Collage as Consciousness Raising: Why You Should DIY an Oracle Deck

Collage as Consciousness Raising: Why You Should DIY an Oracle Deck

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If you’ve taken a stroll through our library you know that we love ZINES! Zines (short for “magazine”) are indie readers, covering everything from folded-page political cartoons to whole volumes of feminist theory. What they all have in common is a DIY spirit that the corporate publishers just can’t match.

For those who make zines, especially our resident zine-ster Dawn, upcycling old print sources and collaging them into something new is a meditative process. She’s even expanded into creating zine-style DIY Oracle decks, which are perfect for introspection during creation AND once completed! DIY oracle decks allow you to connect with the words, images, and colors that speak to you in a way that decks made for a wider audience can’t. You can make cards featuring your favorite crystals, quotes, ancestors… anything that YOU specifically vibe with for a message that always hits. Dawn loves gifting custom decks to close friends, full of inside jokes and a lot of love, for readings that are truly straight from your spirit guides. And on August 25th we wanna do that with YOU! We have a collection of vintage catalogs burning a hole on our bookshelves, and enough glue sticks to go around. But why should you join us? Ask Dawn!
“Ever since I was a little witch I've known that creating is magick and magick is creating. All magick really is, is bringing something into being that didn't exist before. There are many ways to create magick and I love to tap into it through writing zines, making collage art, and creating oracle cards. These activities create liminal space where I can hear my inner voice and commune with my highest purpose. I believe we already have the answers we seek inside of us, we just need to establish a connection. By creating magick, our truth becomes accessible to us. 

I want to share with you the magick of DIY oracle cards. These cards are a conversation with yourself, a chance to hear your inner wisdom. I invite you on this journey of self-discovery, creative play, and magick making.”



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