Wanderer’s Tarot Deck


The Wanderer’s Tarot deck is a hand drawn 78 card deck, based on traditional Tarot symbolism, and transmuted by feminine insight and awakening. For the magical practitioner, these cards speak to our magical tools and talismans. The 2nd Edition is matte black with white drawings and ‘Solar’ is white cards with black lines and silver edges. The suites of Moons, Stones, Knives and Feathers will lead you to a deeper understanding of your personal power; emotionally, materially, mentally, and passionately. Created within a ritualistic framework, the deck holds true to the process of magic, and encourages others to engage in the art of manifesting and the journey towards self-knowledge.


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Weight .625 lbs

2nd Edition Wanderer's Tarot (Black), Solar Wanderer's Tarot (White)


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