. Libra has a reputation for being conflict-avoidant, but take whatever conflict may arise as an opportunity to take a closer look at where your actions line up with your virtues. It may be the case that you’re simply taking heat for standing by what you believe in. Stand your ground. But it could ALSO be the case that you had a hand in this explosive conclusion. Examine the ways in which you may be acting out of alignment with your own moral compass. Take any consequences in stride, repair any damage possible without the expectation of forgiveness, and do better moving forward. When we face conflict with curiosity instead of fear, we often come away with clarity.

Clear Calcite will help facilitate clear vision so you can see where your part in this really lies. This crystal-clear stone can also open our hearts to forgiveness and give us a “big picture” view of our situation, making room for healing and accountability in the process. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: In addition to new public health obstacles, the Navajo Nation is facing an ongoing water crisis. Donate to the Navajo Water Project to fund clean, clear water in the Navajo Nation! 



Things are in a state of flux for you this month, Scorpio. You’re feeling uncertain, unstable, and not sure how things are going to end. Whether it be in work, love, a friendship, a project…things have gotten a little muddy, and there’s no telling how it’s going to turn out. The silver lining here is that nothing is set in stone. This is a transitional period. If you’re currently riding high, keep in mind what needs to be done to maintain it and grow. Nothing is a given. If you’re currently frustrated with your situation, take comfort. This is changeable.

Fluorite will help give you the creativity and insight needed to make the necessary changes, sort out the situation, and bring some sort of closure to the deal. Fluorite stimulates our mind, allowing us to see new solutions we may have overlooked. It also lends you some flexibility to roll with it as your situation changes. If one thing is certain for you this month, it’s change. Be gentle with yourself when possible, find excitement in the evolution where you can, and do your best to keep your head firmly on your shoulders. Fluorite can help with all of the above. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Do what you can to change the course. Register to vote! Your City Council can defund your local police department; what other big change can come from starting small?


 Ruled by Jupiter, you’re known for having luck on your side, Sagittarius. July is no exception! You can expect certain things to “fall into place” almost magically this month–but that doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do! They say luck is really a combination of preparedness + timing. So spend this month PREPARING to receive the things you desire, even if they don’t seem anywhere close to fruition yet. This month is full of potential for you to attract what you desire to you, so make sure that you’ve got a firm hold on what it is that you desire so you can send out the clear call. Let go of outdated desires that no longer resonate, and think of new desires that uplift both you and the collective. You’re in your element in the energy of joy, playfulness, curiosity, expansion, and good fortune…soak it up this month! Pay special attention to signs and messages you may receive, and keep an eye out for surprising opportunities that feel like a dream-come-true! Stranger things have happened!

Magnetite (aka Lodestone) will help draw your desires towards you! You can even “feed” this magnetic mineral little shavings of iron to give it an extra boost. Magnetite sings a little siren song to pull in what your heart and spirit crave! Be ready to receive!


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Work towards opportunities for those who have been historically given very few…donate to the Black Trans Lives Matter Youth Fund. This org is BY Black Trans Youth and provides services like meals, bail funds, arts mentorship, commissary funds for the incarcerated/detained, and mutual aid microgrants to Black Trans folks affected by Covid-19 in the US.



You’re feeling more fired up than usual, Cap! If you’re not…it’s time to GET fired up! July is calling you to get inspired, get motivated, get active, and get PASSIONATE! Whatever urge or desire has been sitting at the back of your mind for months…NOW is the time to act on it if you haven’t. Your plans and dreams are divinely supported in this moment, but only if you choose to go after them full force. You like to be a person with a plan, but sometimes you get so caught up in the “planning” phase that you never actually get around to the “doing” phase…time to cut that out. No more waiting for the “perfect time”, no more waiting until “you just have a few more details worked out.” It’s time to do the damn thing already. You need a little spiritual “fire power” to get you where you’re trying to go.

Enter: Carnelian. This super-fiery red-orange stone will help your creativity shine, light that fire under your butt, and give you the motivation and passion to keep going through whatever challenges you may face! It’s time to charge full speed ahead, Capricorn! 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Pay respect to those who fought for their right to live and love. Elizabeth, NJ is the birthplace of Black Trans activist and leader, Marsha P. Johnson. Sign the petition to replace their statue of Christopher Colombus with one honoring a TRUE hero: Marsha. 



You’ve got big ideas, Aquarius. You’re known for being an innovator, for letting your imagination run wild, and for thinking WAY outside the box. July is asking you to bring those incredible ideas into actual reality. Even the most far-flung fantasies start to seem more real as soon as we begin to make a PLAN. No one would ever ask you to come ENTIRELY back to Earth, but finding a sense of grounding is going to be key for you this month. Wiggle your toes in the proverbial grass and think about the next steps needed. Leaning into logic doesn’t have to mean abandoning your creativity. In fact, putting some structure and discipline in place will help your creativity to FLOURISH in this case. See what kind of beauty you’re able to create when just a little pressure is applied. Let the visions in your mind begin to take up real-life, tangible space.

Bismuth looks like something from an alien planet, a little piece of home for any Aquarian. This multi-colored mineral brings a rainbow of light and positivity with it, while also helping us to sort out our thoughts so we can work creatively AND with high efficiency. Gazing at the stair-like structure of Bismuth can help reorganize thoughts and feelings that have us feeling stuck. When you feel like you’re not sure of the next step in your plan, go back to Bismuth and consult. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Support beautiful new worlds. Help Black Aboriginals return to the land through the Black Aboriginal Return to Nature Grant Initiative. Your $$$ will help creators Stormy and Rashina start their homestead/farm AND provide 22 grants to other Black farmers/homesteaders!



You’re nearing the conclusion of a shadowy and confusing portal, Pisces. Your watery-sensitive self may have been feeling this Eclipse season with extra intensity…and Eclipse season is plenty intense on its own! Thankfully, with Eclipse season wrapping up, you’ll be able to find some closure as well. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting nearer, and right now your priorities (outside of liberating the collective) should be taking care of yourself emotionally, sitting with stillness in order to process the wisdom you’ve been taking on, and considering how you’re going to move forward once the astrological storm is over. Shadow and confusion can oftentimes be where the most is actually REVEALED, so pay attention to any insights that come through in the coming weeks. You are experiencing an evolution, a trial by fire (or darkness) and you’ve already come this far.

Black Moonstone will help you access the depths of your intuition while processing, and offers a soothing and nurturing vibration to our emotions. If you’re feeling a bit raw from recent events, Black Moonstone cools and soothes. Divine Mother Energy for when shadow feels difficult to untangle, have faith that the void is fruitful ground for new growth. 


COLLECTIVE ACTION: Help others navigate from point A to point B. Donate to the Black Trans Travel Fund to help provide safe transportation for Black Trans folks!




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