Crystal Color Magick: White!

Crystal Color Magick: White!

by Cole Exley

Witches are no strangers to the power of color. We wrap ourselves in black for protection, light pink candles to attract romance, and construct altars of red and orange when we celebrate our fire festivals. One of the easiest ways we can practice color magick is through the use of precious gems and stones. Crystal properties aren’t based entirely on their hue, of course, but color is always a good indication of what kind of energy they emit. For example, you can bet a blue crystal will help you communicate effectively, as this color corresponds with the Throat chakra. Building your understanding of color magick makes choosing crystals a thousand times easier, giving you a foundation of knowledge to lean on whether you know anything about a specific stone or not. It’s an incredibly useful bit of knowledge in many areas of witchcraft, from reading Tarot cards to performing glamor magick. While these articles will primarily focus on applying color theory to crystal magick, feel free to use them as a reference for any part of your practice.

White isn’t as simple as it would seem - it is paradox as a color. We either see it as the absence of hue, or all hues combined into one. It is associated with peace and tranquility, as well as isolation and death. Many people relate white to coldness or lacking in emotion, while others think of spiritual transcendence. Somehow, it is simultaneously the simplest and most complex color. When we look at something white, we actually see all the colors in the visible spectrum reflected back in unity, so it certainly contains multitudes (and plenty of energetic power). Let’s get into white’s magickal correspondences and all of its uses that witches have established. 

Most cultures seem to agree that this is a color of the pure and holy. Spiritual wear from multiple religions tends to appear in all white, as well as temples and places of worship. It is seen as a frequency of transcendence, bridging the gap between our Crown chakra and the spiritual realm. Some cultures, such as China and India, will also traditionally wear white for funerals and periods of mourning, associating it with the afterlife. We can see this correspondence in the media as well, in sheet-like ghosts or a blindingly bright depiction of heaven. Consequently, a primary use of white and clear crystals is to amplify your intuition and connection to your spirit guides. This color contains all others, after all, including every tone we associate with a chakra. We also tend to associate white with the Cancer Zodiac sign, which rules our intuition and emotions. Beyond its spiritual uses, white is also a wonderful provider of focus and clarity. Even though it’s tied to a water sign, most witches agree the element of air is better suited. Air concerns our communication and mental activity, so it makes sense to use white stones to boost intentions and clear thought alongside our psychic skills. 

Another major association with white is purity. A major example of this is when a bride wears a white gown to their wedding. Like freshly fallen snow or puffy clouds, this color gives us feelings of purity and cleanliness. Harsher tones of white may feel more sterile or cold, such as those we see in a hospital. These “clean” connotations have unfortunately taken a truly sour tone in modern times, thanks to the white supremacy movement. Witches have been working to reclaim its virginal qualities by using it as a purifier for ritual and honoring its roots in spirituality. We like to think of white as the color of the Moon, our favorite planetary body. Just as the Moon completes cycles and refreshes our energy, white can be used to release any negative attachments and align our energetic centers.

One more important correspondence is how white can bring on feelings of peace and tranquility. For those of us who struggle to manage stress or wind up in a lot of anxiety spirals, white crystals could be a good option for you. Oftentimes, the stones we recommend for sleep or relief at HausWitch will be white or clear. As previously mentioned, this color is a purifier, and we can use this to cleanse our emotional world when it becomes cluttered. Crystals such as Howlite and Selenite help us decompress and unwind, releasing one stressor at a time until we feel renewed. More information on these stones (as well as some beautiful, similarly-hued friends) can be found below. Note that some of these minerals are iridescent or translucent - these are included in this article since the magickal correspondences are the same as those for white. Take a peek and see if any of these heavenly gems resonate with you!

Iceland Spar

Though it appears to be as simple as a clear cube, peering through a piece of Iceland Spar produces trippy optical effects and flashes of rainbows! This is a clear form of calcite that you’ll usually find to be sold in rectangular prisms. Unlike other varieties such as Seafoam Calcite, this is a transparent stone - the higher the quality, the clearer you’ll see through the material. Just as it provides a whimsical new perspective physically, it gives you one mentally as well. By opening our eyes to other possibilities and sides of a situation, it helps us release anger and grief. I also think of Iceland Spar as a conduit stone, channeling alignment and clarity from our guides. Meditate with a piece resting over your third eye when you need some multilevel awareness.

Aura Quartz

For all of the alchemists out there, Aura Quartz is your new best friend. A product of modern wizardry itself, this stone is created when Clear Quartz is treated with precious metals, such as silver or platinum. The metallic coating creates dazzling iridescence that’s bound to catch your eye in the light. This crystal may be used to connect with any angels or spirit guides you may have, or to heighten your intuition. It’s an amplifier with many spiritual uses, boosting frequencies and opening our minds to greater wisdom. You may also find it useful when looking to uplift your mood or release stress. Casting away any energies that don’t serve you and protecting your aura become easy with Aura Quartz.

Milky Quartz

All of my color magicians and clairvoyants out there will love this one. Milky Quartz, or Girasol Quartz, is a cloudy version of Clear Quartz that contains microscopic inclusions. These inclusions are usually either rutile (very thin lines of mineral) or bubbles of water, and create an iridescent effect. We once had a batch of palm stones here at HausWitch that would even flip your view when you looked through them. Milky Quartz has soft, healing energy that helps us release negativity to make space for peace. It’s also a great choice for dream work and psychic practices, which you may guess from its ethereal appearance. Meditate with a piece over your Third Eye the next time you need to give your guides a call. 


Howlite is the crystal we recommend most frequently for sleep here at HausWitch. This is a soft white stone with gentle gray patterns across its surface - it always brings cloud patterns to mind when I see it. It is intended to bring in serenity and comfort, easing our mind and soothing our nervous system. My favorite use for Howlite is placing a piece under my pillow to ensure sweet dreams, especially around a Full Moon or a retrograde. When the planets or people or our own brains are keeping us restless, it’s nice to have something to lean on. 

Rainbow Moonstone

This crystal is sure to make an impression on lunar witches and anyone who loves something shiny! As a Cancer Moon myself, I have a soft spot for Rainbow Moonstone. The range of emotion represented by the Moon is reflected in the spectrum of colors seen within the mineral. I would recommend this stone to anyone processing grief or any emotional discomfort, working with the Divine Feminine, or exploring intuitive practices. It shares the wisdom of the Moon, including the waxing and waning of emotion, and the natural cycles we find ourselves within. Rainbow Moonstone helps us ride the waves of life instead of fighting the tide. 

Crackle Quartz

We like to call these crystals “rainbow factories,” at the shop. Crackle quartz is the product of clear quartz being heated and sprayed with a stream of water, creating tiny breakages within the mineral. This allows the light to be caught and reflected in tiny prism-like cells. It makes an excellent provider of protection, understanding the value of maintaining strength under pressure to see the beauty on the other side. It’s a solid reminder that feeling broken doesn’t mean we’re worth any less than before. Crackle quartz is also a great choice for elevating our mood and channeling inspiration. When you need an answer, a plan, or a creative boost, try meditating with a point or tower.


This is truly a must-have for any crystal witch. Selenite is a salt-based stone, making it incredibly soft and malleable. Make sure you don’t get any of your specimens wet - water can actually make Selenite dissolve! For any beginners in witchcraft, salt is a cleansing material, often used to cast circles for spells or create protective boundaries in a space. Since this is salt in its crystal form, Selenite is actually used to purify the energy of other gems and minerals. I like to use a carved bowl to keep my tumbles, palm stones, and jewelry free from any energetic clingers. It may be used to cleanse your own aura as well, or keep an altar free from interference. For any cosmic witches out there, this is also one of my top recommendations for a Moon altar. The crystal is named after the Moon goddess, Selene - it can’t get much more lunar than that!



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