A Tarot Spread for Gemini Season

by Kalyn Anderson

Welcome to Gemini Season, witches! We're officially in the thick of Springtime here in Salem! In Tarot, Gemini rules over The Lovers card...which also happens to be the collective card for 2022! ( 2+2+2=6, The Lovers is card 6). This means we're ALL moving through some Gemini themes throughout this entire year, including but not limited to communication, curiosity, connection, and complexity! This quick-and-easy spread is designed to give you some insights around embracing the archetype of The Lovers and tuning in to both heart and mind--crucial when we're moving through airy, intellectual Gemini! 

1. What is my mind longing to communicate?

2. What is my heart longing to communicate?

3. How can I deepen the connection between my mind + heart this season?

4. Where am I being challenged to accept the complexity/duality of myself + others this season?