A Tarot Spread for Cancer Season

A Tarot Spread for Cancer Season

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by Kalyn Anderson/@sweetbitterritual

Welcome to Cancer season, witches!! This water-sign is best known for their emotional depths, empathetic nature, and sentimental tendencies. In the Tarot, however, this sign is associated with The Chariot--an archetype we usually associate more with moving FORWARD than looking back or taking the time to feel our feelings. In reality, The Chariot is about paying close attention to the vessel or the "vehicle" that can get us through the journey rather than blasting full speed ahead towards the destination. (After all, the Chariot we see in the cards is being pulled by two STONE sphinxes...not a TON of actual motion implied there!)

We're about halfway through the calendar year and now could be a powerful time to revisit any goals made at the start of the year and re-evaluate your progress. Maybe your goals have changed, maybe you're not as far as you thought you'd be, maybe you've already crushed most of the goals you set, or maybe you forgot about some important ones entirely! My hope is that the questions in this spread can help you refocus/refine your vision while removing any harsh judgements about your current progress. If you find that you're not exactly where you'd like to be, now is the time to think about how you can modify your "Chariot" in order to make the rest of the journey more comfortable and full of ease! This spread should offer some guidance around just how to do that. 

1. What road is my heart currently leading me down?

2. What systems/habits can I build around myself to bring more ease to this journey?

3. Where can I find softness around my current progress?

4. What is the most important lesson I've already learned on this journey?

5. What potential obstacle/challenges still lie ahead?

6. How can I best prepare to face the next challenge on my journey?






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