HausWitch Soundtracks: Aries Rocks!

HausWitch Soundtracks: Aries Rocks!


“One time, a Tangerine Calcite punched me in the face... it was AWESOME.”

These glam-rocker crystals deserve tiny leather jackets for their big attitudes, and we’ve LOVED having their badass vibes in our space.

From a trio of stone Flames to Lightning-Struck Obsidian Towers, from fierce Tiger’s Eye Spheres to Carnelian Flaming hearts, this festival lineup has something for everyone!

The personalities in this rock band were so big we couldn’t help getting a little funky with our usual crystal bios- because if anyone deserves a multi-media debut it’s Aries! Check out this inspo playlist while you browse the collection... don’t worry, nobody can see you rocking out ;) 



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