2021 Crystalscopes

2021 Crystalscopes

We've officially ushered in a new (Gregorian) calendar year! Bringing you witches these crystalscopes each month for the last year has been such a treat, but it's time to begin new cycles! Don't worry...we have plenty of crystal + astrology magic planned for you in 2021. It's just going to look different (and, in our opinion, even more magical) than monthly crystalscopes! Of course, we would never let you go into the new year without giving each sign their ride-or-die crystal pal for 2021...read on to find out which of these gems is ready for a long-term-relationship with you and what overarching themes they'll be helping you navigate in the year ahead! 

As always, take what serves you and leave what doesn't! Work with these crystals in whichever ways feel best this year...crystal essences, crystal meditation, color magic, or even just keeping a photo of your crystal nearby are all excellent options! For the most detailed view of the energy at work for you this year, read your Sun, Moon and Rising signs!

xoxoxo Kalyn (aka your Lighthaus potions-mixer, aaka @sweetbitterritual)


Magic Words: "I lead with a healing heart."

A theme for you this year will be HEALING, Capricorn. Healing your own wounds and deepening your capacity to help others heal. You're usually pretty skilled at grounding into your mind and body, but 2021 calls you to attune to the messages of your heart. We're getting in touch with the watery "sea" half of the "sea goat". Not in a mushy gushy, cloying way--in the steady and pragmatic way you do best. You're great at seeing the potential in yourself and others, which means you hold yourself and everyone in your circle to high standards. That's not a bad thing--but this year, instead of focusing on how you can improve yourself/others, ask what might need healing in yourself and others. Then go about your work with gentleness, compassion, and patience.

Deep, blue-green Dioptase will help you to cultivate a heart-centered consciousness by encouraging forgiveness, well-being, and a wholesome and refreshing energy. This crystal helps heal emotional wounds and dissolve energetic ties that keep us in toxic patterns, bringing clarity around higher purpose (excellent for the Hierophant year we're experiencing as a collective). This stone has a beautiful blend of earth + water energy for your sign, helping you to release feelings like jealousy and shame and instead see the divine in yourself and others! 


Magic Words: "I reconnect to my deepest strength."


2021 is bringing you some DEEP inner work, Aquarius. If you made it through 2020 by indulging in a hearty dose of escapism (I don't blame you)...you're about to get a reality check. This isn't a bad thing, though. This year, you're being called to really attach to what is actually happening in your life. This doesn't mean forsaking your holographic, imaginative worldview...but it does mean facing things as they actually are instead of choosing to stay lost in dreams of how they could be. Your forward-thinking and inventive nature is one of your greatest gifts, but it's squandered when you spend so much time imagining that you forget to actually PERCEIVE.

This year may push you up against the nitty-grittiest of your emotions in order to reconnect you to a true sense of SELF and AUTHENTIC connection to your community. Bloodstone is just the invigorating elixir to get you through even the harshest reality. In the middle ages the signature red flecks of Bloodstone were sometimes said to be the blood of Christ...so it's no surprise that this stone has a reputation for helping us remain true to our path, especially in times of adversity. This crystal is EXTREMELY helpful for helping you connect to your body/physical reality and helps us look unflinchingly at the truth while giving us the courage, strength, and determination to do what needs to be done to build that bold and beautiful future you dream of!


pisces/dendritic agate

Magic Words: "I create sacred space for real world growth."

 2021 is all about reimagining containers for you, Pisces. By containers, I mean anything in your life that keeps your energy/time/emotions/money/ANYTHING safe or separate from "the outside". Creating sacred space is creating a container for our spiritual practice. Our haus is a container for our private life. Strong, healthy containers help to keep us emotionally/energetically balanced...but they require maintenance. Just like a fish tank can go from a healthy to an unhealthy environment if it goes uncleaned, the fish are never fed, the wrong fish or water conditions are introduced, or there's a leak in the glass...our "containers" need consistent attention/maintenance. If we neglect this, we might end up swimming around in poison and not even realizing it. A container can feel protected and warm, or it can feel like a toxic prison. Pay close attention to the "containers" in your life this year...which feel like healthy, flourishing ecosystems worth tending to, which need some extra TLC, and which need to be destroyed or dumped out and filled with something new? What are your most sacred vessels?

Dendritic Agate is not actually Agate, but a type of Chalcedony with Iron or Manganese inclusions that look like trees or roots. Its name actually comes from a greek word meaning "tree-like"! This earthy-yet-dreamy crystal helps us strengthen our sense of self through inner work and imparts balance and wisdom. Excellent when we need a reality check, it helps us to hone in on self-imposed limitations and find a pragmatic approach to transformation. This stone will help cultivate awareness around the "containers" in your life while aiding in purifying and nourishing them. 


aries/blue halite

Magic Words: "I express my highest truths through action."

This year will bring you into deeper relationship with your spiritual self, Aries. Rams tend to be leaders with a voice that can be heard over the rest when it comes to their passions (and you have many)...2021 asks that you use this voice/your gift of passion to devote yourself to things that resonate DEEPLY with your spirit. You should be using your voice to express your most sacred truths and experiences this year, Aries. It's ok if not everyone agrees with them...your job here isn't to convert. What you have to say is worth saying, and has the power to help others connect to their own spirit--if you can find the true openness to express it. Open your mind to the idea that your truth need not be accepted as universal to be valid. You are wiser than you know. 2021 wants you to know it. 

Blue Halite is one of the most powerful crystals out there for connecting with your higher self/intuition. As we enter a collective Hierophant year, there will be plenty of folks exploring their spirituality and reevaluating what spiritual authority means to them (including you)! This stone is unique in its ability to ground us while simultaneously expanding and clearing our energy. Meditate with Blue Halite in hand/in your space and slip into your inner world...then come back down to earth and share what you've found. The blue/purple/white color magic of this crystal will help your inner wisdom come through crystal-clear as well as assisting you in finding the best way to express this wisdom. 



Magic Words: "I make the physical divine, and vice versa."

2021 is asking you to follow your deepest inner knowings, Taurus. This is a theme many signs are experiencing as we enter a Hierophant year for the collective. The Hierophant is all about our spirituality in practice. The ways our actions align with our spirit's values, yearnings, and truths. The Hierophant is also the card that rules over your sign. This year asks you to explore how you feel, touch, taste, hear, and ultimately DO the spiritual in the real world. Be vigilant about where you conveniently dismiss your own intuition or deepest values for the sake of convenience, escapism, or fear. Sacred work isn't always neat and tidy work. It can be messy, tearful, wild. Sometimes it can seem PAINFULLY mundane. Recognize that the divine is not "separate from" but "a part of", and make your daily work to be aware of it. In yourself, in others, and in the world around you. The work doesn't end at awareness, though--this awareness must lead to ENGAGING with the divine in and around you on a daily basis. This is Hierophant work. 

Ametrine has your back as you step into your own spiritual authority this year, Taurus. This combination of sunny Citrine and dreamy Amethyst has the best of both worlds. Amethyst deepens intuition, aids sleep and dreaming, and can help us leave behind toxic cycles of behavior and self-sabotage. Meanwhile, Citrine helps stimulate creativity, will-power, and and mental clarity so we can put all that woo-woo wisdom into real-world practice. A beautiful stone to balance physical/spiritual energy for ANY sign as we navigate this Hierophant year!   



Magic Words: "I destroy in order to create."

You're known for your creative vision, Gemini...but 2021 is calling you to destroy (in service of creation). The word "destroy" doesn't tend to bring up warm and fuzzy feelings, but "breaking through" might be a more friendly way to think of it. You'll be asked to pull back the curtain on illusions, break down personal barriers, dismantle oppressive systems within and without, and tear up old stories that keep you from moving forward. There's a lot to be done in the undoing. This year promises to be intensely transformational and empowering if you can find the strength and commitment to not only bring ideas together but pull them apart. 

The formation of Moldavite coincides with a large meteorite crash over 14 million years ago...theories differ on the exact details of its formation, but its fairly clear that it comes as a result of tremendous heat and impact. Creation from destruction. Many practitioners recommend that you use this glassy green crystal with caution, as it will initiate transformation whether you are ready or not. It's best to work with when you're feeling strong, grounded, and ready to roll up your sleeves and get to undoing and evolving! The destroy/create dynamic of this stone can also intensify situations that need our attention/resolution so that we can't possibly miss the message. This isn't a stone or a task for the faint of heart, but trust that you're more than ready to do the job.


Magic Words: "I see myself with love and clarity."


This year is calling you to turn your superpowers of empathy and intuition as much inward as you do outward. You're great at reading people, sensing out what they're truly feeling, and intuiting what they really need for comfort and support in the moment...you're not always so great at doing those things for yourself. But we're leaving that in 2020! 2021 has the potential to bring some serious clarity around who YOU are, what YOU need, and who around you helps you reflect the best of yourself. Self-love is important, but we don't talk nearly enough about self-knowledge. There's no room for using the emotions of others to avoid reflecting on our own feelings anymore. Empathy becomes a cop-out when it's twisted into projection. 2021 is a deep, honest, and loving look in the mirror. 

Sodalite is the perfect crystal for anyone looking to tune into the subconscious mind and intuition. It can help us to make sense of seemingly conflicting emotions and sensations and analyze situations and ourselves with nuance. It's useful when we're trying to recognize hidden patterns--and it helps us have a sharp eye for moments of synchronicity and messages from the universe. This stone works deeply in the subconscious, but it also helps activate our genius in the rational mind...perfect for letting our thoughts come through crisp and clear as we get to know ourselves all over again. 




Magic Words: "I find novelty and excitement in the familiar."

You'll be revisiting old, familiar places (both psychic and physical) in order to find shining new treasures this year, Leo. You love excitement and novelty, so restlessness can set in when you feel like things are no longer "fresh". In 2020, this meant we moved onto newer, more sparkly things...until those don't feel fresh anymore (and on and on). In 2021, we're choosing to revisit those things, people, and places that feel like Home in some way. It's not going backward...it's reconnecting with our spirit's roots. There's often hidden gems of comfort, inspiration, and wisdom that we can only see now that we're coming back to these things as who we are now (especially if this is a person/place/thing/practice/etc that we've taken a significant time away from). Some things we may have cast aside are actually built to last...this year is a treasure hunt for them. 

Danburite is a beautiful, sparkling clear crystal that helps bring an overall sense of ease and comfort. To me, it's the feeling of being safe at home. Some say that this crystal helps facilitate communication with angelic realms or spirit guides. It helps release us from the grips of anxiety so we can move past restlessness and calm mental chatter in order to hear intuition speak. Danburite also inspires joy and optimism in the moment so that you don't miss out on any "hidden gems" because of a grass-is-greener mentality. 



Magic Words: "I am in constant conversation with the divine."

Like your fellow earth signs, you're being asked to tap into a more "otherworldly" consciousness in order to expand and elevate your work and life on earth this year, Virgo. Collectively, we are in a Hierophant year, which means we are all tasked with exploring the ways we embody and practically engage with the spiritual. 2021 calls your sign to be in conversation with the divine. To ask questions of the universe/your guides/your higher self and to wait patiently for whatever feels like an answer. You're being asked to broaden the scope of what you can imagine for yourself and believe in what you once thought to be impossible. There's potential for "miracles" this year if you can do the sacred work of creating a conversational relationship with your spirit. Consider what feels like "prayer" to you...then make a practice of it. 

Sugilite is a crystal of spiritual protection and purification and will make a valuable friend as you navigate your own unexplored spiritual territory. It helps us to ground into our own spiritual energy and clearly see how we must unfurl in order to align with a sense of true purpose. This uplifting, purple beauty also helps us to find emotional/spiritual nourishment and encourages belief in life's possibilities, imbuing us with optimism and faith in our highest vision. 



Magic Words: "I make space to hear my own inner voice."

2020 was likely the incubator for the massive transformation that you'll feel in 2021, Libra. This year, pay attention to what is happening just underneath the surface of your personal terrain. What shifts, stirrings, pressure do you feel? This is not the year to ignore feelings of discomfort, misalignment, or "off"ness...either you address them or they hit their boiling point and end up addressing themselves. There might be a feeling of separation that pushes you to comfort the most ashamed and afraid parts of yourself when you would normally seek distraction or validation externally. This year won't be easy work, but you can make it easier by releasing tendencies for passive-aggression, conflict avoidance, and escapism in favor of facing things head on and bringing underlying issues out into the open...this is actually how we minimize their destruction. Break open what needs breaking open, and tend to small cracks that need mending before they become chasms. 

Chrysocolla is a sweet and soothing presence to help guide you through the occasionally choppy waters of this year...the blue-green color magic of this stone is nourishing, grounding, supportive, and helps to heal and communicate with the heart. Not only does it help us tune into the messages of our own heart, but it helps us express ourselves in a heart-centered way in the world, enabling us to share our heart's deepest truths and voice our inner wisdom. This stone is gentle but extremely powerful, encouraging us to share our true selves with the world. This crystal will usher in expression where there might otherwise be avoidance.




Magic Words: "I follow the threads that pull at my core."

 As a water-sign, you're sometimes more comfortable floating in flow than moving in a designated direction, Scorpio. 2021 is about finding some direction. This isn't (necessarily) about 5-year-plans or timelines...we're down with the idea that time isn't linear over here. This is about seeing that WITHIN the chaotic and non-linear nature of time, we have our own distinct and recognizable cycles. We also have the things that seem somehow tied to our spirit, that come back to us in one way or another off-and-on throughout our lifetime, throughout this spiral of time. This year asks that you develop clear vision around what these cycles and spiritual anchors are. This year also asks that you LISTEN to the pull at your core and act with determination towards what calls you regardless of obstacles, criticism, or uncertainty. You are reconnecting with purpose. 

Magnesite is a crystal of awakening, inner vision, and bliss. As your crystal ally for the year, it will help you shine a light on what it is that calls to you through time and space. This stone also helps us to have a clear but confident perception of ourselves, and it'll call out our inner critic for being a nasty liar in a heartbeat (which we could all use from time to time). Magnesite can also help us heal/let go of old wounds so that we can be tethered solely to our purposes here. This crystal can actually be SO clarifying/uplifting that it's recommended you work with it in combination with a grounding stone (we'd recommend Tree Agate or Hematite)!



Magic Words: "I embody love."

I'm happy to say that it looks like this year will be all about exploring LOVE for you, Sagittarius. That means the way you love yourself, the way you love those around you, the ways you accept love, what love means to you, and how you embody love...the list goes on. The point is that love is the point. Like all fire signs, you have a gift for shining your generous warmth onto those you love and making them feel just as bright and shiny in turn. That gift will serve you well this year as you explore more unfamiliar territory when it comes to love, whatever that is for you. Your fiery nature is ready to evolve from a hot and heavy burst of flame (that quickly leads to burnout) into a steady, strong hearth that will lend nourishment, warmth, and light sustainably over the long-term. Think about this strong steady flame energy when it comes to the way you express your love in this world and the way you tend to your own self-love. 

Rosophia is a crystal found in the Rocky Mountains whose name also means "Heart of Wisdom". One of the most powerful stones for working with the heart, this is a perfect ally for a year focused on living from a loving heart. It helps to ease fear of the unknown and trust issues while lifting away stress and anxiety and affirming our self-worth so we can continue with an open heart. Let this crystal lead you into a stronger sense of self based on the gentle and compassionate nature of your heart rather than pride or ego. 



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.