In case you didn’t notice, March was a truly muddy month.

Mercury’s extended stay in Pisces, hand-in-hand with the boundaryless, head-in-the-clouds, irrational dreamer Neptune, excavated some deep shit and stirred up emotional waters in desperate need of filtration. For the folks personally attacked by this particular retrograde, all that stirring was pretty dredge-ful.

And now we’re on to April, commonly called the cruelest month thanks to its unstable vacillation between sundress temperatures and damp, heavy-sweater-requiring cold.

Fortunately, the astro-weather of this month holds some kindness to balance the cruelty. One of the coolest features, in my humble opinion? The Libra Full Moon on April 19th.

What to do with two Libra Full Moons

This month’s Full Moon can be considered one version of a “true” blue moon. Blue moons aren’t actually that rare, and to be honest, they’re not even that big of a deal. But there is something lovely in the image of this month’s Libra Moon as the second Full Moon in the sign of Libra in a row. The first happened on the Vernal Equinox, a celebration of equal night and day and the official start of spring. The second happens just before the Sun enters Taurus, on April 19th. The image associated with Libra is that of the scales, a tool for measuring equality (or the lack thereof) through the lens of balance, and so these Libra Moons act sort of like the balancing plates of Aries season.

Put another way: this Aries season, we’ve been given not just one but TWO opportunities to assess how well balance is incorporated into our lives.

And after that Mercury retrograde? One that actually merited the hullaballoo for a ton of folks? Yeah, more balance sounds real fucking nice.

In that vein, I cooked up this little tarot spread to help evaluate what could use some rebalancing. This spread is appropriate for this season for sure, but it’s also one you can use any time you’re feeling a bit off-kilter.

The Tarot Spread

If you squint, the setup looks kiiiiind of like scales, yah?

Card 1 represents the underlying value system currently at play. Maybe it’s your concept of what “health” means, or maybe “success” or “sufficient woke-ness.” Whatever card is here points to the bedrock of whatever beliefs are participating in your sense of imbalance.

Card 2 is the center of gravity, the thing that determines the balance point. If this center pole is tilted or broken, whatever you’re trying to balance won’t (or if it does, it’ll require quite a bit of bending over backwards). Ask yourself if what’s represented by Card 2 is solid in your life, or if it needs a bit of tending.

Card 3 is what’s currently overemphasized or too heavy. Maybe this is because your center of gravity is tilted towards that side, or maybe it’s because, for whatever reason, this area of life is claiming too much of your focus and energy. This card represents something that is less urgent than you think it is; you can safely back away from how much you’ve been investing here without losing out.

Card 4 is what’s hungry for love, care, and tending. This bit is too neglected, and therefore a bit starved. Pay close attention to this: it might be something seemingly innocuous, but is actually the lynchpin to properly integrating what you learned during Mercury retrograde or the key to finally putting into action necessary plans & changes that have been languishing on the back burner.

Notice how cards 3 & 4 reflect each other. Notice how Card 1 is required for the rest of the cards to exist in the way that they do. Notice how Card 2 is the pathway to find balance between Cards 3 & 4. Observe how you feel about Card 1 — is it actually a good foundation for belief? Observe any shame or pressure you feel about any of the cards in the spread, separately and then together.

Now think: what would balance with this whole shebang feel like?

Use the energy of the Sun in Aries to go do that. Actively pursue your balance, understanding that without it, you just might topple over Tower-card style.

If you use this spread and share it publicly on Instagram, please make sure to tag me (@ddamascenaa) so I can see all of your beautiful spreads! If you’d like assistance in interpreting the cards you’ve pulled, I offer Tarot Translation services as well as one-on-one tarot & astrotarot sessions.


Diana Rose Harper is a wanderer, tarot reader, astrologer, licensed massage therapist, and Reiki Master. Born under a New Moon, her life is filled with intention. Find her inspiring writings, posts, and stories lifting up amazing POC and BIPOC folx on Instagram at @ddamascenaa, support her on Patreon, and sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch. 



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