I think the reason I haven't written a post in a while is that I haven't known where to start. So I'm just going to blurt it out: I am opening a store!!! That's right, a true-blue, brick & mortar, store. And I'm opening it in less than two weeks. So I've been busy. Here are some "Before's" of the empty space: IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_9490 The store is called HausWitch Home + Healing, and make no mistake, it is a HausWitch project. Budget conscious, as DIY as can be, and every tip and trick I've picked up over the years is proving to be crucial. The store will be decorated like an apartment and everything will be for sale. Furniture, rugs, pillows, FANCY CANDLES, wall art, and of course, HausCraft Spell Kits. Even Carpenter-Witch Pat Harper is on board making beautiful custom shelving. Processed with VSCOcam with q1 preset Want to know more? Here's some FAQ: Q: Where is your store going to be? A: 144 Washington St. in Salem. Smack dab in the center town. If you go to Salem, you will walk by it. FullSizeRender (1) Q: What are you going to sell? A: Vintage and secondhand furniture and lighting, rugs, throw pillows, candles, healing potions, crystals, wall art, Spell Kits, and other home-related objects. Oh, and Salem souvenirs. More on that in a minute... Q: Will everything be cheap or expensive? A: I am doing my best to stay true to the HausWitch mission. I will have a variety of different price points in the store, but I am very conscientious about making everything as affordable as possible. Q: Will you still be HausWitch-ing? A: YES! I'm actually wrapping up two projects right now that I'll be sharing on the blog. Also, once the store is up and running I be offering a few different options in terms of decorating services. Q: Isn't Salem crazy in October? A: Yes, it is like Halloween-themed Mardi Gras. Fun fact: Salem businesses do about 70% of their yearly revenue in October. While I think that all of my amazing merchandise will be appealing to everyone, Autumn (graphic design superstar) and I teamed up to design a line of souvenirs that goes beyond the typical "scared-cat-against-the-full-moon" stuff that you usually see. Here's a preview: FullSizeRender There will be postcards, mugs, tote bags and candles. So, that's a brief update on what is going on in the world of HausWitch. In addition to all of the amazing things that have been happening with HausCraft, like custom kits for awesome brands like Asrai Garden in Chicago, asrai and Odylyne The Ceremony in LA, threshold custom kits for people (my favorite thing!), and making a bunch of kits for Urban Outfitters. That's right, if you live in NYC, Brooklyn, Austin or LA you can find some of my little babies select Urban stores. I will post some more updates ASAP. I promise! IMG_9989The moon is in Cancer and the Witches say, "Carry two seeds for luck".