All Hallow's Eve Spell for Radical Re-Alignment

All Hallow's Eve Spell for Radical Re-Alignment

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Call your coven and gather your ghosts! The other end of the October 2020 Power Portal is coming fast, witches. On October 1st we initiated ourselves into the Season of The Witch. And on October 31st, All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, Halloween, we want to dive even deeper into the portal to explore some radical ancestral healing. 

Three days after Samhain we’ll be facing a presidential election that will determine whether we spend the next four years dismantling the current oligarchal system under the usual capitalist regime, or under blatant totalitarian dictatorship- so an October 31st ritual for Radical Re-Alignment is just too juicy to pass up! 

Because no matter who sits in the white house, the REAL dismantling has to start with us. We all carry inherited biases and thought patterns that we might not even realize, and it’s those unconscious patterns that keep us complacent in systems of white supremacy and patriarchy. We figure the more witches moving energy, the better, so if you didn’t snag one of our All Hallow’s Eve Spell Kits here’s how you can still DIY your way to deep healing…

Suggested spell ingredients:

-A Bell: or a chime, tuning fork, really good song, one of those cheap party horns… basically any instrument that makes sound vibrations can clear your space of distracting energy and signal the end of your ritual when it’s time for spirits to return to their rest. 

-Salt: Well, Hocus Pocus got at least one thing right! Salt is great for drawing protective boundaries and clearing energy. Each grain of salt is like a tiny crystal vibrating with power. Table salt, sea salt, Kosher salt, Dollar Store salt, whatever you can get your paws on will work!

-A fireproof vessel: A cast iron cauldron with a lid would be perfect, but any fireproof bowl, dish, pot, or mug is crucial to this spell! Since we’re releasing a lot of deep-rooted, possibly ancient energy, that energy needs somewhere to go where it won’t stick to your stuff. 

-A journal and piece of thread with 5 knots tied in it: Our spell kits sold out so dang fast because of Assistant Manager/Art Witch Brenda Roswess’s handmade cord-cutting journals, but GOOD NEWS- Brenda is just as great a teacher as she is an artist, so she made this video over on ChannelED TV showing you how to make your own

-A Bloodstone crystal: or any other treasure that encourages heart healing. Quartz, granite, flowers, anything small enough to fit in your fireproof vessel (post-fire, of course). This is some deep shadow work, and while hopefully we’ll all feel empowered to change our world after this ritual, we should be prepared to hold space for grief and shame too. 

-Aftercare: This is heavy stuff. And while we’re trying to *release* inherited trauma and toxicity… it’s still big work. Make sure you have a line back to yourself after: a partner, friend, stuffed animal, Netflix, nourishing food- something to remind you of the witch you wanna be in the world you wanna live in. 

Got questions? You can always reach us at for customer OR witchy support. 



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