Many astrologers are calling July the hardest month of 2019.

It features a solar eclipse (July 2), a lunar eclipse (July 16), and a Mercury retrograde (July 7 - 31). The kicker: Each of these events are connected to an ongoing bout of not-exactly-pleasant cosmic weather.

Catching your breath

July is also a month that lacks Air. We’ll have planets in Fire, Earth, and Water signs, but the only planet to spend time in Air will be the Moon, and that will be in two-and-a-half day bursts. (If you didn't know, the Moon moves through all 12 signs every 29 or so days!) Fire + Earth + Water basically means hot mud. And that's exactly what July will feel like: slower, messier, stickier, and considerably less clear than some might prefer. 

Swamp monsters might have a great time with all this hot mud. But for most of us we'll either be handing the muddy water ourselves or dealing with the messy fallout of our friends' and loved ones' experiences. Folks with prominent placements — particularly the Ascendant, Sun, & Moon — in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra will be experiencing the most pronounced impacts of July’s alignments. Since all of us probably know at least one person with a planetary placement in one of those signs, all of us will witness a bit of the muck.

With that in mind, I built y’all a little tarot spread to help us stay afloat! It’s aimed at remembering the structures that keep us from sinking fully into whatever uncertain earth and water mixture we might try to move through; these structures also happen to hold our hearts during difficult times. If you do end up in the quicksand or the riptide, though, remember to surrender — struggling against what is beyond your control is a great way to suffer more than you need to!

Stay Afloat Tarot Spread

Card 1: a useful structure from the past that you can invite back into your life

Cards 2 & 3: present structures that support & nourish you

Card 4: a structure that’s currently being built and that will become more important in the future

Card 5 (optional): the sail that will propel you forward once the wind picks up again


Diana Rose Harper is a wanderer, tarot reader, astrologer, licensed massage therapist, and Reiki Master. Born under a New Moon, her life is filled with intention. Find her inspiring writings, posts, and stories lifting up amazing POC and BIPOC folx on Instagram at @ddamascenaa, support her on Patreon, and sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch. Diana conducts astrology, tarot and astrotarot readings via Zoom call and can be reached here for booking inquiries.

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