2024 Cancer Season Horoscopes

2024 Cancer Season Horoscopes

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by Cole Exley


Buckle up, Aries risings, because Cancer Season is ringing in a big internal cleanse! Saturn and Neptune both go retrograde in your Twelfth House this month, which concerns our subconscious, as well as endings and closure. Saturn actually finds its power in retrograde. As king of karma, he’s going to be rewarding you for your hard work by resolving ongoing issues from last November. You may have been carrying more mental weight than you realize. Neptune’s retrogrades bring clarity and dissolve illusion, often in startling places. You might come to some realizations around your mental health or childhood this month - prepare to treat yourself with patience and grace. Family issues and the resulting beliefs come to the forefront as Cancer floods your Fourth House. Sound like a lot? It is, I won’t lie, but it will feel so good to have all those loose ends tied up and your mind free of misconception. When it’s time for Leo Season, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the fiery vibes.


After taking last season to focus on your passions and personal success, Cancer Season asks you to take a closer look at your place amongst your community. Your Eleventh House holds Neptune and Saturn in retrograde, which concerns humanitarianism, the future, and the collective at large. Neptune lifts deception in retrograde, and in your case, you’ll gain clarity on how you fit into the grand scheme of things. Despite how our society can make us feel, you are not alone, and there are indeed things you can do to help change the world for the better. In fact, helping other people can give us a greater sense of belonging. This effect will intensify after July 11th, when chart ruler Venus enters your House of Family and the Home. Saturn is the monarch of karma, and he distributes it with a heavy hand in retrograde. Your good deeds don’t go unnoticed; sometimes it just takes until a transit like this to see the benefits! Take advantage of the Cancer vibes in your House of Communication and spread the joy to anyone who might need a little boost. 


What does empowerment look like to you? Your answer to that question might change over the course of Cancer Season. Two big retrogrades in Pisces occur this month, both in your House of Reputation and Authority. Saturn, king of karma, is at home in this House. Expect some closure around conflicts that first appeared last November, especially those that include any type of power struggle. If you’ve worked towards success with discipline and humility, Saturn will look upon you with favor. Neptune retrogrades bring revelation and clear misconception; in your case, you’ll likely experience some clarity around your long-term planning and sense of control. Matters related to misuse of power may pop up for you at this time, as well as those concerning safety. This is a good time to consider how you can foster coexisting feelings of authority and security. It’s definitely not an easy task, but your chart ruler Mercury comes home to the Third House on July 2nd, giving you a boost in mental activity to help you through it. By the end of the season, you’ll come out on top, stronger than ever.


You closed out a cycle in Gemini Season, and now, the new one is starting with a bang (or the crash of a Cancer wave)! Not only do you get some energetic rejuvenation from all the activity in your First House, but Saturn and Neptune’s retrogrades are occurring in your Ninth House. This is your House of philosophy and expansion. Saturn finds power in retrograde, and it will reward you for your perseverance in pursuit of bettering yourself. Expect some answers to questions you first posed last November. Your inner compass may be slightly recalibrated by Neptune’s retrograde, as any misguided beliefs or principles come to light. Be prepared to meet any of these realizations with gentleness - it is natural to find flaws in our perspective and grow from them. More information about your inner drives and possible routes to take may come your way when Mars enters your Twelfth House on July 20th. Retrograde energy isn’t easy, but the new awareness you’ll gain this month will be inspiring. 


Leo risings have been doing a lot of intense inner work the past several months. Now, it’s all coming to a crescendo, and wrapping up for the next cycle to begin. Saturn and Neptune in Pisces both bring valuable lessons as they go retrograde in your Eighth House, the realm of intimacy, transformation, and inheritance. Neptune dissolves any illusions in this area, such as unhealthy ideas around vulnerability or carrying the pain of others. With planetary activity also occurring in the House of Pisces, these internal shifts will greatly lighten your mental/emotional load, leaving space for positive forms of intimacy and joint ventures. Meanwhile, related matters that first appeared in November are finally coming to resolution thanks to Saturn. If you’ve been allowing yourself to change with the currents of life without letting bitterness harden you, he will reward your good karma. You’ll start to feel these changes particularly after Mercury enters your First House around July 2nd, bringing a refreshing mental reset.


Gemini Season initiated a major personal transformation for Virgo Risings. Cancer Season holds some important changes for you as well, but this time, shifts are occurring in your interpersonal world. Saturn and Neptune go retrograde in your House of Relationships. Saturn, who gains power in retrograde, rewards those who have been doing their best to maintain balance within their connections. He’s the ruler of karma, after all, and karma is largely affected by how we treat other people. Matters related to imbalance or interpersonal struggle that appeared around November also come to a close, and Saturn distributes justice accordingly. Any misconceptions around your attachment style or how you communicate within relationships are dispelled by Neptune. If you can embrace these realizations and make adjustments accordingly, you’ll see your connections thrive. Your chart ruler Mercury will be in Leo in your Twelfth House; utilize this introspective, emotional energy to guide your judgment.



Self-care is extremely important to the Venus-ruled, and Libra risings are going all in for Cancer Season. Saturn and Neptune both go in your Sixth House, which concerns our health and routines. The former planet highlights the benefit to putting in the effort and completing tedious tasks that support your wellbeing. Saturn plays the long game and rewards you when you do the same over instant gratification. The latter dissolves any illusions around your self-care, bringing awareness of changes that must be made or problems you’ve yet to address. The New Moon is a good time to ring in some refreshing, authoritative energy to help you sort through this new information and take charge. Towards the end of the month, your chart ruler Venus moves into bold and playful Leo - take your self-care a step further and combine it with pleasure. Partake in the events or activities that bring you joy and make you feel alive, and don’t leave room for shame.


Scorpio risings can be seen as a bit mysterious - you like to keep your tricks up your sleeve and keep ‘em guessing. Privacy is certainly important for Scorpio placements, but you can’t let that need interfere with your self-expression. Saturn and Neptune go retrograde in your Fifth House this month, which concerns the Leo themes in life; our creative voices, our inner children, our needs for attention and dramatics. Neptune will reveal previously repressed parts of yourself that need to be heard and validated - can you meet them with compassion even if it makes you uncomfortable? Saturn rewards self-mastery, so it will do you well to try. Mars also comes home to your Eighth House, bringing a boost in willpower to help you in this endeavor. It might require a little more vulnerability than you’re used to, but Cancer Season will fill your House of Higher Learning with the initiative, emotional energy you need to dive in. All parts of you deserve recognition and nurturing, even those that you don’t want others to see.



Sagittarius placements are adventurers on the move, following one interest after another. This month, you’re asked to slow down and explore your inner world instead of the one around you. It’s true that the Earth is a magical place to survey, but your emotional realm can be just as beautiful. All water signs are at work for you over the next few weeks to help you connect with it. Cancer Season activates your House of Scorpio, dredging up underlying emotions and bringing light to the dark.  Neptune and Saturn also go retrograde in Pisces (and in the House of Cancer).  Saturn brings closure to any family matters that appeared last November, and distributes karma accordingly. Good generational karma is invaluable, so a lot of you will see abundance or peace after these issues subside. Any illusions around childhood or how you deal with emotions are dispersed by Neptune’s retrograde; this will be jarring, yet once the wave has crashed, the currents will calm. As you navigate these murky waters, remember to ground yourself and get plenty of rest.


Capricorn risings tend to be blunt and matter-of-fact in conversation, though not without humor. This can cause a wide range of reactions from the people with whom you interact. Cancer Season sees Saturn and Neptune going retrograde in your Third House, which rules mental activity and communication. Saturn, your chart ruler, is bringing closure to issues that may have been on your mind since November, particularly those related to mental health and spirituality. Take note of what you learn from this and adjust your perspective accordingly. Meanwhile, Neptune’s fog of illusion is cleared from your headspace, bringing revelations about how you interact with others and communicate your ideas. Remember that it’s okay to change your approach as you gain new information - it’s something to be proud of, don’t let your ego get in the way! Let yourself lean on your support system as you process these shifts and grow.


Set your sights high, Aquarius risings, because you’re about to have a lot of new skills and tools at your disposal. Two Pisces retrogrades occur in your House of Possessions, bringing in a lot of interesting changes to your environment and resources. Issues concerning security or money that appeared last November come to a close with your chart ruler Saturn’s retrograde; unselfish yet enterprising attitudes are greatly rewarded. Neptune lifts deception within retrograde. The House it occurs in, your Second House, concerns everything we possess, from physical assets to skills and information. Some of the realizations you’ll experience will certainly be jarring, but they’ll also be extremely useful. Perhaps you’ll recognize a new talent within yourself, or an additional source of income. Fixed signs like Aquarius aren’t always welcoming to change, but I guarantee that these adjustments will be worth it. Integrating these mental shifts into the physical world will help you nourish yourself, and serve a higher purpose.



Okay, Pisces risings, this is that big moment we talked about last season. Saturn and your chart ruler Neptune are going into retrograde this month, both in Pisces and your First House. Unlike Neptune, Saturn gains power in retrograde, rewarding our karma with what we deserve. Matters concerning identity and attitude that appeared in November are slowly coming to a close, bringing you more stability and confidence. Saturn is uncomfortable in Pisces and plenty of what you’re working on requires more effort, but if you’ve accepted Saturn’s lessons around self-improvement, you’re still in for some retribution. Neptune retrogrades remove illusion as its fog of mystery is lifted - prepare for some startling realizations about yourself and how others perceive you. Throughout this time of upheaval, you’re encouraged to express yourself creatively. Pisces placements need outlets for their feelings - pour all of your emotions into a new masterpiece and recognize the value of each one.

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