Gemini Season Treasurescopes

Gemini Season Treasurescopes

Welcome to Gemini Season, witches! While the Sun breezes through this air sign, it's an excellent time to embrace the multi-dimensionality of the twins! Approach the world with curiosity, find ways to communicate and connect, and allow yourself to get playful with your self-discovery and evolution. Embrace both/and over either/or.

The ever-shifting and transforming nature of Gemini is a fresh pace after Taurus, who tends to resist change. Allow this energy to illuminate your expression, intellect, and humor, whether or not you have prominent Gemini placements in your chart! The treasures below were selected to help ANY sign get in touch with their inner Gemini and make the most of the energy of the season. Of course, they make wonderful gifts for any Geminis in your life as sure to check out our Gemini essence , too! You can shop the entire collection of treasures here!

Color Meditation Print: Clear Communication + Concentration

Gemini is associated closely with both Hermes, who was a messenger God in Greek mythology. Like Hermes, Gemini LOVES to communicate with others! This season has a curious, social energy...but sometimes all that Air can have us feeling a bit scattered.

That’s where this Color Meditation Print comes in! The spheres of bright blue and yellow-green encourage feelings of clarity, expression, and connection to the mind—perfect for when you’ve got A LOT on your mind and need to sort out your thoughts before sharing them! 

Boundaries In A Bottle

Gemini is symbolized by a set of twins. This definitely nods to Gemini’s multi-faceted nature, but I think it also illustrates the way Gemini can act as a mirror. Without strong boundaries, Gemini energy has the tendency to project and reflect—either projecting their own energy onto others or reflecting the energy of others back to them. This isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes it can leave us feeling like we don’t know which energy is our OWN anymore!

Boundaries In a Bottle has a deliciously grounding, earthy scent and includes protective magical essences to keep your energy YOURS! Our own Gemini HWIC uses this mist EVERY day...that should be all the proof you need! 

Squiggle Ceramic Soap Dish

One of my favorite things about Gemini season is the encouragement to PLAY! There’s an almost child-like mischievousness to Gemini, and it’s really fun to lean into for the season! Add a touch of playfulness to your haus (while still keeping it sophisticated) with a Squiggle Ceramic Soap Dish.

The shape is fun and functional, and there’s even a little Gemini duality happening at each end of the side peach, one side black! These also make a cute place to rest your herbal smoke bundles or incense sticks! 

Rooftop Soiree Candle

As one of the most social signs, I have FELT for Geminis during quarantine. While I’m sure most of them have been texting up a storm—I know they miss all the banter and gossip of a party. Let’s be this point, who doesn’t!?

The Rooftop Soirée candle by Anecdote Candles brings the party vibes to you while you count down the days until real parties begin again! With notes of peony, suede, red apple, and rose, it’s flirty, airy, and floral...just what Gemini ordered! 

Sister Spinster SPELLWORK Essence

The name of this essence is “Spellwork”, and it can help elevate your magic in the most Gemini way! Crafted to help with  “setting heartfelt intention and expressing ourselves clearly without fear”, this essence helps us remove fear and shame around expressing our truest desires while bolstering confidence and communication skills.

With essences of Rosemary, Lapis Lazuli, and more, this potion helps you call out clearly to your desires so they can answer back...and that’s magical as hell. 

Tourmalinated Quartz Tumbled Crystal

My favorite crystal companion for the season has to be Tourmalinated Quartz. Just like The Twins of Gemini, this cutie brings the best of both worlds. Black Tourmaline grounds and protects while Clear Quartz clarifies + amplifies.

This is an excellent “all-purpose” stone for energetic maintenance with a beautiful balancing effect. Meditate with a piece at the beginning and end of your day to give yourself an energetic “reset” and empower any magical workings you have planned. 

Reiki-Charged Herbal Tea: Stress Support

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and as planets go—Mercury moves pretty fast. Likewise, Gemini energy can have a tendency to go-go-go....there’s an impulse to seek out and take in as much as possible as fast as possible! So much to learn, so little time!! In fact—there is time, and taking pauses to integrate what we’re learning is VITAL!

Luckily, this Reiki-infused herbal tea from Moonchild Reiki + Herbals can help us slow down, take a deep breath, and organize our thoughts as our ideas run wild. Made with Skullcap, Oatstraw, Vervain, and Lavender, this tea is the perfect brew to slow down the hamster-wheel of thoughts keeping you up at night! Get your rest—you can get back to being a genius in the morning. 

Now Age Collage Postcards

Gemini doesn’t just love verbal communication. This energy lends itself to ANY kind of communication/interaction...including letter-writing! Like I said, Gemini is associated with the Greek messenger God Hermes! Embrace the archetype of the messenger by sending some of your nearest and dearest a Now Age Collage Postcard!

Each card features Salem landmarks collaged with playful additions like leopards, flamingos, or flowers! This is the perfect season to reconnect with some people who inspire you...send them an unexpected note! 

Astrology and Storytelling

Gemini LOVES a good story, and they’re usually great at telling them, too! Tap into your inner research-nerd and storyteller all at once (both very Gemini) with Alice Sparkly Kat’s Astrology and Storytelling.

This book takes a totally *novel* approach to learning astrology by guiding you through writing a work of fiction based on your natal chart! The occasionally trickster-like energy of Gemini knows that fact and fiction are not always mutually exclusive...and there’s plenty of truths to be found in your natal chart and the story it tells (and the fiction you create around it)! 

Happy Gemini Season, angels! I hope these treasures help you make the very best of it! xoxo



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