2024 Aries Season Horoscopes

2024 Aries Season Horoscopes

by Cole Exley

Read your rising sign to see what Pisces Season 2024 has in store for you!

Aries Rising
Pisces season was all about self-reflection, and releasing some of the things that were weighing you down. You may still feel a little heavy from this work, with Mars trailing behind in Pisces for the entirety of the season. Don’t panic, though, because Aries season is kindling to your fire, igniting your drive and elevating your willpower. It’s also the ultimate reboot, ringing in the astrological New Year with the Spring Equinox. There is more room in your life for new dreams and goals - what would you like to see taking up that space? Now is the time to get in touch with your inner compass and see where it’s guiding you. It may be useful to make a list of your goals or a vision board to get a sense of where you’d like to put your energy. When the New Moon occurs on April 8th, speak your intentions to the Universe with pride, as an Aries rising always should. 

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Taurus Rising
Your astrological New Year begins with an ending, Taurus risings. This might not sound very appealing, but believe me, it will set you up for success. If you can do some subconscious spring cleaning and clear out what’s holding you back, a glow up is guaranteed for Taurus season. Make some time for introspection and shadow work for the first two weeks. It would benefit you greatly to take advantage of the Full Moon in Libra and ask your guides for assistance - maybe you could put the Venusian vibes to use and create something beautiful as an offering. After Venus herself moves into Aries on April 5th, your focus will start to shift towards starting a new chapter. This is the time to set your intentions for the rebirth of Taurus season. Curate a Pinterest board and have some fun with it! A Taurus rising loves some aesthetic visuals, after all. 

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Gemini Rising
This is a good month to connect and converse with some like-minded folks, sharing experiences to create a sense of community. The Tarot card of the year is Strength, reminding us of the power in numbers and group intention. Aries Season is bringing these themes into focus for Gemini risings this month, along with some fiery energy to overcome any social anxieties. Your chart ruler Mercury goes into retrograde on April 1st, so having people to lean on will be especially beneficial. As always, this isn’t a great time to make commitments - I’d recommend brainstorming and exchanging ideas instead. The Full Moon in Libra offers a great opportunity to embrace the joys of connection; maybe you could perform a group spell with some friends! Of course, if the pre-shadow period has you feeling a little depleted, sharing drinks or a Zoom call could be just as good of a ritual.

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Cancer Rising
After a month of spiritual work, your attention is being called back to the world around you. Business opportunities and recognition are in store for Cancer risings this Aries season, especially after the New Moon’s energetic reset. Combining the values you nurtured during Pisces season with Aries’s passion will get you far, whether you direct that energy to your career or a long-term plan. Utilizing the New Moon for a manifestation spell will help you get the most out of the season - try to set those intentions and make a plan before Mercury goes into retrograde. While it isn’t easy maintaining ethical boundaries in business, this is how we can ascend without compromising who we are. When you do reach the summit of the mountain you’re climbing, your pride will be pure and fulfilling, uncomplicated by regret. 

Allies for the Season: Experience Abundance Spell Spray, You’ve Got the Power Pyrite Gem Essence, The Wish Granter Dream Lion Incense

Leo Rising
Pisces season was a transformative time for Leo risings. Now, you’re ready to explore the world with a fresh perspective. Aries season is a naturally passionate time, making it the ideal month for following your heart without hesitation. Embracing this energy and allowing yourself to investigate any urges or questions is the way to go - which shouldn’t be too hard for a fiery, excitable Leo rising. Capitalism doesn’t leave a lot of room for learning unless it pertains to our work. It is an act of resistance to spend our time on personal interests without letting guilt hold us back. This also helps us form self-trust and self-respect, which are of vital importance to any Leo placement. Solar power is in our solar plexus after all, where we operate out of confidence and creativity. So let yourself be a student of life this season and let your curiosity guide you - you’ll thank yourself for it later. 

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Virgo Rising
This is an intense one for Virgo risings. You’ll be experiencing several transits in your Eighth House, including Mercury retrograde. The Eighth House primarily deals with intimacy, inheritance, and the cycle of death and rebirth. These are all themes that are likely to pop up for you this Aries season. It might be time to take stock of what’s been passed down to you, including stressors or negative patterns of behavior. Sometimes, what we inherit isn’t actually ours to keep; it can be harmful to hold on to the feelings and memories of other people. Write down what you notice and burn the paper on the Full Moon to release them back to their source. If you find yourself struggling while your chart ruler is in retrograde, try to lean on the connections you built up in Pisces season. Those relationships may grow even stronger in this time if you can let yourself be vulnerable. Treat yourself with softness, and see if you can let other people be soft with you, too.

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Libra Rising
With our Full Moon in Libra, Aries Season is highlighting both your First House and your Seventh House.  Libra risings are interesting because each of their houses are ruled by the opposite sign of its association. Your First House of the Self is in Libra, the sign of partnership, and your Seventh House of Relationship is in Aries, the sign of independence. This is the conflict of your rising sign, maintaining a sense of self and feeding your need for connection. The Universe’s task for you this season is to work towards harmony between these two sides of yourself. Doing so will build confidence that Libra placements struggle to accumulate since they often feel that they must choose between others' needs and their own. You can actually have your cake, eat it too, and share with the people you love - you just need to set some boundaries! Start the Astrological New Year right by spending time in others’ company, and unapologetically enjoying your own. 

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Scorpio Rising
The key phrase this month is, “a sense of purpose.” Scorpio placements hold a tremendous amount of power, but, as a fixed sign, it can be difficult to direct. Luckily, it’s Aries season, and your fellow Martian sign is here to help! Both signs are extremely passionate and in need of an outlet. Aries isn’t necessarily better at finding one, but it does find it easier to take a leap of faith and try something new. You can utilize the bravery and enthusiasm of Aries to overcome any misgivings you might have over changing course. Scorpio risings already ponder what would be fulfilling and meaningful for them - all you have to do is explore this in a hands-on way. It’s one thing to keep track of potentials, and another to genuinely try to find satisfaction where we haven’t previously looked. It’s the Equinox after all, and there’s plenty of fresh energy at your disposal. If not now, when?

Allies for the Season: Catch Fire Carnelian Gem Essence, Putnam Design Orange Blossom Candle, Most Triumphant Sugar Spell Scrub

Sagittarius Rising
You’re in luck, because Aries season is bringing Sag risings the things they face with ease - an unserious time full of playtime and pleasure. With Mercury going into retrograde, you actually have an excuse not to be too committed or attached to anything, and focus on simply having a good time. That’s likely music to your ears as a Sagittarius rising, as this placement generally craves the freedom to explore and wander as they please. You have the opportunity this month to do just that and really define the things that bring you joy. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to throw a party, start a new hobby, or take a day trip to that museum you’ve always wanted to check out, this is it! Aries season also provides plenty of creative energy that a Sagittarius placement could really take to new heights - maybe it’s time to give your muses a call.

Allies for the Season: Sunstone, Summer Simmer Spell, Color Magic Drip Candle

Capricorn Rising
The word that immediately came through for me for your Aries season is, “centeredness.” It is vital for Capricorn risings to have a sense of security in who they are and the world around them. This actually comes quite naturally to Cap placements, but you may occasionally lose sight of it, as you are in constant pursuit of your goals and desires. This month is a good time to slow down a little and tend to your “roots,” - the memories, beliefs, emotions, and relationships that helped create your present self. This could look like practicing ancestral magic, connecting with a family member, or doing something you enjoyed as a child. Grounding techniques and journaling may also be helpful as you dig into your past. Don’t let yourself fret over taking a pause on the grind, either - Mercury will be in retrograde anyway! Reaching the finish line will be even more fulfilling if you have a clear understanding of how far you’ve come.

Allies for the Season: Sister Spinster Grounding Essence, Rainbow MoonstoneHella Sensitive Sugar Spell Scrub

Aquarius Rising
Aries season will be bountiful in communication and connections for Aquarius risings. After spending Pisces season developing your skills independently, you’re ready to engage with some like-minded folks and learn from other people. If your anxiety isn’t feeling anything in-person, that’s okay! From Zoom groups to chat rooms to subreddits, there are plenty of alternatives available to you online. This may be a little out of your comfort zone - Aquarius risings can be solitary people who don’t wish to share their work until they deem it worthy. Aries season holds lessons of learning from your rough drafts and brainstorms, and seeing the value in sharing more than your final product. Advice and fresh perspective are precious resources, and what better time for something new than the Equinox? 

Allies for the Season: Sister Spinster Graces Essence, Tiger’s Eye, Counter Magick Gaze

Pisces Rising
As the Equinox ushers in a new chapter, Pisces risings are being called to organically connect with their surroundings. It isn’t always easy for Pisces placements to ground themselves and embrace the present moment - you’re mutable water, caught in a dreamy liminal space. When you do have to trade your dreamspace for practicality, it can be a bit jarring. We can create an easier transition between your inner world and the one around you by intentionally crossing that threshold each day of Aries season. You could go for a walk, redo your budget, partake in some spring cleaning, or begin caring for some plant friends. Carrying crystals in your pocket or wearing jewelry to fidget with may also help you reconnect with your body when you feel spacy. Spending time in nature is also one of the best things you can do at this time if you don’t mind the chill! Whatever you choose, take note of which grounding techniques make you feel the most supported so you can bring them with you into Taurus season.

Allies for the Season: Counter Magick Threshold, Bloodstone, Watch My Back Black Tourmaline Gem Essence



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