A Tarot Spread for Virgo Season

A Tarot Spread for Virgo Season

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by Kalyn Anderson

Virgo season approaches!! We're heading out of the creative fires of Leo season and slowly transitioning into the liminal landscape of Autumn--but Virgo season gives us a moment to get our bearings before we dive headfirst into the "thinning of the veil". While Virgo may be best-known for their knack for organization, their eye for detail, and their (sometimes overly) critical insights--people often overlook that at the root of all of this is Virgo's devotion to personal sovereignty. Virgo has a feeling it's their DUTY to live up to their potential--and they wholeheartedly want to see you do the same! 

This spread was designed to help ANY sign connect with Virgo's best qualities (and help balance any not-so-helpful feelings that might be likely to come up under this Sun sign)! Grab your favorite deck, brew yourself a cup of tea, and take some time to reflect before moving ahead into the season. As always, take what serves you, leave what doesn't, and feel free to modify this spread to your own liking! Happy Virgo Season! 


1. How can I further embrace my personal sovereignty this season?

2. Where in my life could I benefit from releasing perfection and embracing play?

3. What area of my life could be organized more efficiently in order to help me find more spaciousness + ease?

4. What deep inner knowing can act as my guide this season?

5. How can I be of service to others this season?



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