Erica Lee is a psychic medium who is able to connect loved ones: those passed to Spirit with those here in the physical world. Many clients reveal feeling uplifted, energized, and comforted after a session and you only need to be in Erica Lee's presence for a moment to feel her gentle nature! You can catch them all over our Community Page and at many of our twice-monthly moon circles! Or on Instagram @ericaleemedium

What do you wish people knew about a session with a medium?

I wish everyone knew to keep an open mind and set the intention to be receptive. Sometimes we can be surprised, but isn’t that what magic is all about?  Connecting with Spirit is a spontaneous and organic process. If we think of connecting with our living loved ones, we can’t always be sure who will give us a call when, or what they will say. It’s my personal philosophy that I am a mere vessel, Spirit is truly in control, and together we build a bridge to greet and welcome in Spirit. This is best facilitated in an ambience of love, receptivity and openness. Sometimes it’s not only about what we hope for, but what Spirit is hoping to achieve as well. Be open for anything, and be ready for magic!

What led you to mediumship?

My medium practice was built on the cumulative cycles of intentional living. Days passed to years and all along, I had the blessing of Spirit in my life. As word of mouth grew, I was blessed to serve and facilitate healing for more and more souls, in this life and the next. As my reach gradually and organically expanded, I realized how healing this work truly is, and what an honor I have received in being able to share it. I love creating connection with all things; divine guidance, intuitive messaging, loved ones in Spirit and the deep nurturing wisdom of nature. We are intrinsically a part of all of these things, which are not exclusive to each other, but in fact always all linked. How magical to be in conscious touch with this nexus of energy and power that is alive within and without us, at all times!

What is your specialty?

My particular specialty is connecting the living and the dead — who often in many cases in fact seem more alive! This work always charges and grounds me at the same time, and I am so reinvigorated and newly inspired with the work each time as it touches a soul. Also, this year I’ve taken a deeper dive into my Theta Healing practice, which I also really enjoy being able to offer. One theme which links the two distinct healing pathways is the reality of divine consciousness and the love, security, and continuity that is always ours. Another connection between these approaches to energy is another passion of mine: the consciousness connection — how we use our consciousness to facilitate all kinds of amazing and inspiring changes. I am humbled, excited, and grateful to have participated in scientific studies observing mediums for the betterment of humanity and advancement of science.  I’m excited to embrace more of these opportunities as they are forthcoming!

What's your favorite herbal or crystal ally?

My favorite crystal ally has to be selenite or labradorite. Narrowing it down to two is actually moderate under my Libran duality! I am great lover of herbals as well, and have been on a personal study of herbs for over 20 years. As such it is hard to choose only one. Lately I’ve been working with Yarrow every day! Mistletoe is probably my all time favorite. I have a long history with Yew as the sacred plant of the dead, plus I grew up between two Yew trees in Boston, and my hometown in Ireland is named for a sacred ancient Yew grove there.


Is there a way to work with you if I live far away from Salem?

You can absolutely see me if you’re far away from Salem! I thankfully cater to a diverse clientele all over the world through online sessions which include mediumship, mentorship, intuitive guidance, spiritual development and recommending resources and providing tools for your personal growth and to aid your journey. You can take a look at these offerings on my site. If you want to book an online session or an in person reading but cannot make the times listed available on my site, you can message me directly and I can try to accommodate a different availability.

How can I keep in touch with you?

You can also watch for my live events and pop ups. The farthest afield that Spirit work has taken me has been to the Gold Coast of Australia, where I am eager to return! More regularly I appear around the East Coast of the US as well as Ireland. I’m excited to make my Canadian debut this coming Spring! You may catch me anywhere! It’s the mermaid in me. I’m excited to connect with everyone. Also, stay tuned: I am to be featured on the Travel Channel in January 2020!
Please feel free to be in touch. I love connecting. We can always connect over Instagram @ericaleemedium and you can feel free to email me too at I’m excited to connect with you! Thank you!



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