Generational Astrology: The Planets Are Calling for Revolution

Generational Astrology: The Planets Are Calling for Revolution

In response to the widespread unveiling of undeniable systemic oppression, we’re finally hearing a mainstream call for structural changes to politics, race, and health. We’re living an historic moment RIGHT NOW, and at times it feels insurmountable, unprecedented… but interestingly, we can look to astrology to shed light on how the events of 2020 have been cosmically brewing for generations.
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In response to the widespread unveiling of undeniable systemic oppression, we’re finally hearing a mainstream call for structural changes to politics, race, and health. We’re living an historic moment RIGHT NOW, and at times it feels insurmountable, unprecedented… but interestingly, we can look to astrology to shed light on how the events of 2020 have been cosmically brewing for generations. The Planets are setting the stage for a long-awaited dismantling of current power structures.

Saturn in Aquarius

 The planet of Saturn represents limitations, structures, and systems of authority as well as being the purveyor of lessons learned the hard way, mainly because of reluctance to embrace them. Whichever sign Saturn is in ultimately presents the path towards the most difficult, but long lasting change.  This planet stationed in Aquarius on March 21st, 2020… the same week when most of the world began to enforce strict measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Aquarius, an air sign, represents a sense of detachment, which we saw as the most potent measure against the virus became social distancing.  This completely signaled the end of the old “normalcy” by moving toward a more technological based way of living, congruent with the Aquarian domain of tech development. Saturn will stay in Aquarius until 2023. 

But of course, the Saturnian journey represents The Tower moment in Tarot, where something must be dismantled through the sacrifice of comfort, homogeny and severely outdated forms of thinking. Aquarius does not like to have its curiosity and humanitarian efforts stifled, and so under this planet it ensures all of humanity feels the raw push for sweeping social reforms. But it doesn’t stop there, with pragmatic Saturn; it wills relentlessly for events and changes to  last for future generations. The Black Lives Matter movements all over the world are the call to action to make anti-racist work a permanent mindset for Earth’s inhabitants. The COVID- 19 crisis demonstrated the problems with our current governmental and health system, and thus pushed law makers to pass historic economic relief packages (the good and the bad), drawing attention to achievable progressive ideas like basic income and universal health care.

Similar events under Saturn in Aquarius included Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, signed in 1933.The New Deal distributed emergency aid and created new jobs after The Great Depression, and established a welfare system designed to alleviate economic suffering. Then in 1963, Saturn in Aquarius presided over Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington, a massive civil rights protest where he delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech. The Rodney King/L.A riots against police brutality in 1992 were also Saturn-Aquarian-esque with the emphasis on video evidence… yet it was still not enough to convict the officers responsible. Protests sprung up in Los Angeles, paving the way for future generations to use technology for recording and sharing police brutality.

Now, Saturn in Aquarius calls for social media as a powerful tool for exposure, spreading of ideas outside of mainstream media, and a core way to initiate crucial conversations in these times of revolution.

Neptune in Pisces

   Neptune is the planet of dreams, illusions and idealistic possibilities and emotional belief systems. Its imaginative nature focuses on the “what ifs”. However, Neptune does harbor a secret wrath similar to the rogue wave phenomenon where out of the blue, a 50-100 foot wave rises above the rest and charges forward, revealing the ocean’s terrifying might. Idealism when paired with a very strong emotional attachment heralds the type of changes once thought to be impossible fantasies. This planet gives immense power to those who hope, dream and feel with their heart and soul.

 Neptune entered Pisces in 2012, and will stay there for five more years. The compassionate, empathic sign of Pisces tendencies to serve and sacrifice the ego for the good of all is amplified under Neptune. Pisces is a mutable sign so to survive it needs to adapt and alter its course, towards whatever leads to a higher level of consciousness. It calls for the exploration of a utopian vision, akin to the the 1848  revolts around Europe giving rise to the Communist Manifesto and the labor classes demanding for representation and governments with socialist policies.

Pluto in Capricorn

 Pluto exposes our shadows, what we most try to hide and suppress. This intense, probing planet works with collective consciousness by radically transforming our  identity after a series of turbulent events. Pluto is the metamorphosis that occurs once trauma and deep feelings are transmuted into self empowerment to then share and help others grappling with similar traumas they endured.  While Saturn represents the tower moment, Pluto also embodies  Death and the Five of Wands.

  Under this planet, Capricorn’s shadow begins its transformation by unveiling the trauma caused by ruling structured systems. Economically, it highlights how traditional modes of financial success based under puritanical models of excessive work and pragmatism are simply not sustainable, especially as it affects minorities/immigrants  who carry the brunt of blue collar labor.

In 2008, as this earth sign entered Pluto (until 2024)  we saw the economic bubble burst, sending the nation in a recession that sprung activism in the form of Occupy WallStreet in 2011, demonstrating against crippling student debt and a democratic system that seemed to run by wealthy corporations and banks.

   However, Pluto wants humanity to embrace the radical transformation this sign can bring. Capricorn tests endurance and practicality , so this placements asks for humanity to show up, day after day, through efficient, actionable means in an organized manner in order to dismantle oppression.  Also associated with profitableness, it asks for a restructured economy where the disenfranchised are able to succeed and flourish with abundance. 

    This cathartic placement was also present during the 1776 American revolutionary war, where citizens fought against a tyrannical foreign royal system that misappropriated taxed funds without proper representation, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the establishment of a democratic system completely antithetical to a monarchy.

Regardless of what was accomplished in its previous placements, Pluto in Capricorn paves the way for yet another political transformation that can be in  complete opposition to the previous one.

Chiron in Aries

This significant asteroid is also known as our wounded healer. It is the our most delicate, vulnerable side that is aching to be expressed outwardly.  Chiron, similar to Saturn, is a life long lesson where we are constantly faced with the choice to succumb to the insecurities of the Chiron sign or to grow and fully embody it during situations where we are pressured to suppress it.

       In 2019 it moved into Aries, and will stay there until 2027.  Aries is the ultimate fire sign, taking charge to become the initiator, the catalyst, and burns if it must. When even peaceful methods are met with conflict, Chiron in Aries begins to fight back. Collective human consciousness has been aching for a battle it has for too long been denied, which is to take back power from those who have stripped it away. The reason for widespread protests all over the globe, and defiance of conservative leadership, can be compared to this placement activity from 1968 -1975. The early 70’s was a decade of tension between progressives and the right wing that rejected the political reforms the 60’s youth had called for including halting the Vietnam war, continuing desegregation policies and introducing environmental protection legislation. 

  Chiron in Aries asks to continue to fight for the prevailing of humanistic policies against an oppressive conservative regime, using flames of anger and protest if it must.

What You Can Do:  Explore how each placement is currently being manifested in your life. Are you willing to allow these radical energies to manifest in your activism work, in your day to day… in the way you envision the future of humanity? Allowing the talents and skills of your personal placements to create change is what will be the most powerfully aligned cosmic actions of all.

Written In Memory of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor as well as all victims of Police Brutality. Photo by Tania Medina of Unsplash, collage by Dee Ros 



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