DIY Potions!

So I love a theame room because it allows me to go totally bonkers with accessories like these DIY "Potions". Since Neel (the baby daddy) is an actual mad scientist he has access to these beakers and flasks and stuff. So I asked him to get me some not knowing what I was going to do with them. Then I remembered this. From here the project is pretty self-explanatory, but I do have a couple of pointers...* beakercollage#1. Use latex enamel whatever-you-want-to-call-it house paint. I tried using craft paint but obvi the consistency was waaaay off and so I tried watering it down and it was terrible. So don't do that. #2. I put the paint on the inside. Actually dipping the beakers in the paint seemed like it was going to be a ridiculous mess. Especially considering it was 90 degrees and humid here for a week and nothing dried. In fact, I made these on Wednesday and on Saturday the paint (inside, thank GAWD) still wasn't dry. I'm not talking tacky- I'm talking drippy. It was total madness. babybeakerseditIn the end goodness prevailed and now the baby had potions. Very color coordinated potions. *If you don't have access to an actual scientist you can order flasks and beakers and stuff from American Science and Surplus. Soundtrack: Bjork Biophilia Moon: Cancer