Ask the Coven: Abundance Practices

Ask the Coven: Abundance Practices

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Every witch’s practice is different, but abundance and manifestation are pretty universal concepts that EVERYONE can tap into! An abundance mindset doesn’t mean spending outside your budget, hoarding wealth, or following the problematic Law of Attraction; it’s about getting into a place of gratitude for everything you have and everything that’s coming. The universe rewards those who hustle! 

Since there’s no one way to manifest, we asked the witches of the HausWitch coven for some of their tried-and-true abundance practices…

: "It's no secret I love some glamour magic for abundance, but I also have an empty jar from a spell candle for gratitude that I put spare coins into. (Mine is from before I discovered Hauswitch, but a Feast secret spell candle would be perfect for this!) 
It's not a huge jar, and I don't have any specific plans for the coins inside, but that's kind of the point. There was definitely a time in my life where there was NO spare change...I'd already hunted it all down out of necessity! When I see my gratitude jar and the "extra" coins inside now, I'm reminded of how sometimes it only takes a little to have more than enough. It also renews my gratitude for the ways my life has become so much more abundant than I once thought possible!
Fave abundance treasures straight from a Taurus: Queen of Pentacles zine, Level Up gem essence, Venus Goddexx candle!"
Lish- "When I'm needing an extra abundance boost, I'll grab a piece of pyrite and aventurine, and then I'll throw on some Magnetism oil by Flowers and Stars.
This is the PERFECT combo for thrifting (and shopping in general) or going out with friends. It helps me remember that money magic is more than just experiencing wealth, because it's also about finding amazing treasures for great prices and getting that extra drink "on the house". The little things still count!" 

Caroline- "Okay so!  I use our pyrite essence every damn day under my tongue and also in my perfume and have trouble resisting pyrite like always. I keep it in my wallet and always carry it in my purse on top of that! Money Witch’s Experience Abundance spray and firme arte Gimme Dat Money scrub my personal favorites for incorporating magic into my daily and weekly routine! Finally I have my abundance alter where I keep my pyrite essence to charge on! I have a feast candle there, all the extra pyrite not on my person, my t-Rex coin bank and lots of green."
Paige: “for me, an abundance mindset is about giving back, and that doesn’t always mean donating money (although I try to do that as much as possible too!) I just firmly believe that the exchange of energy is important for your guides and spirits, like, it’s just polite to give if you’re gonna ask for something! Whenever I go thrifting I try to take something with me to donate as an offering to the thrift gods. I swear I don’t find nearly as many treasures when I don’t!”

: "An art witch abundance practice that I want to share is my lil slot machine drawing. My ancestors were gamblers and I like to work with gambling and luck energy in a healthy way for them. I wanted my recent WitchCrafts workshop to have great attendance. I'd been putting in the mundane work of posting stories on instagram but one morning I woke up wayyyy too drained for that. So I drew this little sold out slot machine. There were 30 tickets in the inventory but it was set to keep selling regardless of inventory hence my little additions. A few hours later the shop happened to post in the feed about the workshop and 12 tickets sold that day without me having to do the work that I was tired of. In the end 45 tickets sold and we got to donate 40 percent of the sales to For The Gworls, an incredible organization by and for Black Trans people that raises money for rent, medical expenses, gender affirming surgeries and more. Truly a jackpot in every single way."
Siobhan- My favorite spell for abundance is “there’s more where that came from.” Dropping $ on bills? There’s more where that came from. Indulging in something special? There’s more where that came from. Direct deposit hits? There’s more where that came from. It helps me keep scarcity thinking in check and helps encourage celebration of the little things. The other things I can think of is I’ve kept a £10 note in my wallet since the last time I was in the UK to help manifest moving there eventually….idk if we want to highlight my impending departure though!!” (Our Sagittarius Siobhan is leaving us at the end of the month to jet off to Edinburgh! We’ll miss her dearly, but you can’t argue with those results!)



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