They're your ultimate witchy activist friend: always know what causes you should be putting your $$$ into, keep you up-to-date on everything political and they have somehow kept their head held high since the 2016 elections. This feminist witch has their ish together, and you just want to support her amazing energy. They're a GD inspiration and here for hexing the patriarchy. Besides donating to their cause of choice, you can give them a little something, something to unwrap on Solstice!


Gay Agenda - $10
Why yes, actually that IS a part of MY gay agenda!

Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot - $16
Get inspired by these activist babes.

YES! Liberation - $20
Crafted by Dori Midnight, this blend will support your energetic body during the tough times.

Fascism Fatigue Coloring Book - $8
Mindless coloring in a very mindful book! Let's rejuvenate your brain and stop looking at headlines for 5 minutes.

Intersectional Enamel Pin - $12
For every feminist witch's pin vest and/or jacket.


A Simple Spell Against the Patriarchy - $12

This is the only thing I want in my stocking.