Meditation is nothing new for the HausWitch folks, but when Adrian and Tenzin set up over a dozen miscellaneous instruments and noise makers we were all eager for them to fill the room with sound.

Tenzin, who works at the Tibetan Arts and Healing Shop in downtown Salem, sat with his healing bowls arranged in front of him like a rainbow of sound. Adrian, who is a part of the Colibrí Community in Brooklyn, NY had everything from a drum he crafted himself to a reverb tube he got when he was 7.

The meditation starts with clearing the room and mind of sound. The silence seemed to stretch on, but made us realize we couldn’t recall the last time we simply sat in silence—especially with other people in the room.

As the healing bowls (commonly known as singing bowls) wound their tones around the room, you could feel the vibrations through the top of your head all the way to your toes.

The varying sounds Tenzin and Adrian were able to produce, led us through a sound journey that left you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

After the meditation I caught up with Tenzin who spoke of how the west misinterprets the traditional healing bowls as “singing” bowls. Though they make lovely tones, in reality the monks of Tibet would use them in their healing practices. These types of bowls have been used in Tibet for over 2000 years and are many monks only possession. They use them for everything from healing to eating.

The most amazing bowl Tenzin brought from his shop was a water healing bowl—the water jumped above the rim and bathed us in sound. Here’s the Head Witch in Charge, Erica with this magical bowl:

Adrian was kind enough to answer a few questions about sound healing for those new to this kind of practice:

Thanks for bringing these relaxing tones to HausWitch! For the newbies, what is sound healing?

In order for sound healing to occur, a safe container must exist—that is, a space where people can come together and feel comfortable, without being judged. Then they can receive the intention of the performer who is engaged in an act of meditation, focusing positive energy through the voice/instruments used. These intentional energies (such as universal love, peace, gratitude, etc.) are transmitted through song and thus transcend words or the rational/logical egoic mind. When the mind is quieted, a doorway opens to the heart space and the mind/body/spirit connection is strengthened.

You studied music and mentioned you're in a band, but what ultimately led you to sound healing?

At the age of 11, I received a calling to learn guitar and eventually studied Jazz Guitar Performance and Contemporary Media from the Eastman School of Music. My college education provided a deep foundation in the history and theory of music. After college, I had a shamanic experience which led to many questions about what sound truly is, at its deepest origin. Cultures around the world have been using sound in conjunction with meditation and ritual for thousands of years to connect with the spiritual world. Mantras, chants, Ikaros, dance rhythms and other forms of musical expression are central to indigenous life. Now I study these sacred ways and how they contribute to peace and harmony in the individual, and to society.

How do I find a sound healer? And if I can't, is there music somewhere I can listen to that will do the trick?

One way to find a sound healer in your area is to do a web search for sound healing, sound bath, sound meditation etc. and look for events near you. Often times wellness and holistic healing centers, yoga studios and/or community spaces will host sound healers on a regular basis. If you are unable to find someone in your area, I am available to travel and share my ways in public venues and private homes from group and individual therapy.

To be physically present with acoustic instruments is by far the deepest way to receive sound healing, but if this is not possible, many great resources exist online. Some of these include Tom Kenyon’s work, Nu Meditation, or my personal sound healing playlist on my Soundcloud. When listening to music for healing in digital formats, it is best to wear headphones.

Interested in coming to a Sound Healing Meditation? Sign up for the next one on the HausWitch events page and join us when Adrian and Tenzin bring their amazing music back on August 28th.



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