2024 Gemini Season Horoscopes

2024 Gemini Season Horoscopes

by Cole Exley

Find your RISING SIGN to see what Gemini season has in store for you!

Aries is the sign of the self, representing our willpower and individuality. Being so self-sufficient as an Aries rising gets you far, but not all the way to the finish line! This season, try to recognize all the ways you can benefit from collaboration. Remember the grand plan you nailed down in Taurus Season? Now’s the time to share that plan with your friends and family, and remain open to what they have to offer in response. Whether it’s support, advice, or constructive criticism, there is always something to gain from healthy conversation. Maybe your coworker will give you the connection you needed to make it all work, or a friend will point out a flaw that would’ve been a major obstacle. After your chart ruler Mars enters Taurus on June 8th, revisit your project and integrate what you’ve gathered from your community.

Despite it being Gemini Season, this is actually going to be a month of elemental variety for Taurus risings. The season begins with a fire sign Full Moon (Sagittarius) in your Eighth House, which is ruled by Mars. About two weeks later, Mars itself will enter your First House on June 8th, bringing you gifts of drive and passion. All this Martian energy packs a punch - can you harness this power and use it to your advantage? Throughout the entire month, you’ll also have planetary activity in your Second House. This is actually the House of Taurus, making it an especially important and profitable time for you. These planets will all be in Gemini, meaning communication and collaboration will be your path to success. Let yourself be bold and enthusiastic as Mars would have you, and curious and inquisitive like a Gemini. You might just find yourself in a place of abundance by the end of the season.

Gemini risings are going through a beautiful rebirth this season, starting fresh in a big way. Jupiter enters Gemini and your First House on May 25th, bringing abundance and expansion to revitalize your spirits. Shortly after, your chart ruler Mercury will also move into Gemini on June 3rd. These shifts combined will put you on the right path, perhaps toward your destiny. If you have any intentions you’d like to put out there for this new chapter of your life, share them with the universe on the Gemini New Moon. You’ll see your path forward more clearly when Mercury enters your Second House on June 17th. Jupiter’s energy is endlessly bountiful and broadening, so don’t impose too many limits on yourself. The past is in the past and the stars are in your favor, so make a wish!

Lunar folks are used to change and transformation, waxing and waning with the tides of life. Gemini Season holds a pretty major shift for Cancer risings, perhaps on a greater scale than usual. Most planetary activity will occur in your Twelfth House, where we find endings and closure of cycles. You may find yourself secluded or introspective more than usual this month, especially after Mercury enters Gemini on June 3rd. Don’t hold yourself back from really plunging into the shadows and addressing the underlying currents we sometimes ignore. It isn’t comfortable, but it is necessary, especially for people with strong Cancer placements. This will all come to a head when the Gemini New Moon appears - this is the time to release the pains of your last cycle and tie up all your loose ends. Relief and an energetic refresh will crash over you in a cooling wave on June 17th, as Mercury moves into Cancer and your First House. 

As a Solar person, you may find that people are naturally drawn to you, soaking in your presence like sunlight. You’re more than capable of spreading warmth and light to the lives of those around you - how do you best utilize this gift? After embracing your authority last season, you’re ready to use your power for good. Jupiter entering Gemini in your Eleventh House will be your ally in this endeavor; the planet of expansion activating your House of Humanitarianism. It is Gemini Season too, of course, so it’s the perfect time to use your voice and advocate for those who need you. You’ll see the loving energy you’re putting out into the world returned to you in the form of inner peace. After Venus enters Cancer and your Twelfth House on June 16th, pay attention to how your inner world has transformed from your good deeds. 

All your work from Aries and Taurus Season is coming to fruition this month. After an intense period of time in which you’ve strived to grow and transform, you can sit back and watch it all unfold. Jupiter, alongside our usual inner planets, occupy the top of your chart, passing over your Midheaven. For those who are unfamiliar, the Midheaven is the highest point in the horizon when you’re born, representing the energy you must evolve towards and embrace. Many people associate it with our destiny or life path. With this energy being activated by Jupiter, you’ll likely start to feel aligned with a greater purpose. If you’re still feeling unsteady or unsure as the season progresses, ask Mercury to bring you inspiration on June 16th when it enters Cancer. Cardinal Water is the perfect force to initiate a new route and align you with your passions.

Jupiter enters Gemini this month, the sister sign to its associated sign, Sagittarius. This creates a complicated dynamic for Jupiter’s energy, but Libra risings actually have an advantage here. Your Gemini House is the Ninth House, the House of Sagittarius! This means Jupiter will still be at home in your chart while it’s in its opposing sign. Gemini is also an air sign like Libra, making this energy fairly easy for you to access. The main difference is that Libra is much more relational than Gemini, whose primary focus is the exchange of information. Your task for the month is to engage in more conversation for curiosity’s sake. Focusing less on being likable and more on learning from one another doesn’t make you less likable - you’re a Libra rising, of course you’re charming! Leaning into the intellectual side of having air placements is important for Libra placements, and may lead to great success. The latter will be especially true after June 17th, when Mercury and Venus have entered your House of Career and Reputation. Pick a pursuit and chase any source of information that could be useful, wherever and whoever that might be. 

Whether you have Gemini placements or not, this season will likely feel fairly comfortable for Scorpio Risings. Planetary activity largely occurs in your Eighth House, which is the House of Scorpio. This includes Jupiter as it moves out of Taurus, bringing its expansive energy to the qualities of your rising sign. On top of it all, your chart ruler Mars is actually set to enter your House of Gemini! This is a pretty massive collaboration between the two signs; get ready to feel Mars’s fire in your communication and thoughts. You may find it easier to assert yourself and pursue your passions. Remember those connections you nourished last season? Now is the time to share your unbridled affection and forge ahead with any shared pursuits. Gemini is here to aid communication and conceptualization while Scorpio brings in transformative energy to assist development. Whatever your goal may be, Gemini Season says full speed ahead!

Every time Jupiter changes sign or House, Sagittarius risings are going to feel it. This month, your chart ruler Jupiter enters Gemini and your House of Relationships, associated with Libra. These are both air signs, bringing communication and thought into focus and the realm of expansion. Partnership, collaboration, and mental/academic pursuits may all prove to be especially beneficial to you from this point forward. Gemini is actually the sister sign or polarity to Sagittarius, so this may be a bit of a challenge for you. Sag placements tend to prefer solitary learning for personal or spiritual growth, while Gemini loves to exchange ideas and let their perspective grow from it. If you can lean into a more communal mindset and form some healthy alliances, you’re sure to remain in Jupiter’s favor. 

Many themes from Taurus Season carry into Gemini Season for Capricorn risings. You’ve been working on introducing more pleasure into your life. Now, how do we make room in our routines for fun? One of your main focuses for this month will be work-life balance, heavy on the life part. Capricorn placements know how to apply themselves and hit the grindstone like no one else; the only issue is that it’s hard for you to switch out of “work mode” and just enjoy things without being productive. With planetary activity in your House of Service and Routine, now is the time to fine-tune that skill. Whether it’s bringing a treat for yourself to work or dancing around the house after a shift, there are plenty of easy ways to make space for fun. Mars is also set to enter your Fifth House like many planets did last season, so prepare to use that creative boost to really make things interesting! 

Aquarians are independent souls, unique and unapologetically themselves. Your innate authenticity is a true gift, but Gemini Season is asking you to transform that energy into something even better. Most planetary activity is in your House of Leo, which is the sister sign/opposite to Aquarius. While Aquarius is the rebel that goes against the grain, Leo is the heart of the community. Leo deals in drama and passion, flamboyant whether people are watching or not. This is where the two signs intersect; self-expression without shame. The lesson you can take from Gemini and Leo is that you can remain true to who you are and be a part of society. You don’t have to be isolated to maintain your autonomy. Try to incorporate community into your life in new ways this month, such as joining a club, volunteering, or attending local events. Creating with other people will be especially fulfilling as well, and potentially profitable with Jupiter moving into Gemini. If you haven’t found your people yet, ask the New Moon to send them your way!

Not to get too ahead of myself here, but there are going to be two major retrogrades in Pisces next season. This means that both Saturn and your chart ruler Neptune will be in your First House when the planets stop moving forward in the sky. Luckily, Gemini Season is here to prepare you! Most planetary activity will occur in your Fourth House, which sits at the bottom of your chart. Here is where we find our roots and foundation, alongside home and family matters. Your focus for the month is stability, especially when it comes to your emotions and mental health. Pisces placements bring sensitivity and flexibility, which, like anything, can be unhealthy  in excess. Self care and solitude are the way to go. Journaling, tarot/oracle reading, and meditation may be some especially helpful activities for you this month. After Venus enters Cancer and your House of Pleasure on June 16th, take a break from your introspection and let loose a little! All that inner work definitely merits a treat (or twelve). 

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