When I first started dabbling in magic, I was barely even aware of the internet -- in 1996, the internet wasn’t what it is now, and my parental figures limited computer time to educational games.

Flash forward to now, and it seems like a giant chunk of my life is lived online. Instagram is my social media drug of choice, and as anyone who has spent any time in the witchy and spiritual hashtags has noticed, magical Instagram is pretty dominated by white folks. As a black-appearing liminally raced anticolonialist mixed woman, a majority of those mystical white accounts don’t resonate with me.

So, I did the work, and found several ‘grammers who break the love-and-light raceblind white feminist surface-spiritual mold. The following is a list of the nonwhite folks I follow and wish I could’ve known before smartphones were a thing. Except for the hyperpopular accounts, every person on this list has consented to be included on this list and identified as a POC; they’ve also provided the label(s) they prefer -- it’s important to recognize that just because someone looks “black,” they might not fall into the “African American” category you’ve constructed for them.

This list is dynamic, and more handles will (hopefully!) be added over time. If you have suggestions for folks you want on the list, please share them via DM to @ddamascenaa. Please note that this list is for accounts whose primary content is witchy, spiritual, herbal, etc.; you won’t find personal accounts with rare tarot shots here.



You probably already follow these folks.







@moonmedicines: black Caribbean, based in Denver, CO

@ssuunsong : Korean American, based in Los Angeles

@goldwateralchemy: Afro-Indigenous


@dust2onyxtarot: Black American artist & creator of the melanated Dust II Onyx Tarot deck

@asaliearthwork: Black tarot reader with a great blog including an ongong list of QTPOC tarot decks

@siobhansmirror: Black tarot reader, facilitator of radical tarotscopes for each zodiacal season

@tarotviews: Black queer woman based in Los Angeles, website launching soon:

@circotarot: Chicanx creator of Circo Tarot, Persephone Tarot, etc.

@thelionessoracle: Latina mastermind of the Lioness Oracle Tarot

@aliawalston: black tarot reader and educator based in Chicago

@afro_tarot: Black tarot reader of Caribbean & Cuban heritage

@magiacerati: Mexican bruja, tarot reader, and priestess of the goddess tradition based in Chicago

@sanyuestelle: 78% pigmented, 1st generation descendant of Belizeans and Ugandans

@staywoketarot: black/African-American tarot reader based in Switzerland

@bellwen: Asian American tarot reader, author, & eclectic metaphysician


@peoplesoracle: Black sidereal astrologer based in Chicago

@jaliessasipress:  black/mixed race astrologer


@oldeways: Latino apothecarist and creator of spellwork; about to launch a podcast!

@thedeathwitch: first generation Iranian-American and woman of color, conjure practitioner, & founder of the Mile High Conjure Gala; based in Denver

@black_wtich_chronicles: Black Witch, Reiki Master Teacher, Diviner, and Rootworker; founder of Black Witch University

@sojournerzenobia: Black Queer Femme meditation/ritual teacher and circle keeper based in Chicago

@theenergeticbody: queer gender-nonconforming Mexican-American reiki master teacher

Community Recommended! (Updated 1/28/19)



Diana Rose Harper is a wanderer, tarot reader, astrologer, licensed massage therapist, and Reiki Master. Born under a New Moon, her life is filled with intention. Find her inspiring writings, posts, and stories lifting up amazing POC and BIPOC folx on Instagram at @ddamascenaa and sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch.