2024 Taurus Season Horoscopes

2024 Taurus Season Horoscopes

by Cole Exley

Aries risings easily determine what they want and where they want to go - this season, you’ll be nailing down how you’re going to get there. Your chart ruler Mars enters Aries on April 30th, sparking motivation and kicking your personal power into high gear. This ultra-initiative energy combined with the earthy vibes of Taurus season creates the perfect storm for making your master plan. What do you have at your disposal already, and what must you acquire before you chase your dreams? Do you need to revisit your budget or track your spending? These may seem like trivial details that aren’t worth your energy, but when they really want something, Aries placements are actually very skilled at prioritization. You just need to make some time for practical planning. Take it step by step, and remember to reward yourself for your hard work!

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Get ready to level up this month, Taurus risings! As the Sun passes your ascendant into your First House, a surge of refreshing energy will become available to you. You spent Aries Season tying up loose ends and releasing what you no longer needed - now comes the fun part! Keep your heart open to new opportunities and adventures that come your way; you have more space for newness than you realize. Reconnect with your gut instincts so you know when to say yes and when to say no. Spending time in nature can help you become more grounded in your intuition and authority. As you watch the Earth awaken around you and the wildlife grow, notice how they mirror and encourage the growth you’ve been experiencing internally.

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Taurus season is calling for a purge for all the Gemini risings out there. With Mercury leaving retrograde on April 25th and going full speed ahead in Aries, you’ll feel stagnancy melt away into motivation. This direct motion along with most notable planetary activity will occur at the very end of your chart in the Twelfth House - a chapter is ending so another may begin. Are there any self-limiting beliefs or insecurities you can address and release? Which thought patterns prevent you from living joyfully and authentically? Now is the time to take inventory of your inner dialogue and notice where you need to treat yourself with more grace. Gemini risings have busy, brilliant minds; they just require a little upkeep to prevent stress from snowballing. 

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Your message for Taurus Season is, “spread the wealth.” Cancer risings have put in the work and seen the benefits over the past few months. Now it’s time to turn your attention to your community and the world at large. Whether it is time, company, understanding, advice, or good humor, everyone has an abundance of something to share. Creating symbiosis with your community can be quite fulfilling for Cancer risings, who are naturally nurturing and relationship-oriented. Over the next few weeks, notice how you feel when you share with the people around you, and how often sharing is an exchange instead of a loss. Leave an offering to your guides on the Taurus New Moon and see what they have to share with you!

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The stars are calling for you to step into your power this Taurus Season. What does authority mean to you, and how do you express it? Investigate how you can best assert yourself and maintain your boundaries over the next month, and don’t be afraid to try different approaches. Letting yourself take up space and saying no when necessary are important lessons for Solar folks; it is essential for Leo placements to familiarize themselves with their own power. The Sun can never run away or dim its own light - it exists only at its brightest, and only within its position in the galaxy. This is the energy you’re being asked to channel throughout the season. Are you ready to meet who you are at your most empowered point?

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Your task for Taurus Season is to bridge the gap between the spiritual and material worlds in small, meaningful ways. Witchcraft is all about intentional living, and Virgo Risings are gifted in strategy and self discipline. After your chart ruler Mercury goes direct on April 25th, you’ll receive a mental energy boost to set those intentions and integrate your spirituality into your daily life. It doesn’t need to be too flashy, either; it could be as simple as charging your water bottle with crystals, or allotting time to pray each day. This can also include morals you hold close to your heart - for example, you could begin recycling or composting because you believe in respecting the planet. By intertwining what speaks to your soul with what supports you physically, you create unity, taking a step closer to feeling whole. 

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What does longevity look like for you and yours, Libra risings? This is a good question to investigate this season, particularly after chart ruler Venus enters Taurus on April 29th. Libra placements prize their connections, and they seek to establish harmony within those dynamics as frequently as possible. However, pleasing everyone isn’t always possible, or even beneficial to your relationships’ health. Instead of asking yourself how you can compromise for other people this month, ask yourself which boundaries are inflexible for you in long-term relationships. We all have certain requirements for how people must treat us if they’re to be fixtures in our lives. It’s time to define what those requirements are, and who is meeting your expectations. The Scorpio Full Moon is a good time to ask your guides to protect those connections that feel respectful and fulfilling. 

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 Taurus is the sister sign to Scorpio, meaning they sit opposite of each other on the Zodiac Wheel. Most planetary activity will occur in your Seventh House, which rules harmony and partnership of all kinds. A major focus for your Taurus Season will be the relationships in your life and how you can cultivate equality within them. This isn’t to imply there are unstable connections in your life - the structures we exist alongside don’t make it easy for people to consistently match each other’s energy. Take some time this month to appreciate what your loved ones bring to your life and show your gratitude. If you’ve been yearning for a healthy new friendship or romance to come your way, the Taurus New Moon will be a great time to manifest one. Just make sure to practice a little self care between your outings - balance is key!

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In the words of the late and great Olivia Newton-John, “Let’s get physical!” Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius risings greatly benefit from exercise and releasing excess energy through movement. Now that the weather’s a little warmer, it’s the perfect time to explore some new activities to get your blood pumping. An extra boost in energy will hit after Mars enters Aries on April 30th to really get you in the swing of things. You don’t have to jump into weightlifting or running a marathon, either (unless that’s your vibe). Going on a short walk a couple times a week or stretching every night before bed can be plenty beneficial. Connecting with your body, addressing its tensions, and incorporating regular movement are vital to Sag placements, but so is respecting your physical limits!

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It’s Taurus Season, Capricorn risings, and Venus is here to play! There will be heavy planetary activity in your Fifth House, which concerns pleasure and self-expression. This house is actually ruled by the Sun, who will likely occupy it for the majority of the season. All of this Solar and Venusian energy will set the mood for a month of seduction and indulgence. From sex magick to dancing, there are plenty of ways to explore pleasure. What activities and interactions are truly gratifying to you? What makes your heart flutter at the thought of it? These are the questions to answer this season, with no room for guilt to kill the vibe. Banish any shame or embarrassment you might have experienced around enjoyment on the Scorpio Full Moon.

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Spend some time exploring what is kin to you this month. Are there plants and animals in which you see a reflection of yourself? Whose presence makes you feel complete? Do you feel connected to any spirits, gods, or goddesses? These are all topics to consider throughout Taurus season as celestial bodies enter your House of Home and Family. If you’d like to expand your community in any way, the Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd is a great time to cast a spell. The veil thins and the channel to the other side grows stronger - tap in and ask your guides to send you healthy connections. Aquarius risings have a particular gift in conversing with spirits; this is a good time to flex those muscles. Make sure you leave an offering as a, “thank you in advance,” and refresh your ancestral altar if you have one!

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Pisces represents Mutable Water in astrology, meaning its energy is constantly shifting and flowing, changing direction and frequency. This makes Pisces risings extremely adaptable, but occasionally vague or inconsistent. Taurus is Fixed Earth, arguably a near-opposite energy to Pisces’. Slow and steady is the game, which might make you feel like a fish out of water! However, if you can work with the Taurus vibes instead of fighting it, you can cultivate a lot of personal growth. Planetary activity is occurring in your Third House, concerning mental activity and learning. Pick a concept or idea you have for a project and approach it practically, taking it step by step. It’s also a good time to take a class or teach yourself something new. Pisces risings have plenty of curiosities - it’s time to make that idea you had about mastering that cool craft or hobby a real thing! 

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