Interview with a Potion Maker: Gem Essences!

Interview with a Potion Maker: Gem Essences!

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Cole is our head potion maker, brewing our Counter Magick cleaning products, Gem Essence collection, and something else very exciting that will be revealed very soon... but no sneak peeks yet, today is all about the essences! The Gem Essence Collection is 2 years old and a lot of you are still wondering what the heck is in these little bottles and what makes them so special! 

More than just products, our potions are made with a ton of intention so we asked Cole about their rituals for crafting crystal essences (plus some insider usage tips from the pro who knows!) 

Would you call yourself a potion-maker? 
Yes, it definitely brings me a lot of joy to have such a whimsical title! I used to make potions out of things I found in the woods as a kid so it feels like I’ve come full circle.

What makes the gem essences so magical?

Crystals, coven magic, and edible glitter! Each one contains the energetic vibrations of a crystal and the full moon. If you love lunar magick, precious stones, or sparkly cocktails, you’re sure to see the beauty in them.

What's your process for getting into the right energetic space for making gem essences?

I’ll usually rearrange or connect with a crystal from the altar I have set up in my workspace before I start brewing. Sometimes I’ll also take some Carnelian essence, or spray myself with some Banish. Following my intuition always helps me find a good space for energy work.

What do you have in mind while you're making each essence, or what songs are you listening to?

I like to play music that fits the vibe of each crystal, like love songs for Rose Quartz or electronica for Moldavite. Rap is my favorite for Pyrite and Carnelian. I also have a playlist of songs that put me in a magickal mood. Lots of Kali Uchis!

Which essences are the most popular? Which ones are underrated? 

People really gravitate towards Pyrite and Black Tourmaline, which is a total power combo, by the way. I think a lot of witches work with manifestation these days and are looking to take it up a notch, and we can all relate to needing a little grounding. I’d say Selenite is the most underrated. It’s a wonderful energetic refresher, kind of like smoke cleansing for your aura. My sensitive Cancer Moon needs that reset on the daily.

What are your favorite essence combinations?

My go-to is 7 drops of Selenite and 7 drops of Rose Quartz in a soda after work. It’s a very gentle combination that helps me shake off any bad vibes from the day. I’ll add some Moldavite too if my heart space is feeling closed off. When you’re preparing for a ritual, taking Amethyst and Kyanite will really take your spellwork to the next level. Carnelian and Pyrite are also a great duo, especially for artists looking to channel new creative projects.



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