A few weeks ago Dave turned 30 and we had a party at the DreamHaus. I made the decorations because of course I did.

Here's the thing: this DELIGHTFUL personalized banner I made was so easy you'll barf. Seriously, it took like 5 seconds and cost almost nothing to make. Make one for your next thing that's exciting! Do it!

bannerhowtocollageStep 1. Okay, remember when you were a kid and you would fold some paper in half and cut out half of a heart but it ended up being a whole heart because the paper was folded? Do that, except instead of a heart, do a triangle. Make a short side (the folded side) and two long sides. Pick out a few different colors and patterns and cut out many, many triangles. PRO TIP: Michael's has like, 1,000,000 different fancy papers in all sorts of colors and patterns.

Step 2. Grab some twine and fold the triangles over it.

Step 3. Tape the triangle shut with scotch tape. Leave a decent amount of room at the top so you can slide the pieces down the twine easily.

Step 4. Once you've got as many triangles as you want add your message with sticker letters. Or write it on with marker if you have cooler handwriting than me. The one I made for Dave's party originally said "Happy BirthDave!". He said it was his "favorite birthday decoration of his whole life." So there.

We ended up liking it so much we hung it in the office after the party. I took the "BirthDave" part off and now it just says "Happy". To remind us to be shiny happy people.



Give a shout out to the full Storm Moon on Friday. Its the perfect time to own your fuck-ups, start fresh and move on. So says HausWitch.