A Tarot Spread for Leo Season

by Kalyn Anderson/@sweetbitterritual
Whether you're feeling refreshed by our cool dip in the introspective waters of Cancer season or you're relieved to be out of the emotional whirlpool...it's time for Leo Season, angels!!
This solar-powered sign knows how to make an impact, whether they're more comfortable lighting up the dance floor or taking the lead on a new project. We love the way this fire sign encourages us to unabashedly celebrate ourselves, let our light shine, and spread joy whenever possible. I've designed the spread below to help guide you as you work with the energy of this season, regardless of your own Sun sign! As always, take whatever prompts resonate for you and leave the rest. Happy Leo Season--soak up some sun, express yourself without shame, dare to step into the spotlight (whatever that means for you), and let yourself believe you might just be "all that" and more. 
1. What is being "illuminated" for me this season?
2. What energy is seeking creative expression at this time?
3. How can I fortify my own empowerment this season? 
4. Where am I being called to reject imposter syndrome and embrace a role as a leader in my life?
5. How can I treat myself and those around me to a little extra luxury this season?