Gemini Season Tarotscopes

Gemini Season Tarotscopes

by Marisha Subandi the Uncensored Witch

The sun☀️ (planet of identity) entered Gemini ♊️ since 05/20 at 15:37 EST. Gemini is a masculine mutable zodiac sign from the air element. Within this energy you might feel called to be more versatile, expressive, logical, and talkative. The archetype of Gemini are The Twins.

As an psychic intuitive reader, I pulled a tarot card for each zodiac sign. Gemini season lasts until 06/20. Check your (☀︎︎ sun | ☽ moon |↑ rising | 𝑑𝑜𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑎𝑛𝑡) signs.

♈︎ [aries] : knight of pentacles. after learning the basics & creating a foundation for your craft, expect to put in the effort daily. your actions today will effect tomorrow, the next day, & the day after that. your sweat, blood, & tears will be worth it. never give up. patience. hard work always pays off.

♉︎ [taurus] : the world is in your hands. explore a new language or discover a cultural mom/pop shop in your local town. what can you learn from them that’ll shape your perspective or bring butterflies in your stomach? there’s so much more than the bubble you’re living in. step outside your comfort zone.

♊︎ [gemini] : the moon. face your “evil” twin. get to know them better. ask why are they hurting & face that pain together. it’s like being your own best friend & checkin’ in with what’s been feeling heavy & how you can let go of that baggage. dislike what you see? how can you like yourself anyway & embrace those hidden parts of you?

♋︎ [cancer] : king of cups. mastery over your emotions. ultimate softie. your compassion to others is a gift. that in itself is one of the best traits within a person which is greatly under appreciated. your love travels wide & brings warmth to everybody you meet. your sound advice is needed to be heard.

♌︎ [leo] : the fool. watch where you’re heading. only stick your head into places you deserve to be in. you’ve been here before but now you’ll approach things differently. the key is awareness. will you fall or avoid the trap this time around? there is no rush. be cautious.

♍︎ [virgo] : temperance. past, present, future is connected to the NOW. these sequence of events are passing memories. the knowledge you’ve accumulated can be applied to your situation. goin through the same shit again means that you still need to balance these lessons. give yourself credit for coming this far.

♎︎ [libra] : 2 of cups. the relationship you have with yourself is being highlighted. how can you be more kind & nurturing to your soul? in the end all you have is YOU. “me, myself, & i”. if you’ve been neglecting your needs & self care, that can lead to bitterness & resentment. celebrate big & small victories because your accomplishment are important. it’s a reminder of how you became to be.

♏︎ [scorpio] : knight of wands. prepare for battle. fight for your dreams & what you believe in. stand up to those who belittle or dismiss you. y’all not playin’. be heard & seen. your ideas & feelings are valid. sometimes all you need is a push from people who are like that so you can own your greatness.

♐︎ [sagittarius] : the tower. don’t be surprised when shit hits the fan. this NEEDED to happen. you’ll slowly rebuild overtime but for now realize that it just wasn’t working anymore. open your eyes to a new lens. change the way you used to do things. focus on what could be better.

♑︎ [capricorn] : 7 of swords. putting a bandaid over it doesn’t last too long. how can you treat beneath the surface? there isn’t any easy way out. don’t hold it off. do it now. admit that you were wrong. that way your subconscious can be clear & you’ll be able to unlock new levels of the game.

♒︎ [aquarius] : 9 of swords. if you’re worried or unhappy, talk it out. if you’re suppressing your emotions it only makes you feel worse. find support within your circle. you don’t have to do this alone. any negative self talk is only feeding it more. you can CHOOSE to feel better & lighter.

♓︎ [pisces] : ace of swords. start flowing with those evolved thoughts you’ve been having. this can become bigger than what you’ve expected. it might lead you to an alternative lifestyle. it’s as if you’ve had a lightbulb in your head go off. as you connect the dots, things will start to click eventually.

I hope this resonates. I it doesn’t, don’t force it!
Channeled by Marisha Subandi, “The Uncensored Witch”.



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